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Lviv Ukraine Monger Weekend

Captain Matt (a.k.a Monger) returns to the Ukraine for a long Weekend

Just as the summer was about to come to an end I found myself being able to take some time off, so thinking about taking just a long weekend away to lift ones spirits I chose to go back to the Ukraine, but this time not back to Kiev the capital but to another city, something new, something different, just what I needed even if it was going to be a bit out of season, not as warm weatherwise and a bit outside my comfort zone.

Destination Lviv

My chosen destination – Lviv, an amazing place apparently, situated in western Ukraine close to the Polish border with a lovely picturesque old town and Centre where all the bars and nightlife is. In parts, I imagine of all the best bits of Krakow and Prague and a bit of Riga Latvia too thrown in, but above all with it being the Ukraine and still amazingly inexpensive I would get more ‘Bang for my Buck’ for everything, for food, drink and entertainment.

lviv ukraine map
Putting Lviv on the map

Here, out on the streets just like in Kiev would I see Gwen Stefani lookalikes and other eye candy just popping up everywhere prompting my cock occasionally to stir inside my pants and just like in Kiev would I be propositioned by the same semi pro girl next door types to take them back to my hotel for more than just coffee with of course the GF experience thrown in too.lviv miss sexy world

miss sexy world lviv
The towns summertime Miss Sexy World Grand Pageant, a worlds first and unique only to Lviv

Ok, let’s stop talking about it and get on that plane before Brexit ruins everything for me, or the world comes to an end, whatever comes first!

Wizz Air to Lviv

With check in time alone around 4.30 am outward bound, very early start all round, actually very hard on the mind body and soul if you are not prepared for it but don’t fight it I say just go with the flow, I’ve been around the block enough times now to know the score and for such a short weekend trip at least I’m not going to lose most of that first day by arriving in the afternoon or even at night probably still feeling tired and saying what the fuck, and with my return flight leaving at the more civilised time of around lunch time, if I wanted to I could stay out as late as I liked on my last night with no worries about over sleeping or just feeling like shit, remember this 5-star monger general is no longer a spring chicken.

With a friendly all girl young cabin crew on both sectors, Wizz Air which took me there is one of the better low cost airlines in my opinion with the added option of being able to purchase seats with extra leg room. Going, I slept throughout in surprising comfort, touching down in Lviv just under 3 hours later at 11am local time.

Lviv Arrival Old Town

Quick passport control etc with stern looking fit as fuck but unsmiling female immigration Border Control officers and very soon I was standing outside the main terminal building contemplating whether to catch one of the two bus services into town or just take a taxi for the short only 4 mile journey into the old town and centre which has got to be another big selling point for this destination. Nice too that to greet me off the plane it was nice and sunny that morning🙂

lviv flight arrival
Captain Matt has arrived

In the end I opted for the slightly quicker with fewer stops trolley bus no 29 service direct from outside the airport terminal into the old town costing 5 UAH (less than 0.20p) but reading a sign on the bus on the way it occurred to me that I should have paid the driver an extra 5 UAH for any luggage I had, very naughty of me. Stopping a few times and taking around 25 minutes I got off next to the University which is very close to the old town.

lviv bus stop old town
From the trolley bus – first impressions of being in a new city in a foreign country

Walking now and 5 minutes later passing the first pub I saw, the Winston Churchill, I crossed over the large Svobody Avenue square finding myself right bang in the middle of the main tourist part with Rynok Square dating from the 14th century close by being ground zero.

Svobody Avenue Square lviv
Svobody Avenue Square

Pausing, for a few minutes just to look at the amazing architecture take some pictures and take in the atmosphere the vibes felt good. At the first mobile phone booth I saw I purchased what I thought was a good sim card deal with Vodaphone giving me as well as local calls, unlimited fast internet all for 75 UAH and deciding to kill 2 birds with one stone also changed some euros at what I thought to be a good exchange rate.

Hotel Lviv

Next stop though was to find my hotel dump my case, unpack and get all that out of the way and do what I like doing best in any new place, just randomly walking around, exploring every corner and nook and cranny with no plan and no fixed agenda.

lviv opera house
On the way to the hotel towards the Opera house. Here amongst this busy walkway with benches I hoped to get lucky just like in Kiev!

