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No Bang in Ban Chang

Late morning flight out of Koh Samui back to U Tapao with no hiccups.  At the airport get a taxi to the Ban Chang strip for 500 baht where I will be staying one night before returning to Pattaya.

Ban Chang Mongering

In more recent years have come across sporadic mongering reports of the naughtiness that goes on in the bars along the strip in Ban Chang, like a throw back to the old days where anything goes.  Although the same reports have no doubt been the source of then police raids and crackdowns.  Anyway on my way back to Pattaya, thought why not give the bars of Ban Chang  a try.

The One Bar

I had rented a room in the One Bar and it was very nice with a balcony overlooking the Ban Chang strip below.

ban chang strip
the ban chang strip

I wandered out and found a pizza joint and ordered to much pizza and drank a couple of beers.  Realised I was very tired.  All this moving about, place to place not good for my beauty sleep.

the strip ban chang
wandering along the strip

There were a few girls sat about outside some of the bars, one or two not look bad.  These bar girls are more used to expats than masses of sex tourists.  I had to take a rest back in my room before wandering out again along the strip come early evening.

Later I need some cash. find an ATM and withdraw 10,000 baht having to pay the extortionate 240 baht bank fee.  the pain is only doubled with the crappy exchange rate.

Ban Chang Bar Crawl

I enter the MC bar opposite the one bar, chatting to a nice bar girl who I may have been interested in bar fining.  turns out she is the owner of the bar with her boyfriend from the UK.  She tells me the rent on the MC bar is 30k.

camel pub ban chang
closed camel pub

I would have stayed in the camel pub and hotel along the strip in Ban Chang, but it had recently closed down.  The MC bar girl tells me its because the owner increased the rent too much to over 100k.  For a cheap hotel near the bars in Ban Chang the Soya seems like a good option if you dont fancy sleeping above a late night bar.

I then went back across the road into the One bar where I was staying, which was livening up now.  A nice Thai bar girl joins me, aged 23 and buy her a lady drink.  She pulls her pants open and shows me her lovely hairy pussy.

thai hairy pussy
Thai hairy pussy

Its escapes me now, why I did not barfine her there and then and take her up to my room above.  I think she gave me a good offer too.  I can only imagine it was because I felt so tired and wanted to see what some of the other bars down the strip had to offer.

The bars along Ban Chang you can have a good grope with the girls given you have invested a little with a lady drink or two.  I talk to one of the business owners in the one bar.  Tells me can buy a beach front condo in the Ban Chang district for 25k and retire.

ban chang bar crawl
bar crawl

He then escorts me to the Yoyo bar, but inside nothing happens.  A group of scousers then come into the bar and sit around.  They were on a mini bus tour out of Pattaya.  I think they were expecting all the girls to get their cocks out and start sucking them off there in the bar.  Even for Ban Chang I think those days are long gone, thanks to all the reporting on the internet no doubt.

Bar Naughtiness

In another bar on my own and a mature Thai woman sat with me and does actually get my cock out in the bar.  She wants to give me a blowjob in the back room with her friend for 500 baht each.  For some reason I was not taking the bait.  Just not in the right frame of mind.  This was obviously more a recon mission of Ban Chang.

Threesome Transaction

In another bar two young ones both 18 are up for a threesome back in my room at the one bar.  But I just cant get into gear, I am seeing it just as transaction sex which I have had plenty of.  Just constantly changing locations is not enough variety anymore.  Also not very discreet, its all out in the open, I know they are up to the same but still prefer privacy.

No Bang

Finally I am actually talking to a mature Thai woman who was a bar owner who tells me she spent a night in jail as a police raid uncovered an underage girl working inside.  Not that she was forced, just they obtain fake IDs and choose to work in these places.  So no Bang in Ban Chang!

Breakfast Bar

I woke early next morning, you can get some bacon egg baps in Kitty Beavers which opens at 7AM. There was quite a few in there, in transit to Pattaya no doubt like me.  breakfast ban changlooking for breakfast along the strip  ban chang
Two bacon egg baps and two coffees under 200 baht, not bad, did the trick.  Lots of MC stickers on the walls, I guess its a popular stop off for motorcycle groups, but Ban Chang is mostly for expats and retirees with the odd bus turning up from Pattaya.  After breakfast, It was then a walk to the bus stop on the main road,  next stop Pattaya.

6 thoughts on “No Bang in Ban Chang”

  1. Can’t say I’ve really had any real good times in Ban Chang, but I was always under the impression that, that was because I use to go in the evening, to miss the golf crowd and the girl numbers wasn’t there!
    By the sounds of it the afternoon doesn’t sound too exciting also!

    1. When I was there in the afternoon, there was very little going on, livened up in the evening, but nothing special, not that night.
      Not really notice golf crowd, did have the misfortune to share breakfast with a couple of groups early in the morning in Pattaya.

  2. That little part of town just off the main higway has quite a following I believe for long stay expats who like the close proximity to Pattaya and Jomtein but enjoy much cheaper rents and prices for entertainment ! Know of die hard fan of Thailand who for 5 months of the year, for the past 10 years now works his passage to Thailand by working and doing his stint in and around London sleeping in a Ford transit van with a mattress on the floor for the summer months spending the remaining 7 months and of course escaping our winter living the high life and no doubt living like a king in Ban Chang. Fuck it, he once said, I’m never going to be able to afford my own place now and I can never see my self getting married. Thought he was crazy at one time but now I’m not too sure 🙂

    1. Matt, even if you got a place of your own here in the UK, it is still an attractive proposition. But, as you know, there is a lot of down time to fill and there it is mostly hot and humid. I think its still a great place, if you like sitting around, having a drink and fling, which I do.

  3. Two 18-year-old bargirls wanting a threesome with you, and you decline because it’s only ‘transactional sex?”
    Are you just getting tired, or feeling too old?

    Just joking – I enjoy your Trip reports because you keep it real, about being frustrated and disappointed at the always-changing P4P scene.

    I might have reacted the same as you, in those conditions as you describe it.

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