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Brazil Part 1 of 6 – Getting Started
I wrote up my first trip report to Curitiba in Brazil over a year ago, but as with life, things change and some things get put on hold. This is one of them.


I’m not going to say much about prostitution in Brazil except that is 100% legal with some caveats. The caveat is that prostitution is a transaction between two private parties; and is allowed, but houses for prostitution and employing prostitutes is not legal. The laws want prostitution to be a 1 on 1 transaction with no third party involved. Technically clubs and spas with prostitute services are not legal but they have ways to get around it. No other was more famous than Justin Bieber caught on camera leaving the famous “termas” Centarius Club in Rio De Janerio.

Unexpected Trip

As this was a last minute trip, I didn’t research much. The call for Brazil came quickly, tickets were booked and I flew a few days later.


Curitiba is not a large city in southern Brazil and not known as an international tourist destination but it has its benefits. It’s safe, small sized, not congested and clean. While there are prostitutes in Curitiba, they are not as numerous head spinning as the large pool of girls in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

One interesting aspect of Curitiba is the cultural heritage of the people. The people here are largely descended from Germans and Italians. That means mostly white girls (brancas) and a few brown girls (morenas). If you’re looking for mulattas (pardos) and black girls (negras) they are harder to come by, but that ain’t my thing, so I’ll pass on that.

How to find them

Brazilian girls advertise on websites. There are a couple of major sites for Curitiba, Photo Acompanhantes, Sexo Curitiba, wd141, and Harem Curitiba. In any city in Brazil, you can Google your city name followed by “Acompanhantes” meaning “companion”, and you will find local sites.

brazil Acompanhantes

All the sites are in Portuguese but they are comprehensible if you have a Spanish background, otherwise you can have Google translate it.  As I’ve mentioned before, the pool of girls in Curitiba is small so you might see the same girl listed on 2 or 3 sites. For the most part these girls don’t speak English nor do they speak Spanish. Many of them will tell you they understand Spanish, but in reality they do to some degree but can only reply in Portuguese so you still aren’t in clear communication.


You won’t have to worry about that until you’re face to face with them or when they call your Whatsapp. And yes…. Brazil is a Whatsapp country, so it’s essential you get a Whatsapp account and possibly a local SIM card. Getting a local SIM card is a pain in the butt and you can only get them at official TIM/Vivo/Claro/Oi stores depending on which carrier you choose and you need to show your passport, but I feel much better when I Whatsapp a girl and she sees I’m local.

 Sexo Curitiba
Sexo Curitiba

After going through your favorite acompanhantes website you’ll soon have a list girls you are interested in. You will then have to figure out which ones use WhatsApp. I tried texting girls that don’t have Whatsapp and they never respond. I suppose they only respond when one calls but again I don’t speak Portuguese so that’s a dead end.

Sometimes the listing for the girl will say she does WhatsApp or it might have a direct Whatsapp link which makes it easy. Sometimes there is no indication so you waste time entering their contact info into your phone (you need a contact entered in Whatsapp before you can start messaging with them) only to find she doesn’t have a Whatsapp, but half the time she does have WhatsApp despite the lack of indication so it is not all for lost, but definitely a time waster.

If you’re a Western don’t worry, half if not even most of the population in Curitiba look like Western Europeans due to their ancestry. Don’t be surprised if you meet a blonde girl called Carol Kennedy but speaks zero English. This is typical.

If you are a Eastern man, don’t worry either. One percent (1%) of the population in Brazil is Japanese and concentrated in the city, so the percentage of Japanese within the city is much much higher. Also, Japanese food is insanely popular there, so most if not all girls will service you given these factors.

Once you start communicating on Whatsapp (with the help of Google translate) with the Brasilera of your dreams, it might get to the point she will either leave you a voice message or call you. Just tell her you don’t speak Portuguese. “No falo Portuguese. Eu falo ingles”… and usually she understands and it doesn’t matter to the girl. One more note about Portuguese. If you have a Spanish background, you will pick up Portuguese. After about a week and a half, I could have minor conversation with taxi drivers, working girls and what not.

Also one more note, in Curitiba they live a traditional lifestyle. Long lunches, businesses close by 6pm and seemingly no one wants to work on evenings and weekends, prostitutes included. Be forewarned getting a girl during the evenings and weekends can be insanely difficult. Most of these girls carry two phones and when it’s downtime, they shut off their work phones. Message them on a Friday evening, you won’t get a response until Monday at noon when they start work again. Not all of them are like that, but the majority are.

Good luck.

By Mr. Q

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  1. Thank you for putting Curitiba, Brazil on the map Mr. Q I just love learning about some of these less known places in the world.

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