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Farm Fresh Beer Bar Girl Pattaya

The plan is to stay in Pattaya a few more days and then take a flight to Phnom Penh Cambodia.  In the meantime I explore more of what Pattaya has to offer including a first visit to Kinaree and meeting a farm fresh beer bar girl right near my hotel.

Pattaya Routine

Much the same routine in Pattaya each day.  Breakfast somewhere but finding the Swan is the best down soi 13.  Then a walk along beach road, then relax on the beach until the afternoon.

pattaya beach dry season
Pattaya beach

On the beach, feels like its getting a bit cooler as the dry season approaches.  Clear sunny days, less rain and humidity.   After the beach its usually a sandwich in Subway, back to the hotel pool for a swim without dodging condom rings.  Then out in the night usually hunting in a different part of Pattaya for that elusive bar girl who ticks my boxes.  it sure beats work, but can start to get a little predictable, even boring.

Without including girls, my daily budget for accommodation, food, drink etc was coming in around £50.  Even with the crappy exchange rate, that is not bad.  With a couple of bangs a week you are looking between £2000 to £2500 a month out here in Pattaya.

Soi 2 Soapy Massage

So one night out in Pattaya, to mix things up, take a baht bus, still 10B, down to Soi 2, to try my luck in the beer bars there.  Check out if there was any talent in the soapy massage parlours and then go onto Drinking Street.

body massage pattaya
soi 2 body massage

The beer bars were empty this far down second road in Pattaya.   Had a few beers being charged from 90B to 100B.  Then check out the soapy massage parlours, still popular with the Asians in town. The price range for the girls in the fishbowl ranged from 2000B to 3000B, but not see anything I liked so moved onto Drinking Street.

Drinking Street

I was actually surprised to see Drinking street still going.  I was the only customer in the whole complex and it has expanded.  I was early it was happy hour until 8pm, beers 65B.

drinking street pattaya
drinking street beer bars

If I sit in a beer bar, Im not much fun for the girls.  A bar girl tells me, for one of these beer bars its 80K rent for the year, including the police.  She gets paid 5K salary a month.  Well I was not going to be supplementing her salary tonight.

Soi 6

Next stop a wander down soi 6.  Lots of girls, but none are doing it for me.   Some of the bars have a rough looking crowd in them and when you look around they are usually leering at you.

soi 6 pattaya
soi 6

Soi 6 is not my favourite haunt for bar girls, but it can turn up a gem and is usually as cheap as it gets barring the Banana bar. Not tonight though, was going back to the hotel empty handed.

Big Buddha and the Vacuum

On another attempt to add some variety another day in Pattaya I ventured out to the Kinaree club, out past Pattaya moutain.  Another place I was researching and keen to try was Pattaya dark side, some bars etc for expats on the other side of the Sukhumvit road.  I would leave that for another adventure, another day, maybe.

The problem getting to these places is hiring motorbike riders.  Iv often found it best to find a landmark nearby and use that as your destination, usually they know where that is, rather than looking at you going “urrg?”

big buddha pattaya
big buddha

So for Kinaree I chose the big Buddha statue and would walk the remainder.  Might as well make a day of it, I had all the time in the world, if not the money.  If ever I was to get spiritual in my old age it would be Buddhism.  Maybe that is the problem with mongering, it is only about the physical world.  satisfying bodily urges, like when your hungry or need a poo.

As we get older these sexual urges are not so overpowering anymore, leaving a vacuum to be filled.  I mean if we felt at peace, content within our own minds, would all this travel be necessary?

Kinaree Club

As I left Big Buddha, I made a donation and a wish, that in Kinaree I would find a girl who would satisfy my needs.  Was over a kilometre walk to Kinaree from the big Buddha. Research tells me best to visit Kinaree in the afternoon so I arrive around 3pm.

Kinaree club pattaya
Kinaree club

Its dark inside, older guys about mostly American accents.  I can see the connection with German FKK clubs.   Im dissapointed, about 15 girls doing the rounds inside the Kinaree, most are in their thirties, there are better looking and younger girls in the beer bars.  Its nice inside though, cool, beer sets me back 95B and no entrance fee but the girls are not walking around naked.  One makes an attempt to seduce me and earn some money.  Short time rooms are 300 baht, she wanted 1000 baht.  Would have been good to at least try, but the girls were just not doing it for me in the Kinaree.  So left there empty handed too.

The Joy Beer Bar

That same evening after some lovely sausage and mash in the Butchers Arm I took a wander down opposite to a new beer bar complex.  Sat in the Joy Bar got chatting to a couple of bar girls.  Lots of the owners of these beer bars are now Korean or Indian etc.

joy beer bar pattaya
Joy Beer Bar

A young girl sits next to me, started today, fresh from the farm.  No English, no tattoos, sweet looking,  so seemed to be genuine.  Another one hardcore told me she was her sister and introduced her to the bar.  They did look related, the girls here were mostly all from Surin.  I decided to barfine the young farm fresh bar girl from the Joy Bar.  400B Barfine and 1000B shortime, she would do long time for 2000B too. It still seems the best options are still in the beer bars of Pattaya.

Farm Fresh Inexperienced

Holding my hand I had to walk back with her now to my hotel with all the leering onlookers hanging out of the bars.  She is really quite shy.  Shower in hotel and she keeps her Bra on when she comes out, her tits are tiny.  No silicon implants yet.  I was hoping for a nice bush but her pussy was fully shaved.
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She wont give a blowjob, starting to think I got a dud, this is sometimes the problem with these inexperienced bar girls.  I sit her on the bed and stand in front of her with a big stalk on and she takes the bait.  Licks and sucks and I fuck her mouth and she likes it like that.  Fuck her easy on the bed.  Job done.


6 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Beer Bar Girl Pattaya”

  1. Hi everyone I have never ben to Bangkok so if this is a stupid question sorry because I have asked on other sites & they just laugh at me. Do the ladies how are in the calendar of the bikini mafia. Do they regularly work at Sapphire Club Pattaya? Because when I go I would desire to take some back to my hotel room. Thanks

    1. Pure fantasy. I never really had sausage n mash or fish n chips in the Butchers Arms. Lol. The stories are around 6 Months out of date. Not have the the time to post as much as i would like. But still consider it 95% accurate. These are my stories, does it really matter that a pub has closed down? A bar has shut. That happens all the time. Next time i am away though i will post on the road.

  2. Hello. I would like to know if there are just plain brothels in Pattaya? My fantasy is to fuck six or seven ladies doggystyle at one time. Starting from one end and finishing at the other until I cum. Can you please tell me if there is such a place to make my fantasy come true?

    1. If you ever wanted to do this, you will need at least six condoms too. The girls will require you to change condoms each time you want to change girls. Some things should be kept fantasy only. I had a threesome in Havana with two sisters where i not have to change condom. This is the only time have managed it. Threesomes or moresomes are best when girls will give you a blowjob together. Watching 3 girls lick your cock is a sight to behold and easy arranged in the blowjob bars but even then hit n miss. Dont want the girls keep wiping it clean etc.

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