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London Escort for Lonely Tourist

Excitement was the word that could best describe the feeling that Scott had about his first trip to London. When he was a kid, he always read a lot of beautiful stories about the beauty of the city as well as the history of its houses.

Dreaming of London

He has been able to see some pictures of the city and has made it a lifelong dream to visit London during his lifetime. Well, luckily for him, his dream is about to come true and he has his father to thank for this. He had earlier intimated his mother about his childhood dreams to visit London and the desire still burns inside him. His father noticed how he fantasised about the city and therefore made him a deal.

Getting the Grade

As crazy as the deal sounded, Scott was ready to take it just to feed this burning desire he had in him. His father promised him that if he got an A grade on all subjects in his result for the academic session, he was going to send him on an all-expense-paid trip to London. Scott knew his results weren’t impressive lately and he put in more effort to ensure that this opportunity does not pass him by. Fortunately for him, he made it!

Flight to London

Scott sat on the couch in his hotel apartment as he thought about the 12-hour flight from his country to London. He has been sleeping since he got to his room. He struggled to get up and order for his breakfast. He had made a list of places that he plans to visit during the one month vacation that he has to spend in London. The first on his list was to pay a visit to one of the famous London Bridges, known as the “Box girder bridge”. He brought along his mother’s digital camera to capture all the memorable places and events that he was likely going to see. The next on his list was to watch his favourite team, Chelsea Football Club play at the Stamford Bridge stadium.

Lonely in London

Other activities that made up his “to-do list” were outdoor outings and visits. He then paused and took a deep breath. “How lonely can this get for the next four weeks?” he asked himself. He had no friend or companion in the city. He really felt lonely already and perhaps needed a local to discuss with and perhaps show him more interesting places which would surely amaze him.


He widened his eyes in happiness and shouted “escorts!” He had read about some escort agencies that operate in various countries to help tourists and visitors have a lovely visiting experience. He quickly reached for his laptop, searched on Google and he got results for escort agencies in London. He searched through one of the popular sites that appeared on the Google search results.

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londons busty escorts

He could not resist the seductive looks of one of the busty escort girls he has just seen on the website. She was exactly the type of girl that he loves. She was beautiful, chubby, and sexually attractive with her sexy eyes, breasts, and hips. He didn’t waste time in contacting the agency and quickly paying for the services of the escort girl. He was informed that the girl would be at his hotel room later in the night and Scott was extremely happy and anxious to meet her.

Enjoying the Sites

He was just returning from the London Bridge where he spent some time observing and taking pictures at one of the wonders of the world. He met some Italian tourists too who also came to the bridge to take some pictures. He then familiarised with them and they all had a good time together. They headed for a nearby restaurant after they were done to enjoy some of the rich English delicacies that the city has to offer. After that, they made plans to visit the Buckingham Palace and the British Museum during the week. Scott made his way to his room, got in and took a hot shower.

Knock on Hotel Door

It was winter and the cold outside was overwhelming.”This is definitely the best time for an escort” he thought to himself as he got out of the bathroom. It then occurred to him that he was expecting an escort girl. The hotel phone rang and Scott had a strong feeling that she has arrived. He beamed with joy when he got off the phone with the room service. She was around. There was a knock on the door and he went to get the door, as he opened it, he saw this elegant chubby and pretty escort standing in front of him. He stared at her lustfully and could not resist the temptation of hugging her.

Getting Intimate

“Hello Anna, wow! You look gorgeous” he said as he welcomed her into the room. “Thank you handsome” Anna said as she made her way into the room. She took off her winter jacket and hung it in the closet before she sat down on the edge of the bed. Scott was also a fine young man and it was obvious that Anna was already falling for that too. Scott brought a bottle of wine and the duo drank while they familiarised with each other. Scott also had a great sense of humour, which made Anna laugh so hard. The chemistry between them was superb. After the drink, Anna went in to have her bath and when she stepped out of the bathroom, she was super hot in her lingerie.

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sexy in lingerie

She met Scott in bed and slowly kissed him. Scott was quick to reciprocate and caressed her great body gently in an ecstatic manner.


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