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Tinder Hookup Pattaya African Girl

Tinder is such a reliable, economical source of getting hooked up wherever you are in the world, least of all Pattaya and Thailand.  After making my way back to Pattaya from Ban Chang and a night out and gogo crawl around Soi LK Metro, I hook up with another African girl on Tinder visiting me in my hotel room, it not get any easier than that.

Ban Chang to Pattaya

Minbus back to Pattaya for 60 baht, picks you up outside Tescos on the main road out of Ban Chang.

ban chang bus pattaya
ban chang bus stop

Lots of stopping on the way though, people getting off and on all the way, but so cheap.  I jump off on the Sukhumvit road south Pattaya and have my second breakfast in a Burger King there.

burger king south pattaya
burger king breakfast

Inside the air conditioned Burger King I use google maps to get my bearings.  Without a reservation I am making my way to Intown Hotel on soi 11.  I was going on a recommendation from a Brit I got talking to in the Bodega bar my last trip to Pattaya.  I begin walking using google navigation its about 30 minutes away, will be interesting walking through this part of Pattaya.  Outside though its hot.

pattaya back streets
pattaya back streets

In the backstreets a very persuasive motocycle rider gets me to agree a lift to the Intown hotel for 100 baht, not a bad idea considering the heat and carrying my luggage.

InTown Hotel Soi  11

Checkin to the InTown, no problem with available rooms, 600 baht a night, sure you could arrange a better deal for a longer stay.  I intended to stay in Pattaya for another 4 or 5 nights before making my way to Cambodia and then onto Vietnam.

intown swimming pool pattaya
intown swimming pool

My room was nice and roomy, comfortable bed, even a balcony without a view, but lots of natural light,  air con was a bit noisy due to lose screws.  The swimming pool was as good as it gets for the price, mostly peaceful without the groups of guys.  Seems mostly popular with lone western mongers in the know wanting something low key.

Soi LK Metro

Head out that evening and check out the Honey 1 Massage, lots of Indians coming and going.  As usual inside the Papasans were pushy but I was taking my time having a good look.

honey 1 massage
honey 1 massage

There was one nice girl at 3000 baht else the girls were 2500 and 2000 baht for a session.   Start off in a beer bar on the corner of Soi LK Metro, happy for now to be back in Pattaya, back in the action.

soi lk metro pattaya
people watching

Couple of old bar ladies are talking to me, a beer sets me back 130 baht but you get the second free, so good deal.  Iv visited Soi LK Metro many times before on previous trips to Pattaya, but never really bar fined from there or had a great time.  I find it a bit edgy and also expensive.

soi lk metro gogos
many gogos of soi lk metro

I check out Champagnes Agogo first, lots of girls on stage, one doable.  Next is Bachelors, nothing I like and barfine is 1500 baht!  I can get laid off Tinder less than that without leaving my hotel with better looking girls.  I try one more gogo and I have had enough of Soi LK Metro for one night.

Tinder Hook Up

I slept well my first night back in Pattaya and in the InTown Hotel.   Had a cooked breakfast along soi 11 for 99 baht but a coffee refill was another 50 baht.  Relax by the pool for the best part of the morning, so peaceful.  Considering a visit to Kinaree to try something different.  Not had any fun since the massage in Lamai Koh Samui, so my horny level is high now.

Sat by the pool I then match with a black African girl on Tinder.  She wants 1500 baht short time, I try 1200 baht, but she not taking it.  Profile on Tinder looks good, but often their fake to protect identity.  Still often the girls that do turn up are just as good.  She seems a bit protective but agrees on 1400 baht and I send her my location via Google maps.  This internet technology is just making it all too easy, not just for the girls but for the mongers too.

Head back to my hotel room to freshen up and wait for the knock on the door.  Often the girls will text you when they are outside the door and for you to open it just in case its a wind up and they can save some face. I guess this shit happens.

tinder african girl pattaya
tinder girl

Sure enough she is outside my hotel room door.  Not the girl in the Tinder profile but still nice, slim African girl aged 23 from Cape Town South Africa.  She will do nicely.  Lovely black Ass, perfect pert tits and it started will with her first inspecting my erect cock, then a nice BBBJ with her sat on the bed and me stood in front of her.  She wants to fuck on top first, tight, then switch to doggy.  Just cant get enough of fucking these black girls asses from behind, and its so easy with Tinder, without even leaving your hotel room.  Job done, but still felt a bit transactional, but I guess that is all it was.   its not just African girls on Tinder in Pattaya, there are lots of Thai girls too, but just have a preference for Black girls over Asians.

bar girls soi 11 pattaya
thai bar girls for the taking soi 11

Later that night I bump into her again walking up soi 11, this time she was with 3 more of her African girlfriends.  They were all up for it, one of them had an exceptional ass, and my girl told me can take her now if I want.  I told her I would be in touch.  Another good nights sleep in Pattaya.

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