sihanoukville buidling hell

Sihanoukville Road to Hell

Big lanky black man sat next to me on the full bus to Sihanoukville from Kampot Cambodia.  Should know by now to take the single seat.  Bumpy hot dusty uncomfortable ride all the way to Sihanoukville, but only 2 hours.

Shocking Development

Out of the bus in Sihanoukville and absolutely shocking development going on here.  Cant believe my eyes and inside I am deeply upset.  Sihanoukville was such a sleepy little coastal town, so laid back you would fall off your bar stool every night.  Now flushed down the sink for Chinese development.

Still, I was hoping to escape the development by staying in a hut on Otres beachThe only thing that kept me going, was knowing I would be back on Otres beach one day….

I manage to get a taxi to Otres beach for 6$.  Absolute dismay looking out of the taxi window at all the Chinese development going on in Sihanoukville, they are turning it into a city exclusively for Chinese tourists with a gambling addiction.  Casinos everywhere.

Otres Beach Hut

Arrive at my Otres beach hut where I will be staying for the next  few nights.  Checkin and the hut is very basic.  The place is a travellers hangout, with communal toilets and cold showers.  The bar and restaurant are good though, the beach excellent and still very comfy loungers, chairs and sun umbrellas.

Otres beach sunset
sunset on otres beach

That french girl with the big tits I noticed on the bus from Kep was staying in the beach huts too. My first night on Otres just relax. enjoy the sunset, eat a steak and run up a bar tab and try and block out what is happening all around me.

Otres days numbered

On the outskirts of Otres beach, the development is encroaching, these beautiful beaches wont last much longer.  Walking along the beach in the morning up to Otres 2, total destruction is not far away.

otres beach chinese development
Morons with money

The problem is these Chinese will pay big money for the land, making offers to the current owners, that you cannot refuse.  And to think 15 years ago I wanted to buy some land in Sihanoukville.

Next day mostly relax on the beach, eat well in restaurant although bitten quite bad.  There is a few young jerks playing pool all day, drinking, getting louder, like the peace and quiet is ever only temporary.

Golden Lion

That evening decide to take a bike into town and get off at the Golden Lion roundabout.  Total Destruction, all those beer bars gone forever, to make way for Chinese hotels and casinos.

golden lion sihanoukville
golden lion roundabout

Sihanoukville is a building site, mud, dust, trucks everywhere and lots of low life Chinese.  The jury is out,  come back in 5 years and maybe it will be a decent city.

chinese building site sihanoukville
building site

Maybe its not too dissimilar to what happened to parts of the Spanish coastline in the 70s as its economy needed a boost via tourism.  Is there no decent weather and beaches in China?

Ochheuteal Beach

Still I was getting horny and with all these Chinese morons in town there must be some mongering options still.  The beer bars around the Golden Lion were gone forever.  I took a wander down to the pier and Ochheuteal beach.

ochheuteal beach destruction
ochheuteal beach destruction

All those little beach shacks gone too. Still one or two western restaurants in the area and managed a burger.

chinese sex diary
Cute Chinese girls

There are a few cute Chinese girls about.  My experience with Chinese girls in the UK is they are quite sexually active and like to experiment when abroad, so this could be an option given the right conditions.

Victory Hill

Surely those hostess bars on Victory Hill still existed?  that this Chinese virus had not spread that far.  I jumped on a bike to take me back to Victory Hill where I had barfined many times when I last visited Sihanoukville.  Everywhere was turning Chinese, the downtown area, there were even huge Chinese themed parks being built.   Get off on Victory Hill 5$.  Much of it Chinese too now but one or two of the bars still existed.

victory hill turning chinese
turning chinese

DragonFly bar still going, although the talent long gone.  The girls working seemed very uninterested in me, maybe they have turned Chinese too.  Sitting in the bar opposite was a Chinese chemist shop and inside was a row of one arm bandits.  When there were no customers the Chinese man at the counter would sit at the one arm bandits gambling.

victory hill hostess bars
upstairs bar still going

The upstairs bar on the corner is still going and still seems western although no one in there.  Mamasan was a ladyboy.  One of the girls was quite cute.  Tells me not go with many customers, when she does wants a 100$! No short time rooms here, have to go to hotel for 40$!  Then there is a power cut.  Decide take Tuk Tuk back to Otres beach for 12$, its a long dusty ride including dodging many potholes, trucks and huge puddles.  The building is 24/7.

No Barfine

Fuck me, guess I should have listened to those Australians in Phnom Penh.  But there is nothing like witnessing something in transition like this first hand.  This must be what happens when sleepy little fishing villages like Pattaya turn over to tourism.  Road to Hell.  It also just goes to show how long I have been mongering now and coming to Cambodia.  No barfine tonight.


6 thoughts on “Sihanoukville Road to Hell”

  1. Ok, unless I presume you like Chinese Casinos and like staying amongst noisy groups of Chinese gamblers amongst the concrete glass and steel of large souless Chinese resort hotels, Sihanoukville I’m afraid folks seems now irreversibly ruined. I’m sure though there’s still a lot better places in that part of the world to chill out and unwind and of course monger in a beach setting, in Thailand, in the Philippines and even in Cambodia.

    1. Even if there was a pullout of the Chinese there, which I dont think will happen in the long run, Sihanoukville is ruined it can never go back to the sleepy little town with beautiful beaches it once was. I understand there is some politics behind it all. This is not something the Chinese government is sactioning, that there was a crackdown on Macau and much of that has migrated to Sihanoukville. So a morale superiority has caused its destruction which IMHO if often the cause of much woe. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I can only imagine the Cambodian government and cronies and getting some generous backhanders from the Chinese businessmen mafia. Just the kind Pol pot would have targeted.

  2. In 2017 went to Snookyville for the first time and was pretty disappointed. Witnessed the damage the Chinese locust was doing with their invasion of Casino Hotels, just truly a disaster. Snookyville is all about gambling. If you’re not a gambler than it isn’t a place for you. Not sure about now but then there wasn’t even an aircon shopping mall like Aeon Mall in Phnom Penh, no movie theaters, and the unimproved roads that turn into a mud bog when it rains. This place could be a Las Vegas with a beach front where there’s something for everyone such as shopping, entertainment, day trip tours and gambling but the locust only want to focus on gambling. Just a shame. I’ll miss those brown skinned girls but I will never go back there again.

    1. Yes Allen I wont be returning to sihanoukville, not to Cambodia, I not enjoy PP either last visit. Its a shame how a sleepy little backwater what was once just a fishing village into a mega city. so called development. It was depressing to witness, you knew this was the road to hell. I wonder how its fairing today with Corona virus

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