Hotel wise it took me a bit longer this time to pick and choose my accommodation there, was toying on the idea of an apartment of which there are many in the centre but my previous experience in Baku has still put me off. Really, with committing to something like an apartment I’ve got to see the place first and regarding the hotel situation in Lviv, although reasonably priced the larger affordable hotels which ticked all the right boxes for me seemed to be quite a hike to get to, to and from the Centre.hotel lviv ukraine

The hotel I finally chose was the 3* hotel Lviv centrally situated on the main boulevard just behind the Opera House and on arrival I was checked in by two lovely girls at reception.

hotel lviv view
Hotel Lviv with nice view of the back of the Opera house

Glancing at my room key card on the way up in the lift I read that outside guests can only stay in the hotel from 8am to 11pm at night, no problem there, potentially a bit of afternoon delight or a bit of early evening delight sounded good to me. Definitely a functional Soviet style tourist hotel with no thrills I paid a little extra for a larger Deluxe room with a double bed which was €55 Euros a night including breakfast. Both clean and comfortable the room was ok with a TV with lots of channels, room service and a handy small empty mini bar type fridge which I soon put to good use stocking up with some beer and water and couple of chocolate bars from the supermarket on the same street.

Coming up in the next instalments

To get the ball rolling go for an erotic massage and amongst other things check out a strip club.

5 thoughts on “Lviv Ukraine Monger Weekend”

  1. I look forward to your next report. I’d like to go to Lviv sometime. So far I have not found a pick up bar in my research. So a bar or club where a lot of freelancers run around. In Kiev there are some – for example Sky Bar or something like that
    Would be very grateful if someone could give me a hint.

    1. Hello Kater,
      If you ever do go to Lviv I suggest go in the spring or summertime, winter time as it is now I should imagine would be a bit bleak. As nice as it, Lviv is not Kiev by any stretch of the imagination but two places I will mention both open 24 hours; Fashion Club between Svobody Avenue and Rynok Sqare and Split close by off Miskevycha Square. Didn’t go into Fashion Club, not my scene but passed by it most evenings and saw the model like girls spilling out into the pavement. Did go into split originally to get something to eat late one night but only stayed for one drink as embarrasingly I found the food menu in the restaurant too expensive and left before I had a chance to properly explore and get the feel of the place.

  2. Thanks Captain Matt. I’ve spent many trips to Kiev and plan to visit Lviv at the end of this month (Jan/Feb 2020). While I know the guest friendly hotels well in Kiev, I could use some help identifying the guest friendly hotels in Lviv. Can you help out with that? I’m looking for the high end hotels as much as available in Lviv. I’m used to Premier Palace in Kiev and Kharkiv. Both are guest friendly, and I see a Palace available in Lviv. Looks like the same chain. Do you know about that one? Appreciate any help you can give.

  3. Hello Grover,
    As I have already mentioned Jan/Feb may be a bit bleak over there and I dont think you will be seeing Lviv at its best but everyone to their own.
    Hotel wise, what you refer to as ‘high end’ I will call mid range and including the Premier Hotel Dnister in Lviv you mentioned, when I was planning my trip I found four other similar mid range hotels which for price, comfort and facilities ticked all the right boxes for me but I found are a bit of a hike to get to from the centre.
    The Centre by the way starts roughly at the Opera house end of Svobody Ave and beyond to Rynok Square and on, or close to Svobody Ave are the high end 5 * hotels like the Grand Hotel which is in a perfect location and I believe is girl friendly and if money was no object I would definetely have chosen that place. The hotel where I stayed was lower end mid range but the good location just behind the Opera house more than made up for any lack of facilities. There was a 24 hour security man sitting at the door just as you walked in who would as well check the ID of any guests and as all the hotels there seem to have a high security presence at the door I would imagine all guests would have to show ID.
    Hope this helps a little.

    1. 4:30 am! So early, im guessing from Luton? Many people on that flight so early? I flew back with Wizz Air from Moldova and the flight was packed. 4:30AM is the kind of flight i dont get out of bed for on the day. and no sleep if i do. Look forward to next installment?

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