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Lamai Massage Koh Samui

I was paid up for the week at my beachside resort at Chaweng on Koh Samui.   I wanted to take a trip to nearby Lamai Beach, spend at least one day and night there, explore any mongering options at Lamai.

Chaweng to Lamai

After an early morning walk along Chaweng beach, then some breakfast I jumped on a passing baht bus travelling in the direction of Lamai for 100 baht.

chaweng to lamai baht bus
Baht bus to Lamai

I jumped off on the main drag through Lamai and sat in a cafe for a while taking it in over some coffee, checking my bearings on google maps.

Lamai koh samui
main street of Lamai

Sitting there it started to rain so ordered myself another coffee, I was in no rush, and it felt kind of good, I could just get up and do this.  Once the rain subsided I checked out the central beer bars and then headed down to Lamai beach to check out the scene.

Lamai Revisited

I remember sitting in these beer bars years ago now with my Thai girlfriend that I took to Koh Samui from Bangkok.  It was in Lamai that any hopes I had of a relationship began to crack as she gave priority to other sponsors ringing her on her mobile.  Where are they now?  Fast Forward 15 years.  Im here still.

Lamai Beach

I walk the Lamai beach until the end, then turnaround.  Stop in beach side bar for a beer, set me back 110 baht and then used the loungers for a while, just relaxing.

lamai beach
relaxing on Lamai beach

I asked a few beachside vendors how much their rooms were, around a 1000 baht a night.  I was going the stay the night in Lamai to check out the beer bar girls available, so got on Agoda.  Not sure if there is a big difference between Lamai and Chaweng regarding mongering options, less families, more bar girls?  Hopefully tonight I would get some idea.

Weekender Bungalows

There are some Bungalows available in downtown Lamai, not far from the beer bars for $7 a night!  Wow, gonna try that so booked up.   The room was basic but adequate.  I had stayed in a lot more basic before on the beach in Goa.

lamai bungalow koh samui
Lamai Bungalow

nice quiet setting, as you can imagine, popular with travellers, long term cheap charlies sitting outside drinking bottles of chang.  I went to the family mart to get some mosquito spray and burners, getting bit, problem with these cheap rooms.  Although you could save a huge amount on accommodation, dont think I could stay in these places long term, one night was going to be a challenge.

Back Street Wander

I had a wander around Lamai, the backstreets and back down to the beach.  Some family Nazis around in the restaurants, couples on the beach and narcissistic traveller types.  Best avoided.  In that respect Lamai was not much different to Chaweng, a little more laid back maybe.

lamai massage
backstreet massage

What was tempting was a naughty massage somewhere, that included a good massage.  There were a few options about, but the attractiveness of the masseurs was questionable.

Lamai Beer Bars

As it got dark I wandered around the many beer bars in Lamai, as usual most were empty, one old woman working or something similar.  But it was early.   I sat in the Ploy bar, swiss owner and talk to a bar girl.
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Nice looking bar girl, pleasant manner, only 24 yo.  told 3 kids though so must be well stretched under that t-shirt.  She has got an Aussie boyfriend, but will still barfine.  Its 500 baht before midnight, 300 baht after midnight.  Not sure what that says about midnight? buts it open until 3AM.

Just after some Thai men came to the bar, and the owner was extra friendly too them.  Bar girl tells me they are police, so come to collect their tea money no doubt.  I guess us mongers have the Thai police to thank.

Massage then Sex

I left the beer bars and told the bar girl would return in an hour or  two.  Sure she has heard that many times, never to see them again.  I wander north up the main drag of Lamai.  I find an attractive massage woman sat outside one of those shops that look more geared to mainstream tourists than mongers.  A massage was 300 baht.  She was attractive so thought a massage would be a good way to kill an hour, if the massage was good and a bit naughty that would be a bonus.
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Inside it was just a curtain around the bed, but no one else was there, was getting late now, so I would be the last massage.  The massage was crap!  She touched my balls a few times, but it was more like they were just in the way.

She then ask if I want extras?  Like full sex was on the menu, could fuck her on the table for 1500  baht.  I like the idea of that, she was nice looking, firm slim body with some shape.  I only had 1200 baht on me which I show.  She goes with that and gets undressed.

asian hairy pussy fuck
fuck hairy pussy

She got a lovely hairy Thai pussy,  we kiss, and then I fuck her intensely on the massage table.  A good fuck, but a bit quick.  I guess the massage was the courting and the build up though.

Pressure off, I had lost my cherry in Lamai.  I wandered back down to the beach and had something to eat and a beer.  The food was not good.

lamai beer bars
central beer bars

I then sat in the main beers bars and had a couple of beers by which time I had had enough and was getting drowsy.  So I went back to my little Bungalow, but not sleep well.

Lamai to Bang Chang

Up early in the morning in Lamai and a good beach walk.  Made the mistake of eating breakfast at the same place I had dinner and breakfast was not good either.  Checked out and caught a baht bus back to Chaweng for another 100 baht.

koh samui happy days
lazy days

Theres not much more to report on my time in Koh Samui.  I spent the last two days just relaxing on the beach, eating good food and drinking, no mongering.  When I am down in some office somewhere, working, clock watching, I need to remember my time spent on Koh Samui.  A week was more than enough.   I was now heading back to Pattaya with one night staying in the one bar at Bang Chang.  The journey continues…

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