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Dubai Pakistani Girl

Dubai Part 8 – Indian Pakistani Night Part 2

I was somewhat familiar with Indians where I live, and along side of them is a very sizeable Pakistani population. I knew very little about Pakistanis other than they were majority Muslims. I thought they were of the same ethnic group as the Indians but only split by religion and political divide, but that’s only my uneducated perception.

I perceive Indians are very religious and conservative and thus the lack of Indian working girls outside of India. Assuming a similar devotion in Pakistan, I wondered if there were any Pakistani girls? My perception changed once I picked up the yellow dress girl.


While in the club the yellow dress girl said her name Ousman but on the taxi ride to my hotel she revealed her name was Lubna, 23 from Lahore. Huh? Trying to make a point she pulled out her UAE ID to show me to which I did not care for and promptly had her return it to her wallet. She spoke a bit of English, not enough to strike up a bantering conversation but it was passable and we could communicate well enough for what we were about to do.


Arriving at my hotel she was impressed at the lobby. Most of the Indian and Pakistani hotels in Dubai are shabby so I could tell this was a welcome change for her. Lubna mostly went with Pakistanis, a few Indians, and never with any other ethnicity. I would be her first non Pakistani Indian. With no guard at the elevator, it was straight up to my room at 3:30 am.


Inside my room I could admire Lubna. She didnt have the typical physical attributes I would look for petite and skinny. Instead she was short but not petite and had a bountiful bosom. She had plump cheeks, a captivating smile and a pronounced chin. Her skin was fair and hair was dark brown and down to her waist. I had not imagined a Pakistani to have fair skin as I typically associated Indians with dark skin and large noses. Knowing nothing about Pakistanis, I expected Pakistanis to be the same as Indians. No matter what I perceive, Lubnas captivating smile just drew me in.

After looking around the room and admiring the view from the balcony, things quickly got down to business. She asked me to unzip her and she began to undress. Soon her yellow dress was set aside and matching yellow panties and giant yellow brassiere appeared. The bra was then too removed revealing a well endowed D-cups with big dark areolas and little nipple bumps. Her large breasts against her short 5’2” body, they looked gigantic.

pakistani tits dubai
pakistani tits

Still being in a state of disbelief, having gone this far, I was a bit jittery. Sensing this she stepped in with a calming embrace. Her body and huge breasts felt great. I showed her the bathroom and she went to get ready. I expected her to shower but she only came back with some lite washing. I should have insisted that she shower but I was too passive. She removed her panties and finished undressing.

We moved into bed for cuddling and foreplay. I caressed her body and diddled her love button. She didnt play much and I was mostly the instigator. Midway she received a call which I believe to be Madam Siman. There wasnt much GFE but I believe this to be the language barrier or perhaps cultural difference. Some kissing of the body, she capped me and went for cowgirl. I said hold on, what about some oral action? She then gave me some lackluster CBJ to which I quickly dismissed and had her just mount me. She was hushed in her moans, a suppression of her natural response. A position or two afterwards and I had her get into doggie to see her round butt, but this turned out to be a bad idea. A couple of hours in the club and she could have used a shower to clean up or at least used the bidet in my bathroom as Delia the Kazakh did. Not enjoying the hygiene, I quickly switched to missionary and her subdued moans increased. Some licking of her huge areolas while thrusting and it was explosion time.

Its Over?!?

She went to clean up in the bathroom and then I went. From the bathroom, I could hear her taking a call. To my surprise she was getting dressed when I returned from the bathroom! What? Thats it? I was a bit shocked but after a few secs I realized I would have to pack and check out in less than 2 hours so it really was time to call the night.
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Please Have Mercy

She asked for taxi money and I went to the safe to retrieve my wallet. Having only a 500 AED bill, I asked her for 300 in change. She didnt have any so I rummaged through my belongings only to come up with around 60 AED, a mere $16 USD. She said its fine and didnt protest. After rummaging, I turned around and the big shocker came. Lubna had donned a black robe with a hood! Huh? Is she a Mxslxm I thought? I was very curious and approached her and found her robe quite beautiful. I asked her what this beautiful robe was called. She said it is an ‘abaya’ I quickly asked her for a picture and she gracefully obliged… a bit flattered if not embarrassed. I was simply in awe. I told her that her yellow dress was beautiful as well and if I could have a picture of that too. She took off the robe revealing her yellow dress that has since been burned into my memory. I teased that she wasnt smiling and to which she struck a pose for me. I thanked her and she donned her robe again. I asked for one more pic and she let herself out. I was stunned… what have I done?

By Mr. Q

After note: I had a full video of the club scene but has since been taken down. This is the remaining snippet

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