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Breast Relief Phnom Penh

Wake the next morning in Phnom Penh still heavily stoned feeling like recovering from a drug overdose.  Cant make it to Kampot so book another 3 nights in my hotel in Phnom Penh.  Getting bored, killing time.

Happy Pizza Recovery

Just stay in my hotel room recovering, the next day feeling paranoid. Booked up 3 nights in Kampot.  Booked minibus from hotel, pickup would be 7AM only other time was 2:30PM, cost 12$ but lots of legroom .

street 172 phnom penh
street 172

Wandered out that evening and had meal along street 172 and it tasted wonderful.  I suddenly fancied a massage with a happy ending. Like the drugs wearing off were enhancing my physical senses.  Sank a few beers  feeling normal again.  Wont be indulging in anymore Happy Pizzas 🙁

Risky Business

Next day, still tender, walk riverfront and wish I had moved on now to Kampot.  Bored,killing time, cabin fever.  Out that evening a few drinks in the Sky Bar then check out the talent in DV8.  Couple of hostesses not bad, buy one a ladydrink, but decide cannot do this so moved on.

motorbike riders phnom penh
risky motobike riders

Walking along the street back to 172 and a guy pulls up on a moped and offers me young girls.  I tell him only interested in 18 yo and above.  He shows me some photos, but too risky!  He’s persistent, with the hard time I am having in the hostess bars its tempting to try something new, but again too risky!

Happy Massage

Im noticing massage signs for 12$ other places its only 6$.  Manicure, Pedicure also 12$ should have brought my clippers.  Down street 172 go with an attractive mature masseur around 40 yo for 12$.  She wants 20$ for a happy ending but settles on 15$, not cum properly though, head in wrong place.

Another day

More killing time in Phnom Penh the next day.  Few coffees, beers in a few bars along the riverfront, taking shelter from the hot sun.   I did try some Cambodian food, a beef Lok Lok and it was delicious, highly recommended.  Most hotels along the riverfront especially budget dont have swimming pools to relax by during the day, recharge for the night.

riverfront walking phnom penh
walking west along the riverfront’

Like Thailand most of the ATM’s in Cambodia charge you a few dollars for a withdrawal.  The many little Chinese shops do money exchange if you have sterling or dollars.  Exchange rate is crap though for £50 was getting around 63$ better than using the ATM.

Darlin Darlin

For something different, took a tuk tuk one evening to the Darlin Darlin bar in Phnom Penh.  Its here that the Chinese have moved into Phnom Penh.  Inside a beer was 4$ but was happy hour until 9pm where you get another free.  After 9 pm starts to get real lively with Asians, lots of freelancers standing about.  live music, Filipino cover band.

darlin darlin freelancers
freelancers arriving

I noticed one or two cuties in the crowd, but also mature and tattooed.  Was not going to work for me, so took a Tuk tuk back to street 51.

Shanghai 3AM Rendezvous

I was heading back to the Shanghai bar.  In the back of my mind were those cute Cambodian sisters.  I knew I could barfine the older one.  Inside the Shanghai the cute sisters were with someone and skilled at extracting lady drinks.  I not get  a look in.

shanghai street 51
shanghai street 51

Another Cambodian hostess sits with me, more mature aged 31 but attractive with big Asian tits.  I have a bit of a tit fetish at the moment, want some breast relief.  This one was up for coming back to my hotel with me.  But they cannot leave the bar until earned 10 lady drinks!  I was not going to buy her 10 lady drinks so she would come to my hotel at 3AM, I gave her the address and my number.

Breakfast Breast Relief

Im awakened from a deep sleep as my phone rings 3AM, its the big titted hostess from the Shanghai bar.  She is let up to my room and we get down to some business.  some BBBJ, titty wank and some fucking before we both fall asleep.  In the morning I cum over her tits.
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Breakfast together in the hotel then walk her down the street and give her $50.  After she has gone I begin to miss her company, a reason not to do this.

Awakening Needed

Feel like I have been in Phnom Penh way too long now, really losing my enthusiasm to continue with this Asian adventure but have nowhere else to go.  Maybe in the autumn of my life need a spiritual awakening rather than chasing temporary physical pleasures that never last long.

buddist monk riverfront
buddist monk on the riverfront

So for now, continue I must.  I research some more on Sihanoukville which I will go on too after spending a few days in Kampot and Kep.

Bus to Kampot

The next morning after breakfast I am waiting for my bus pickup to Kampot and get talking to this Aussie guy who is pretty much out of it, but easy to talk to.  He got robbed in a massage parlour, lost 600$ and his passport.  He had to get family to transfer him some money via western union.  While talking to me there is stuff falling out of his trouser pockets, a real dopehead.  No way, for the grace of god go I. Oh Well, Kampot here I come.

6 thoughts on “Breast Relief Phnom Penh”

  1. When in Rome, do as the Romans: I tried the happy Pizza with $1 worth of herbs. It had a slight effect. The next day I had the Happy shake, with $2 of herb. It was a small shake, maybe 236ml. I started to feel it. Luckily my hotel was not too far away. It put me Down! Soon as I hit the bed I was out. No issues the next day. BTW, I’m not a pothead, I prefer drinking.

  2. Your overnight hostess looks just fine. I would have been happy to barfine her. Looks like you left a damp patch on her dress! I would have been happy to do that, too! 🙂

  3. “Walking along the street back to 172 and a guy pulls up on a moped and offers me young girls.  I tell him only interested in 18 yo and above.  He shows me some photos, but too risky!  He’s persistent, with the hard time I am having in the hostess bars its tempting to try something new, but again too risky!”

    I’m curious, what kind of risks exactly are you worried about? That the whole thing is fake and you’ll just get lead somewhere to get jumped and robbed? Setting you up with underage girls and black mailing you? Have you heard of such problems from touts on e.g. mopeds or what?

    1. At the time John, yes both. Also that it might just be a waste of time. Taking u to a massage place, hoping for comission. Etc. Nothing ventured nothing gained though. If you walk up and down the same busy stretch, you will soon be approached.

      1. She looks quite lovely. I was in Hanoi and I was pestered constantly while eating dinner one night by a guy on a motorbike who wanted me to take me to a place with ladies. I saw him 2X more in the coming days. Same story… Did not know whether I’d be robbed, framed or whatever.

        Welcome back!

        1. Yes Mr Q, like u taken a break. It also takes hours to get a post up. And too drained after work. A lot of it is quite tedious too. I should give u and matt your own publisher accounts.

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