massa 252 phnom penh

Massa 252 Phnom Penh

A few days and nights into Phnom Penh and having a dry period.  Through a little research online I would change tactics by not relying on the many hostess bars in Phnom Penh for mongering.  A massage parlour down street 252 was in my sights.

Another typical morning in Phnom Penh, walk down the riverside, visited a temple where some Chinese tourists rudely trod on my toe, deliberately I think, ego bruised.

melong river phnom penh
mekong walk

Then a spot of breakfast somewhere and some coffee.  After which I sorted out some washing 1KG = 1$.  Cant escape these menial tasks even in Phnom Penh.

Massa 252 Cambodian Girl

So outside my hotel in street 172 got friendly with a Tuk Tuk rider and took me to street 252 for 3$.  I find the massa 252 and was discreet no onlookers, or busy cafe opposite, dont want people knowing my business.

massa 252 phnom penh
massa 252 entrance

Up some stair into the main reception area was a fishbowl, about 12 girls all Cambodian, two were cute.  A massage was 15$.  I chose a cute very pretty petite Cambodian girl who took me to a private room.

massage room 252
massage room

Funny that there was a no sex sign on the door and a little window of which she pulled across a shutter.  Get naked and the massage was pretty crap, but I enjoyed her company, sweet personality to go with here cuteness.

hairy teen cambodian pussy
Cambodian pussy

She then ask 80$ for boom boom, but she drops to 60$.  Gets naked, lovely little natural pussy, kissing her neck etc, enjoying myself with her.  Then get on top and job done.  Pretty much routine sex as usual in a massage parlour but served a purpose.

Massage Parlour or Hostess Bar?

The hostess bars in Phnom Penh were failing me, too hit and miss, just end up spending and drinking too much.  Going to a massage parlour like Massa 252 is the way Asian men do it when they want a release, and I am beginning to understand why.  Although would much prefer to interact with a couple of beautiful girls in a hostess bar that were then up for barfining.  But this seems to be becoming a thing of the past.  More miss than hit now.

Relaxing evening People Watching

Pressure released, lost my cherry in Phnom Penh, but disillusioned with mongering in Phnom Penh today.  So out that evening along the riverfront, just for a few drinks and something to eat, felt more relaxed, but tomorrow I would check out of my hotel and take a bus to Kampot and try my luck there before continuing my journey to Sihanoukville.

phnom penh view skybar
river front skybar

Found a nice sky bar along the river front and snapped a few pictures.  My how the skyline of Phnom Penh has changed in the last few years.  You can see where the Chinese have moved in, but for now seemed to have stayed out of the colonial old town.

candy bar street 136
Candy bar street 136

Took a wander back up street 136 and had a drink in the Candy bar where a mature hostess took care of me.  The first floor balcony in the Candy bar is a great place to have a few Angkors overlooking street 136 below, watching all the people coming and going.

Happy Pizza OD

I then decided it was time for something to eat, time for something different.  What with that hostess in Sharkys saying I look sad.  Decided it was time to try one of these infamous Phnon Penh Happy Pizzas.  I found a recommended joint down street 179 and ordered my favourite pizza and gestured for them to make it a happy one!

happy pizza phnom penh
happy pizza

You pay an extra $1  or 2 or 3  for a happy pizza depending on how strong you want it.  Lovely pizza and then made my way back to my hotel.  I imagined I would be stoned on my bed through the night giggling to myself.  Back in the room I could feel it coming up.  Later I was totally fucked! way to much, even going to the toilet took all my coordination skills.  I just knew eventually it would wear off.  Iv not had any cannabis for years but this was just way too much, dont enjoy being in this state.  I guess we need a reminder every now again why I dont partake in this shit anymore.  Unlikely I was going to make the bus to Kampot tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Massa 252 Phnom Penh”

  1. Interesting and informative report, with good details — like the encounter with rude Chinese, and your ‘happy’ pizza trip.

    I wasn’t aware you could find Phnom Penh sex massage parlors online.

    So your total cost was: $60 boom-boom + $15 massage = $75?
    And that was after you bargained her down from $95.

    For a poor country, that seems quite high price.
    Maybe Cambodia is starting to inflate P4P prices, like Thailand.

    Yesterday in Pattaya, I just had a boom-boom massage for 1,200 baht ($36). My masseuse, age 22, gave surprisingly good BJ too!

    1. Yes, but that was the best i could manage. I got much the same as you in koh sumui. You wont consistently get good deals if you travel around. Short of having a wank in my hotel room. This was best i could manage. The theme of my reports in Phnom Penh is its decline

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