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Last Night in Pattaya

I was booked up for a flight to Koh Sumui tomorrow leaving from Pattaya airport.  I would be there for at least a week.  So tonight was my last night in Pattaya.

Sportsman Breakfast

Started off with a breakfast in the Sportsman, 195 baht with coffee refill, almost next door to my hotel the AA on beach road.   There were lots of people coming and going, TV screens at every angle with sports on and loud, so bad choice.

Day on the Beach

I then took a baht bus to the fountain, Drinking street was still there and checked out Soi 2.  I then took a walk down to the beach to relax for a few hours.

relax pattaya beach
relax on pattaya beach

Pattaya Sex Clubs

While relaxing on pattaya beach, I was researching the international sex guide on Pattaya.  Realised I should have tried a few of clubs just out on the outskirts pass Pattaya Mountain.  Like Kinaree and camel toe.   These are of similar theme to the FKK clubs in Germany.  The differences being is a normal bar and the girls are freelancers but fully dressed.  Until you take them to one of the private rooms.

Prime Thai Girl Fucking
Prime Thai Girl Fucking

Oh well, maybe next time.  I not have the energy to navigate to one of these clubs now or on my last night.  Rather try during the afternoon when I am fresh.   Something was telling me I would be returning to Pattaya during this long sojourn around Asia.

Return of the Spotty Botty

Bored with the beach I take a wander up soi 6 around 2pm and there are lots of girls about, although prime time is around 4pm.  It begins to rain and stop of for a sandwich in Subway as I walk back to the hotel.    My spotty botty had returned.  Dont know what the fuck keeps causing this, assumed it was an allergy so took a detour into a chemist.  The guy spoke good English and seemed to understand the problem.  A heat and sweat allergy and gave me some cream.  The problem is not exactly a turn on for the girls or when you have a massage with a red spotty botty.  They may think you have a contagious disease.

Soi 13

I head out early that evening, I had a photo in mind I wanted to take during sunset.   I stop off in the Miami Gogo along soi 13.  Realised I had stopped off in there the other night.

miami gogo pattaya
Miami Agogo Soi 13

From some reports on the international sex guide this can turn up some naughty Thai girls and good prices.  Some of the girls inside Miami Gogo were not bad, at all.

Pattaya then and now

Then have a couple of san miguels draft at the classroom, its this soi I wanted to take a photo of during sunset and compare to a similar one taken in 2005, to give you some sort of idea of how mongering has declined in Pattaya.

pattaya soi 13
pattaya soi 13 then 2005

This was when camera’s in mobile phones were coming of age.  I think even 2005, mongering was already in decline.

soi 13 pattaya
soi 13 now

Depressing, isnt it.  Classroom has survived, but needed to reinvent itself from a 2nd tier gogo to a sports bar and grill.  customers were few though.  Kittens and the wild west boys are long gone, Penthouse still survives though as a hotel.

Walking Street Simons Beer Bar

After reminising down soi 13 I take another wander along Walking Street.  There are still so many Gogo’s along Walking Street,  I wanted to try a few more.

simons beer bar pattaya
simons beer bar

I started off in another old haunt of mine Simons beer bar, sitting on the comfy chairs near the sea with pleasant views out to the bay, and where you can get a nice breeze blowing.  Beer set me back 100 baht.  Just rows of empty stools, a few bored bar girls, but it was early, could look different after midnight.  Again Simons beer bar is  place I have barfined some cute young Thai bar girls in years gone by, but would be difficult if not impossible to repeat today.

Palace Agogo

After some fish n chips in Pattaya Pier,  on another recommendation from the international sex guide I tried the Palace Agogo.

palace agogo pattaya
Palace Agogo

The Palace is now the top grossing Gogo along Walking Street in Pattaya.  Inside it was packed out, there was some cute girls on stage, really cute, the best I had seen.  There was no where to sit, you could hardly move, it was packed out with Asians, Chinese, with money to throw around.  I had to get out of the Palace, I not stop for a beer.  I had seen enough.

infinity gogo pattaya
Infinity gogo

I tried Infinity next, but dont remember much, I guess the beer was now having an effect.

sapphire club pattaya
Sapphire club

The last Gogo I try was Sapphire, nice inside, cheap beer, lots of girls mostly average at best.

Beach Road, the Banana Bar

I had enough of pretentious Walking street and its Gogos, for now, for another month, another year, maybe forever, who knows.  On the way back to my hotel I took a wander along the Beach Road to check out the Freelancers available, aka the Banana bar.

beach road banana bar
banana bar beach road

Still plenty of freelancers available along Beach Road as the night progresses.  Get chatting to one cute Thai girl, maybe late twenties with big glasses on.  Looked intelligent rather than a skank.

thai girl glasses
Thai girl glasses

Wanted 1000 baht for short time back at my hotel.  Was tempted, but too drunk and still felt relieved from my draining the day before along Massage street.

Oh well, last night in Pattaya over,  flying to Koh Sumui tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Last Night in Pattaya”

  1. The darker right hand starboard side of Soi 13 in the picture is quite a wake up call as to the real state of play, will the last person to leave the soi please turn out the light. As I actually lived in Pattaya at one time I am quite gob smacked. Thanks for the postings and the update.

  2. Soi 13 is dead but Walking Street ans Soi 6 have never been so alive. It’s mostly just old brit pensioners leaving, and the bars for them are closing too. Pound is worthless against the baht. More new money than ever coming in from mostly Asian guys. The British empire is dead and gone. The East is rising again. Deal with it.

  3. We all know from the sad old timers that Pattaya’s best years are long gone.

    Interesting how mongers like yourself can keep going for decades and not tire of it.
    To paraphrase a famous old quote: “Old punters never die . . . they just fade away.”

    How long more can this go on?

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