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Pattaya to Phnom Penh

While in Pattaya I had decided to book a flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh Cambodia. The plan was to explore more of Cambodia before making my way into Vietnam for the first time.

No More Spotty Botty

The dreaded spotty botty was flaring up again.  Shame because its a nice botty.  So went into chemist opposite my hotel and showed the girls my spotty botty.  They knew exactly what it was and gave me some cream and pills to take.  But most of all some advice.  Need to wash it regular after been out sweating and not sit around in damp pants etc.  Keep that botty dry and clean, sure enough after a few days it began to clear up.  No more spotty botty!

Taxi to Don Muang

I was going to take a taxi to Dom Muang airport from Pattaya.  A minibus only takes you to Suvarnabhumi Airport, from there you can take a free shuttle.  But timing would be tight, inconvenient and anxiety producing.  So went with a taxi for 1300B  After being initially quoted 1600B.  I had booked a hotel near the riverside in Phnom Penh, so all set for my next adventure.

Dogs Bollocks

On one of my last nights in Pattaya, took a wander down Soi13,1 and noticed the Dogs Bollocks bar.  Iv often heard people back home mention this bar, not for the girls though.  So had a beer inside.

dogs bollocks pattaya
Dogs Bollocks

The Dogs Bollocks is more a shrine to Football Hooliganism in the UK, lots of news cuttings on the walls etc, if you like that sort of thing.  It is typical of some of the crowd you can be sat with in a bar in Pattaya.  I was really feeling now like I wanted to get out of Pattaya, so looking forward to my trip to Phnom Penh.

Happy Ending in Pattaya

I did trawl a few more gogos off of Walking street but mostly just Thai grannies on stage.  My Last night in Pattaya thought I would treat myself to a roast in the Butchers Arms and then a good massage with a happy ending.

massage happy ending pattaya
pattaya massage

But typical when you want a massage you cant find any attractive masseurs, when you dont you see plenty and make a note to return.

Don Muang to Phnom Penh

The next day I arrived at Don Muang for my flight to Phnom Penh too early but you can still checkin.  I needed dollars for Phnom Penh VOA so had to exchange some money up at the airport, which is never a good rate.  So many people about at the airport.  I was losing interest now in travel, but not want to go home.

airasia flight phnom penh
time to kill

Flight to Phnom Penh went OK, plane full, I remember my first flight to Phnom Penh back in 2005 when it was still off the beater track, the flight was mostly empty.  VOA was as complicated as ever.  Still $30 and another $3 for a photograph.

Tuk Tuk to the Riverside

Outside take a Tuk Tuk from the airport to the riverside for $9.  Need one of those masks that Asian people wear.  The roads were chaos.  The Tuk Tuk rider gives me one of those day trip boards.

rocket launcher phnom penh
rocket launcher day out

Interesting you can fire Rock Launchers at cows for $300!  They close Sophies down but you can still fire Rocket Launchers, I guess its why mongers like Cambodia.  Ill pass on the Rocket Launcher day out. Especially at that price.

Cambodia beer phnom penh
Enjoying a beer

Checkin to my hotel near the riverside I was on the backpacker street 172, lots of bars here, cheap beer and the smell of cannabis wafting out of them.  My room was nice and unpack fully then enjoy a nice meal and beer in the hotel restaurant.  Phnom Penh I had arrived.


5 thoughts on “Pattaya to Phnom Penh”

  1. Nice reports sometimes making me feel I would like to return and a nice meal and beer to celebrate you have arrived in Cambodia! Look forward to the next instalments of what is turning out to be a your Three Country Grand Tour Adventure of SE Asia.

    1. Thanks Matt, glad it invokes feelings in yourself. It makes me want to return too. But after a month the novelty wears off and just changing location does not really change state of mind. So any trips for you this year?

  2. Still have a couple of places on my wish list but more than likely now there will be nothing major until at least the New Year. Still chained and enslaved I’m afraid to this capitalist system of ours where I’m finding myself working more and more longer hours just to keep up and pay the bills.

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