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Phnom Penh Bar Crawl

My first night out in Phnom Penh and been a bit of a flop down street 136. So my second night mongering in Phnom Penh I would widen the net with a bar crawl and visit some old haunts down street 130, street 51 and then the hostess bars down street 105 to see what I could find.

Sharky Bar Freelancers

So my second night in Phnom Penh pay a visit to Sharkys.  This is like some sort of sports bar now, gone mainstream.

sharky bar phnom penh
Sharky Bar

One of the hostesses kept saying I looked sad.  I was more disappointed, bored even.  Long gone are the days when Sharkys was full of Vietnam Freelancers.

Cyrcee Blowjob

My real target that night was cyrcee.  I arrived early, not long after it had opened.  Not many in and mamasan tells me girls are still putting on their makeup.  one by one they came down and a few came to sit with me, where I had a chance to interview them.

cyrcee phnom penh
outside cyrcee

So you must buy them a lady drink, barfine is 10$ and the going rate short time is 40$.  They kind of expect you to hire a short time room across the street which is another 10$ but not obligatory, you can take them back to your hotel.  I ask if they do CIM?  but they said no only BBBJ.  I was losing interest fast, becoming very transactional.  Even if the girls say they will do CIM, back in the room you may find they dont or pull away, its rare to find a girl who does it good.  After 7pm a few more punters started arriving, some of them were very handsome young men, the type you would look at in the street and think they would have no problems getting the woman we all want.  But no they were flying all the way to Cambodia, sneaking into Cyrcee in need of a good blowjob,  like us all.

Golden Sorya Mall

So from Cyrcee, made my way round to street 51, crossing the roads in Phnom Penh is stressful, but dont want keep handing over my short change to motobike and tuk tuk riders.

golden sorya mall
golden sorya mall

I take a wander through Golden Sorya Mall. When I last visited Sorya Mall it was a happening place, lots of freelancers and people drinking, but it was very quiet tonight, lots of empty plots.  Lots of beer bars up for sale but dont look like anyone is buying.  I guess the demographics of these places are changing, not so many western tourists anymore, although you would not think that down street 136.  Pontoon is still going, so maybe around midnight and into the early morning this place livens up?

Shanghai Hostess

I then took a wander across street 51 into the Shanghai bar.  This was the first bar I visited in Phnom Penh all those years ago when mongering was still an exciting adventure into the unknown.

Shanghai bar phnom penh
Shanghai bar

The theme of the Shanghai bar has not changed much.  Nice bar with hostesses in black dresses.  Nice vibe inside, comfortable.  Wow, this beautiful young Cambodian hostess sat with me.  She not go with customer, no barfine, I already knew that.  But man was I knocked back by her beauty!  When a Camdodian girl is beautiful she is really something, this girl had tits and ass too.  Man I would have loved to have got into her panties that night, it would have made this whole excursion into Asia worthwhile.

Miss Cambodia

She had an older sister, who does barfine, at least sometimes.  Her sister was nice looking too.  But compared to her younger sibling, she not really register.  But man would have been good to take both of them back to the hotel.  The older sister teaching the younger. I took a wander upstairs, and the young hostess followed me.  Deep down I think she liked me, wanted to barfine.  I tried man handling her beautiful backside and she kind of pushed my hands away.  She let me snap a photo of her, after telling her she should enter as Miss Cambodia.
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Maybe with repeat visits I could have whittled her down.  But for sure her older sister was better than most.  I returned to the Shanghai bar a few more nights in Phnom Penh.  But could not get in edgeways with the two sisters, they were always being plowed with ladydrinks.  With a name like Shanghai its not surprising some of those interested were groups of young Chinese men, moving in.  Back in 2005 there were many girls this beautiful working in the very few hostess bars around Phnom Penh.  You could have taken them into the backrooms for 25$ short time.

street 51 phnom penh
street 51

I take a wander along street 51, in the dark I could not really see what had changed.  But it seemed to be less lively than in years gone by.   Which is the opposite of whats happened down Street 136.

Street 136

I wander back down to Street 136, but nothing catches my eye.  In terms of bars your spoilt for choice here.  Walking down all you have to go on is the eye candy sat outside, inside they all look the same.  And its like you got some other bald headed monger almost sat on your lap, some of these bars are so small.  Everyone else is in your face.  What I can recommend in Phnom Penh when your hungry and want something western and decent to eat is Larrys on 110 street.

Larrys phnom penh
Larrys Ravioli

Fantastic food, very roomy and comfortable, I think it is Australian run.  But the food is great.

Street 105 Hostess Bars

I then made my way to street 105 to check out the hostess bars there.  The Rose bar is still going down street 105, years ago I think it was the only one there and one of the hostess bars I visited on my first night out in Phnom Penh.

Street 105 phnom penh
street 105

Nice hostesses working that night but had previously been relieved at Sophies.  Those were the days.  Sitting inside the bar I was getting drowsy and a little drunk.  One of the hostesses was giving me a nice head massage, even squeezes some zits! for a lady drink of course, but it must be bedtime.  Tuk Tuk back to street 172 3$.

No Pussy

Another night out hunting in Phnom Penh and no quality Cambodian pussy to write about.  I would need to change tactics  as the Hostess bars were not delivering the goods, not anymore, not for me.  Phnom Penh was sliding down the ratings as a good mongering destination, for me anycase.


6 thoughts on “Phnom Penh Bar Crawl”

  1. Sometimes the good looking people also need the thrill to fuck a whore, they are tired of the same thing, just when you go out to eat fast food to skip your regular diet – by the way, didn’t british actor Hugh Grant get caught with a cheap 50 dollar crackwhore in LA? He’s a millionaire, could easily hire and pornstar, and fuck quite a few groupies! I’m still reading your blog, I haven’t gone anywhere, I got got kinda scammed in Budapest though :/

    1. Long time. You can tell us about your Budapest scam? We all get scammed from time to time too, especially when my pants are down. Yeah, Hugh Grant is classic. Sure its the thrill of it. As we used to say, we pay them to go away. Just frustrating when you cant get even with cash. World is changing. Im getting older and uglier bit meaner too. Grumpy old git even.

  2. Nice report with update.
    During my Visa run days to Cambodia we would always start the evening off at Sharkys to get our daily fix of American diner type comfort food. Then it was usually a game of pool with one of the cute freelancers and if you did fuck them and you were with friends, you would catch up with them later at one of 3 guaranteed places, the Shanghai or Rose Bar or if it was much later, Martinis disco, which then was Phonom Penhs’ equivalent of the Marine Bar disco in Pattaya. Good to see a lot of the old establishments are still there but Man how has Phonom P appeared to have changed. Recently have been watching a lot of excellent Vlogs on YouTube from that part of the world and some of the picture quality is so clear and vivid bringing back lots of memories, good and bad.

      1. No, never did make it there. With all the new Casinos and casino resort hotels there I believe the place has now changed beyond recognition and is still just one big ugly building site. Progression? I don’t know.

  3. An refreshingly honest report of the decline of Phnom Penh from an old-timer’s perspective.
    It seems the challenge is adapting to the reality of Phnom Penh now – which is so far removed from what you remember.
    Memories can be a burden that keep you stuck in the past.

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