massage street pattaya

Soi Chaiyapoon Massage Street Pattaya

Another morning in Pattaya and after breakfast I took a walk up to Soi Buakhao to check out what was on offer in the morning.  Off Soi Buakhao is Soi Chaiyapoon aka Massage Street and I was getting some saucy offers.

Massage Street Temptations

Two Thai Milfs sat outside their shop offer me massage for 200 baht.  One starts playing with a Banana in her mouth, saying she hungry for something.

massage street pattaya
massage street

I am getting turned on.  She ask me what I can give?  for blowjob I mean.  Yes she will do BBBJ and CIM. 500 baht sounds good.   I knew I was going to come back to her, dirty slut!  But this was more a scout of the area.  Where I could unload pretty early in the morning.

There is some cheap hotel rooms up soi Chaiyapoon, with balcony overlooking the filth below.  I inquired into a few, around 600-700 baht a night.  Soi Chaiyapoon is also where the blowjob bar Lolitas is located a bit further up, but not open until the afternoon.

Pattaya Beach to Koh Sumui

I spend the best part of the day on Pattaya beach, relaxing, while checking out flights and hotels on Koh Sumui on my mobile.  I was pretty sure now I would be leaving Pattaya in the next day or two and taking a flight to Koh Sumui.

relax pattaya beach
relaxing on pattaya beach

Just a matter of clicking those confirm buttons.  There would be low key mongering options on Koh Sumui I could indulge and much nicer beaches and scenery where I could relax and get away from the hustle.  Or that was the plan.

Action Street Revisited

Start the evening off with something to eat in Witherspoons along soi Buakhao – sausage and mash.  Not bad.  Outside it had been raining hard.  The plan was to revisit Action Street where I found those two Thai cuties a couple of years back.  You never know where a Thai cutie will turn up in Pattaya.

action street pattaya
action street

Quiet in Action street, not living up to its name.  Still I perched up on a beer bar, sometimes a cute bar girl can appear out of thin air.  Sometimes you need to stick around for a bit.  Got chatting to a British guy at the beer bar.  His girlfriend run the bar and guess who was paying for it all?  The rent on the beer bar was 50,000 baht a month.  He was also considering going to Koh Sumui.

Soi Diamond Gogo’s Revisited

After a few beers in Action street I take a wander back down towards Walking street to check out a few more of my old favourite Gogo clubs along Soi Diamond.

The Windmill is a popular Gogo in Pattaya, has been for a few years now.  Inside was pretty packed out as usual.  A younger crowd tend to frequent the Windmill gogo.  The girls put on sex shows and let the guys grope them for generous tips.  One of the Thai girls being groped by a group of guys was cute, my type, lovely Thai tits, trimmed bush, totally naked.  Big smile on her face, very animated, seemed to be enjoying her work.  I not get a look in though drinking my Chang beer for 80b.

super girl agogo
super girl gogo

Super Girl Gogo has picked up since I last visited, I thought it was finished then.  I have barfined from Super Girl a few times in years gone by, always cute girls.  Still full of Japanese punters.

kiss gogo
Kiss Gogo

I tried the gogo at the other end of Super Girl, but just fat old Thais inside.  Then across to Yes Agogo which was good inside, lots of girls, some not bad, if only it was not so damn expensive these days to barfine out of a gogo.  I think this used to be Super Baby?

heavens above pattaya
heavens above

Last but not least I took a look inside another old favorite of mine mongering in Pattaya Heavens Above Gogo.  Good inside as always, some nice girls to choose from, topless many of them.  One sat beside me, big tits but they were cold. brrrrr.

Mental Asylum

Was getting water logged with all the beer drinking and decided to call it a night so walked back to my hotel.  4AM there is shouting and screaming down the end of the hallway.  Felt like I was in a mental asylum.  I would not be returning to this hotel once I leave.  Problem for me with budget hotels is always the noise and its usually internal along the corridor.  A monger needs his beauty sleep.

Massage Street Revisited

So the next morning, I am feeling horny, not released for a few days now in Pattaya, after a good start.  You know where I am heading? back to Soi Buakhao then Massage street.  For a morning massage and wet sloppy blowjobs threesome with cim hopefully.  That banana was stuck in my mind.

pattaya breakfast
cooked breakfast

Not before a cooked breakfast though, all in for 99 baht, but wanted more coffee.  Better if included a coffee refill.

Massage Street Threesome

With stomach and balls full it was time to head back around to massage street and suss out those two Thai Milfs.   They are both there, its around 9AM, early bird catches the worm, they were going to catch mine.  They agreed to blowjob cim for 500 baht each.  But had to pay for a massage at 200 baht each, so all in 1400 baht, 4 hand massage bbbj and cim.  Only in Pattaya.

thai milf bbbj
thai milf bbbj

One was really good at massage, the other one was crap.  Both were touching my balls though from behind, felt nice.  The massage was cut short and I turn over.   The one who was really crap at massage was actually excellent at blowjob with saliva dribbling out of her mouth.   They were taking it in turns to suck my cock, and I had to get them agree to do it together just like in my fantasy.   I cum, but not in their mouths like they promised.   Not bad though, I felt relieved and could relax more now.

pattaya beach rain
Pissing it down

Couple of cups of coffee along Soi Buakhao before heading to Pattaya beach for the remainder of the day and then it pissed it down.  Not before though I had booked up a flight and hotel in Koh Sumui.


2 thoughts on “Soi Chaiyapoon Massage Street Pattaya”

  1. Stayed at Lamai beach on Koh Samui when I went many years ago, was a bit quiet but still had the usual strip of bars with ladies to take back to the hotel and on one occasion I took 3 girls back to the hotel and the beach was sheer bliss, also came across a few female sex tourists who were mainly from the UK ! Then there were no direct flights from Pattaya so look forward to an update.

  2. Looking at your photo of Chaiyapoon brought back a lot of memories. I see the road hasn’t yet been paved ! Early evenings at the Triangle Bar (just off to the left of your lead in photo) was a great place for people and woman watching. Just past Juney Massage, after the Chinese snack bar is Amon massage. They used to have some stunning looking women there. I haven’t been to Pattaya for awhile now. Been shuttling between Singapore and Shanghai for work and enjoying the ‘barbers shops’ in Shanghai.

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