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Kampot Massage Cambodia

Check out of my hotel in Phnom Penh, down my breakfast and wait for my bus to Kampot outside in the morning sun .  An hour later I am still waiting and talk to an attractive Dutch traveller who recommends Vietnam.

Phnom Penh to Kampot

Eventually a minubus picks me up and takes us to the bus station where we transfer to a big bus The Giant Ibis with lots of leg room.

phnom penh to kampot
lots of legroom in the giant ibis

Arrive at the bus stop in Kampot around 4 hours later.  Then took a Tuk Tuk to my hotel for 2$.  Room good, modern, but two big single beds.  Have a swim in the pool and chat to American, who tells me again that Sihanoukville has beeen completely ruined by the Chinese.  He off to Vietnam in a few days.  Still Sihanoukville, its where I am heading after Kampot.  Nothing like witnessing and experiencing something first hand, as in these reports.

vibola hotel pool kampot
relaxing in the pool

Head into town, something to eat in Captain Chims, some grim old men sat about, Aussies mostly.  Food nothing special either.  Very attractive traveller girl opposite me.  I got a sore throat now, may be coming down with something, there is a lot of dust about.

Kampot River Cruise

Head out that evening for the river cruise, the sunset and firefly tour, 2 hours on the river costing 5$ even throwing in a couple of cans of warm beer.  Only annoyance was a big group of mature travellers sat near me on deck with those fat old ugly white women who think every lone male is some sort of sexual predator.

kampot river cruise
kampot river cruise

Still I really enjoyed the journey down the river, a good break into Kampot and felt like I was in Colonel Kurtz territory.  After some crappy food back in town, early night, first night in Kampot.

Good Morning Kampot

The next morning in Kampot, I am up early and take a walk along the river and over the old bridge.  Most places are not open this time but have a nice breakfast in the Living Spoon.

kampot old bridge
over the old bridge

There are a few bars on the other side of the old bridge with a few bar girls, so will maybe check them out tonight.

Mongering Options in Kampot

Around Kampot I notice a few massage adverts which are probably going to be good for a handjob and happy ending, but that is about it for mongering attractions in Kampot.  I noticed one or two very mature freelancers in one or two bars last night.   On the outskirts there are KTVs aimed at locals, but totally not my scene, hate Karaoke! Would be a good tourist t-shirt.

captain chims kampot
captain chims center of kampot

I know mongering is not top tier in Kampot, just passing through on my way back to Sihanoukville, which everyone is telling me not to go.  Cambodia may be finished, at least for me as a mongering destination.  In the meantime, I will just enjoy the sights and along the way, see if I get lucky.

Kep Day Trip

A bit of admin in the morning, change £50 in a little booth for 62$.  Buy a minibus ticket today for Kep for $3.  Another tomorrow for Bokhor mountain for 13$.  Then another to Sihanoukville $5 in a couple of days.

Kep beach cambodia
kep beach

On the minibus to Kep, pick up a couple of travellers on their way to Saigon in Vietnam.  Seems everyone is going to Vietnam these days, I am sure I will make it there after I have seen more of Cambodia.

A nice day walking along the beach at Kep.  If you like peace and quiet with a nice beach, then Kep has it all.  It used to be where rich Cambodians would come to relax before the class genocide committed by the Khmer rouge.

kep abandoned villa
abandoned villa

There is still evidence of their abandoned beach side villas dotted along the coast.  Kep really has potential as a tourist destination, but please dont let happen here what has happened to Sihanoukville.  I dont think there are any mongering options in Kep, again for the locals there maybe some nearby KTVs.

ice cold beers kep
ice cold beers

Still a nice day out, distraction from the primary motive, washed down with 4 ice cold beers and some local food.  Was then considering a kip on the beach but the minibus turned up back to Kampot.  Some french traveller girls on the bus one had massive tits, god I needed some of what she had to offer.

Kampot Riverside Bars

Out that night just after sunset in Kampot.  First stop some rooftop bars beside the river enjoying the setting sun.  Then,  over the old bridge to the few bars on the other side.  You need to be careful of the motocycle riders crossing the bridge, they dont much care for pedestrians.

kampot riverside sunset
Riverside sunset

Stop on the first bar at the corner and get chatting to an expat who warns me about the ATMs, not to rely on them as often dont work.  Lucky I carry some hard currency to exchange, no girls in this bar but had some BBQ chicken and a few more beers to warm up.  Not bad.

kampot riverside bars
lonely in kampot

Then next door, where there was really not much happening in a bar which kind of looked like it should have.  Right location, wrong time maybe.  There was a lovely cool breeze blowing off the river into the bar and again was enjoying the place for what it was.

kampot bar girl
kampot bar girl

A mature bar girl did join me.  I brought her a lady drink and she gave me a little massage, even a little grope, enjoyed her company again for what it was, but not the sort of woman I was going to barfine.  It was now clear to me the best option for lightening my load in Kampot is going to be a massage.

Bokhor Mountain Day Trip

After a riverside walk and a good breakfast at the Kampot pie ice cream palace, my minibus to Bokhor mountain did not turn up.  Welcome to Cambodia.  Got my money back, hiring a private car would set me back 50$ for the day.  At the hotel they could do cheaper for 40$.  Well, I often waste 50$ and a lot more on some crappy fuck that not last 30 minutes so would be money well spent.

bokhor mountain kampot
great views

I had a full cold now, couple of paracetamols from the chemist gave some relief.  I could not sit about all day so took the hotel driver for 40$ and headed up to Bokhor mountain.  Once again enjoyed the sightseeing and day trip, glad I did it else would have had unfinished business in Kampot.  The casino ruins are no more, its been fully rebuilt.  Its definitely looking like Chinese money and influence on top of Bokhor  mountain.

Kampot Happy Ending 🙁

Still I need to monger, my last night in Kampot and still not lost my cherry.  Not going to pressure myself, if a place does not produce, just let it go, move on is my motto now.  There are places I want to visit like Kampot but have no great mongering to speak of.

massage bar kampot
360 massage

Near the riverside I find a place called 360 massage with a rooftop bar.   After a beer and enjoying the views took a girl for a massage for 10$.  Best looking girl I had seen so far in Kampot.  Just laying on a matt behind a curtain and the massage was pretty crap just like I knew it would be.  Its all getting too predictable for me now.  I know whats around the corner, metaphorically speaking, just hoping to be pleasantly surprised at some point.

Memory Lane

Offers me extras settle on 15$ for a not so happy ending.  She not look like she was enjoying herself.  But still she gives me her phone number.  Maybe she would be a lot better in private.  I would not be ringing her though, tomorrow I head back to Sihanoukville to become further disillusioned with Cambodia and mongering.  I have sweet memories of what Cambodia used to be,  but also to constantly compare what present day Cambodia is.

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  1. Another good summary, update, with the interesting touristy travel stuff thrown in as well. I would love to that river cruise but I think 1 day in Kampot would be enough for me.
    Sihanoukville and what has become of it ? I know, from one extreme to the other, look forward to that update and reading the rest of your travels in Indochina.

    1. Well, as you well know Captain Matt, we cannot monger all day, need some tourist distractions. Sex holidays are not what they once were. its secondary for me now, which opens up new destinations.

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