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Erotic Massage Lviv Ukraine

Lviv Part 2

Just arrived early this morning fresh off the plane in what might be one of Ukraine’s most loveliest cities, Lviv, pronounced ‘luh -veev.’ Have checked into the hotel, unpacked and now have got all that out of the way enthusiastic as always to be in a new foreign place cannot wait to get outside again into that agreeable sunshine and just walk around and explore things at my leisure.

Lviv Rynok Square

Quite soon I was taking in the lovely old buildings in the old towns cobbled streets around Rynok Square only about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Passing interesting looking shops next to bars and restaurants and more bars and coffee places with character, some hidden away in the labyrinth of cobbled streets courtyards and passageways, I could have walked all day randomly exploring this amazing place.

lviv . Rynok Square
Rynok Square area

And finding a nice corner sunny spot just off the Square, sat myself down for some morning coffee to people watch, take in the atmosphere soak up the culture and of course rest my tired legs.

coffee morning rynok square
Nice to be away for a few days free from the pressures of work etc. Special occasions like this also deserves a brandy

Now feeling very relaxed and content with life and loving the sunshine above I could have sat there all day.

Afternoon Delight

Later, walking back down Svobody Avenue Square and on the lookout myself I saw first hand someone who got in there just before me, attempting to pick up two girls on one of the benches but after me hanging around for a bit before thinking there’s plenty more fish in the sea I left them to it and never did know if the chap had some success maybe leaving with both of them in tow for a bit of afternoon delight fun perhaps, something I wouldn’t have said no to.

lviv girls park bench
I get a bit closer hoping for eye contact while I pretend to be a bumbling tourist just taking tourist photos
Svobody Avenue Square Lviv
Then this Muppet wheeling a suitcase just appears and decides to sit down on the very same bench I was going to use.
approach lviv park girls
Seeing him then get up and approach them fifty-fifty encroaching their personal space, feeling mildly annoyed as my understanding of this from my experiences in Kiev is that it is the women here usually making the first move, I hang around and sit on a bench opposite and observe as he goes on…and on… talking non stop
lviv park girls approach
After 10 minutes of witnessing this verbal bullshit going on I couldn’t bear it anymore and left them to it

McDonalds No Way

Feeling at that point more horny than hungry but thinking about getting a small snack just to tie me over for a couple of hours, just out of curiosity I stuck my head around the door in the McDonalds just across the road. No way Jose, it was just like the ones in the centre of Kiev where queuing for around 10 minutes just to place your order seems quite normal. They must love the Big Mac and all those French fries over there in the Ukraine.

mcdonalds lviv
McDonalds on Svobody Avenue – ‘No way Jose’, life’s far too short.

Walking into town now away from the old tourist part and using Google maps to navigate I headed for my next port of call and according to my research was one of several erotic massage places scattered around Lviv. Both a bit of a hike to get to, I first had a look  in one of the reasonably priced mid range hotels which was close by and which was originally on my wish list as one of the places to stay and all seemed good inside but it was just a bit too far out.

Paradise Erotic Massage

Paradise Massage though on nearby Leontovycha Street did not seem good from the moment I was ushered in by an unsmiling unfriendly girl standing outside whose cigarette break I must have interrupted. Experiencing once more what I call that disconcerting Russian/eastern European coldness or unfriendly attitude, ‘Sit’ she commanded before leaving the room, and pointing, ordered me as well to read the menu which was on the coffee table in front of me.

lviv paradise erotic massage
Pardise (not) on Leontovycha St

Whether it is the low IQ or high drug intake or a bit of both of some of the people who run these places, the lights in the room were dimmed to such an extent that I couldn’t even see the menu and the volume of the music was then turned up so annoyingly loud making any conversation difficult had there been anyone there to talk to in the first place.

Leaving me to it, I had to use the flashlight on my phone to read and try and make sense of the menu prices and all the different phrases to go with them like Royal Massage, Classic, VIP, Double Relaxation etc, etc which didn’t really explain what type of service you would be getting. Squinting, bent double over the menu and making me swear like fuck at the same time I think I had just about figured out the cheapest body to body worked out to be around £45 for 60 minutes which I later found out is about the norm in these places but where was everybody, was I not supposed to choose from some sort of lineup? Obviously Paradise was not for me or was I just there at the wrong time, either way another member of staff who I passed as I walked out while shaking my head seemed to be as non interested as the first person.

Having temporary lost my sex drive, and adding to it, finding myself temporary lost by thinking I was walking back but actually in the totally opposite direction to where I wanted to go, back on track and based on good reviews I gave the Meat & Burger, American type restaurant just down from the Winston Churchill Pub a try.

lviv meat burger american bar
Turkey burger and Steak Sandwich washed down with a nice cold beer all for under £10

Yeah, good choice, good quick service, good food with a beer and nice atmosphere.

Erotic Massage Relief

Deciding to have a quick rest before hitting the streets again, close to the hotel and on a sudden change of mind, or my cock dictating it as usual to be precise, I made a slight detour onto Horodotska Street where apparently there was another erotic massage place for me to check out.

erotic massage club lviv ukaine
Massage Place on Herodotska Street

Easy to find in a courtyard just off the street I rang the bell and was let in by a friendly member of staff who ushered me downstairs into a nicer room with the same type of chairs and table layout with a menu of the services on offer.

Same massage type names with similar prices, this time 2 staff were there to help with any questions I had and the lineup when it came for me to choose consisted I thought of 6 young Carnival Queens all in their early 20s. I always feel uncomfortable but when doing this necessary evil of choosing the girl(s) I always go for the ones who look or act the least like a pro and any visible tattoos are also a big No No but no such worries here, those facing me who were not last years Carnival Queens could have been as far as I was concerned the young cabin crew of any airline, and/or the attractive girl next door I was very impressed but the problem now was who to choose!

To test the water by opting for just the basic full body to body with hand relief included but now wishing I wasn’t just testing it, I was taken by my new girlfriend for 40 minutes, a brunette with a nice fit trim body into a luxury room with a shower, large bath type Jacuzzi where leaving me alone to shower first, she returned just wearing a bathrobe.

Removing it just before she dimmed the lights I saw her nice medium size tits and a shaved pussy. Lying naked on a big mattress type bed on the floor the massage she gave me was actually very good, unhurried and as good if not better as any professional one I have had and giving me a good milking afterwards rounded things off nicely.

So back to the hotel to put my feet up and rest for a bit over a beer or two before seeing what goodies ‘Luh-veev’ has to offer on a typical Saturday night.

To be continued….

By Captain Matt

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  1. No, I sip them seperately usually making the brandy last the longest + ordered together for convenience. Don’t usually drink alcohol that early in the day but when you are on holiday and in a good mood and the sun is shining, why not indulge a bit.

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