koh sumui landing

Koh Samui Tinder Date

After a week in Bangkok and now a week in Pattaya I was now heading to the paradise island of Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand.

Last Day in Pattaya

My flight from Pattaya airport to Koh Samui was not until late afternoon, so had my last day to kill in Pattaya. Wake up to a cockroach in my hotel room!  Walk to Robins Nest but then not fancy a cooked breakfast, too much fried food.  So stopped off in McDonalds instead.  Did a walk along Beach road to burn it off and get my morning exercise, then back to the hotel to pack.

pattaya beach extension
danger pattaya beach

The hotel would have to charge me 500 baht to keep the room for half a day, so left luggage with bellboy and sat on the beach for a couple of hours.   I did fancy a massage,  walking around the streets of Pattaya the last few days I have noticed some nice massage girls.  But now I was up for it they were no where to be seen.

Pattaya to Koh Samui

There are no buses to Pattaya airport, so your only option is a taxi which takes about an hour, its not really in Pattaya just in the province.   But better than the 2 hour ride to Bangkok, traffic permitting.

pattaya flight koh sumui
flight to koh sumui

Checkin and make my way to the waiting area.  Bangkok air throw on a lovely free buffet, hot pasties and chocolate milkshake drinks, I had my fill.

koh sumui landing
coming in to land

Flight on time and only takes 55 minutes to arrive in Koh Samui, not many on the flight.  Shared minibus from the airport, 130 baht but not far and dropped me outside my hotel.  Just some cheap chalets next to Chaweng beach,  Checked in and happy with room.  Although not much natural light and no views, but the beach was only 20 meters away.

Chaweng beach restuarant
Dining alone chaweng beach

Going to take it easy my first night in Koh Samui and just had some beers, rice and prawns sat on the beach all on my lonesome.  It was dark by the time I arrived so could not see much of Chaweng Beach.

Koh Sumui Black Girl

Sat there on Chaweng beach, felt good, relaxed.  I got on Tinder to see what was available online.  Had to swipe past lots of ladyboys.  Matched with an attractive black girl and got chatting immediately. She will come over and do the business for 1500 baht short time, dropped from 2000 baht.

asian sex diary pussy
nice thai pussy

30 minutes later I meet her at the entrance and take her back to my beach chalet.  Not as good as her pics, but had a great black ass.  I love Thai pussy but love black girls butts.  As requested she wore some sexy lacy panties so I could pull them to the side.

koh sumui tinder
Tinder date

Great BBBJ as a starter, then onto the main course.  Actually finding it quite hard to cum in these short encounters where there is no build up, had to fantasise heavily in order to get the job done.  Seems these African girls on their short stay visa like to travel around Thailand too, funded by fucking.

Love Machine

After  I let her go I just went back down to the beach to recuperate, have a couple more cold beers, easy first night in Koh Samui and pressure off to get laid.  Good first night in Bangkok, good first night in Pattaya, and a good first night in Koh Samui.  Im just a love machine.


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  1. Interested to know how much was the flight from Pattaya and what was the cost of the taxi to the airport.

  2. Hi Matt, I dont seem to have recorded how much it cost. I think taxi was around 800 baht. The flight was expensive in comparison to flights elsewhere as not covered by budget airways. around £100 I think.

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