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Soi Green Mango Chaweng Koh Samui

The next morning in Koh Samui I rise early to actually see where I am along Chaweng beach and take an early morning stroll. The plan for the evenings was to explore the beer bars and any gogos down Soi Green Mango which must be the most concentrated mongering options available on the island if not a little commercial.

Chaweng Beach

This early in the morning it was very peaceful walking along Chaweng beach, certainly a change from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya beach.

chaweng beach
chaweng beach sunrise

The beach in front of my hotel, the water was very calm, like a lake, a lot of weed you had to try and avoid.

chaweng beach walk
morning walks

The beach was a lot better further down where I would walk every morning.  But here were the big hotel complexes, families etc.  I got approached a few mornings for a massage, but think they were ladyboys, they got balls.

chaweng beach relax
relaxing on chaweng beach

After my morning walk along Chaweng beach, for around 240 baht, I would have breakfast, bacon, eggs bread, coffee at the Chaweng Marine  where I was staying.  Then just relax on the loungers for a few hours, have a dip in the sea when I got hot.  When I was stuck in the daily grind, I dreamed about being in a location like Koh Samui, just doing my own thing, no demands on my time.

Soi Green Mango Chaweng

The highest concentration of bars and girls is down Soi Green Mango in Chaweng Koh Samui.  I headed over there a few nights to try my luck and observe the comings and goings.

Henry Africas Bar

It was low season, but the only show in town is really Henry Africas bar.  Its a professional setup, lots of space, pool tables, reasonably priced bottles of beer, bottle of Chang 79 b.

henry Africas bar chaweng
Henry Africas Bar

Lots of working bar girls inside Henry Africas, most average looking.  The girls will come over to you , ask if you want to play games( buy them drinks ), good if you want that sort of company.  I did notice one nice looking Thai bar girl in Henry Africas but then she disappeared.  Probably already taken.  But potential bar fine material.

Galaxy Russian Girls

I walk around soi Green Mango, most of the beer bars were empty apart from Henry Africas.  Soi Green Mango even has a Galaxy just like Pattaya.  But not got all the hoards of Chinese and Indian tourists oggling everything.

galaxy soi green mango
galaxy russian girls

Some nice looking Russian girls outside, want me to come in, but even they agreed it was very expensive inside.

Dream Girls Gogo

Opposite Henry Africas is the only gogo bar along Soi Green Mango Dream girls and from the sign hanging outside has seen better days, not worth fixing the neon lights inside.

dream girls gogo chaweng
Dream Girls gogo

A nice looking Thai girl come outside for a smoke and kept looking over at me sat inside Henry Africas nursing my beer, all on my lonesome.  Well I had to go and take a look inside Dream Girls Gogo.

dream girls koh sumui
if only?

Dark inside,  A Chang was a 130 baht.  Fuglies mostly on stage, heavily tattooed.  Not many girls 5 at most.

tattoo thai girl
tattooed asian girls

The one I saw came on stage and a nice looking girl, well built, good mover too, but then turns around and her back was covered in a huge tattoo!  Not quite a nightmare, but bad dream girls.

The main venue along and where the soi gets its name is the Green Mango nightclub, but too late for me, not opening until midnight.

Soi Reggae

Another red light district on Koh Samui near Chaweng is Soi Reggae, across the other side of Chawneg lake.  I tried my mongering luck along Soi Reggae one night in Koh Samui.

soi reggae
reggae pub

Soi Reggae gets it name from the most popular venue there called the Reggae pub which was where I was heading.  Once I arrive it was closed that night.  I really dont see how the Reggae pub is that popular being right out on a limb the other side of Chaweng lake?

soi reggae bar girls
soi reggae bars

Along the soi to the Reggae pub though must be about 20 beer bars with their red lights blazing.  Not many girls or punters about though, just like you would expect.  I would spend a couple of hours drinking, bar hopping though along soi Reggae to take in the vibe and put a flag on my mongering map.

A nice friendly bar girl along Soi Reggae gave me a neck massage sat at the bar with some tiger balm rubbed in, it was very soothing and woke me up.  Got her to work for her lady drink.

Day Dreamer

Dreaming of sitting on a beach all day, sipping on a pina colada on an exotic tropical island like Koh Samui, surrounded by beautiful girls is more a marketing gimmick rather than a reality.  I quickly get bored.

beach dreamer koh sumui
beach dreamer

A couple of weeks into my Asian sojourn, and my mood is changing.  There are very few surprises anymore, even when travelling to new places.  I am getting pissed off with tourists.  You travel 1000 of miles to getaway just to be couped up with your neighbours from hell in some holiday ghetto.  Families, couples etc are all competing for the same real estate now.  Rant over.

Future Plans

Regular quality bar girls on Koh Samui would not be forthcoming.  I was already making plans where to head next.  I would spend a night or two on Lamai Beach further down the coast in Koh Samui and try my luck there.  Then I would fly back maybe to Pattaya but spend a night or two in Bang Chang, close to the airport.   Then I might take a a maiden trip to Chang Mai and then fly into Vietnam Hanoi or Saigon.  I had a lot of time to kill before heading home.

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