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Dubai Part 7 – Last Minute Indian Pakistani Night

I was never attracted to Indian girls, except for a short fling I had when I was young. After that I was never interested again. Fast forward to a week or two before the trip and I realized, there are some Indian working girls to be found in Dubai, not a lot but there are some. I don’t really find Indian girls attractive, but there are few that I find cute. Skinny girls with big round cheek bones and long hair.

Indian girls aren’t the mainstream working girls in Dubai and there are relatively few in the clubs and massage parlors. Even though there is a lot of economic hardship in India, it seems that very few working girls make it outside of India, probably due to numerous visa restrictions.

Time is of the Essence

My time in Dubai started to wind down and finally on the morning on the last day, I thought, I have a chance to pick up an Indian girl. Maybe I’ll find a Bollywood girl? Or one of those cute girls I see every once a while. Who knows, but I think this is my best and possibly my only chance. Since I would be busy most of the day and not return to my hotel until 8 or 9 pm at night, I would have little time to research.

It’s Mirchi

There wasn’t much reliable info about the Indian scene, but after returning from Dubai and writing this, I will distill it for you. There are at least three places in Dubai with “Mirchi” in its name. “It’s Mirchi” in the Ramee Royal Hotel in Al Karama is the one you want. During the day and evening it’s a restaurant. After 10 or 11 pm, it turns into a disco club. The place is an Indian and Pakistani pickup joint. Initially I thought it was an Indian dominated place but after visiting I’m not so sure. The Pakistani influence might be a lot stronger than I thought. Despite that, my biggest concern was whether or not they would be welcoming to a non Indian, non Pakistani like me.

the Scene

Arriving late at 2:15 am, I could already see talent leaving through the hotel lobby. I followed the noise up to the second floor and found myself at the door of It’s Mirchi. I paid 100 AED ($27 USD) to the Filipina hostess and the doorman let me in.
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Inside was really happening. Indian dance music blared and it was quite good. People drank, laughed, smoked and danced all over. At this point I wasn’t sure who was talent and who was not. Some people looked like just regular party goers. Some guys were definitely punters and some girls were definitely working. What was apparent, I and this other Western guy were the only non Indian/Pakistani out of hundreds of people. I did a couple rounds soaking up the scene and seeing if I would get any looks or responses. None. Was there really very few working girls or was it because I’m not the right type?

Settling at the bar, I ordered a drink and eyed two petite spinners directly across. One girl was dark skinned girl in tight jeans, blouse and ponytail. The other a light skinned girl also in jeans and had a particular nose. I liked them both. I eyed them but had no response. I hung for a while to see if they would respond and when they didn’t I did another walk around the club. No responses from anyone. Returning, I parked myself next to the two girls and still no response. I would smile and I only got as far as a small smile in return before turning away. The light skin girl played with her phone and I even tried playing around with her. Her phone wallpaper was a sad pouty picture of herself. I pointed to her phone, “Is that you? Why do you look sad?”. No response, just a few smiles. Next to the girls was a man which I was sure was their pimp. If a customer shows interest in his girls and it’s just money and it’s so near to closing time, wouldn’t he be desperate to sell his goods? The pimp did not respond to my advances on his girls. Am I the wrong color of customer? I’ve never been rejected even in Brazil, Germany, xenophobic Japan and even in Korea where they protect their girls from foreigners.
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I did yet *another* walk through the club and I was not getting approached at all. I parked myself back at the bar again. Finally, a chubby girl smiles at me and eyes me. I wander a few steps over and she talks to me, but I was not interested in her. A couple mins later another chubby girl tries to get my attention.
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I made a few words with her but I was even less interested in her. With the club about to close in 20 mins this evening on my very last day was starting to look like a bust.

Indian Bro

An Indian bro chatted me up at the bar. He was my hero, my guiding light, whatever euphemism you want to use. Turns out he used to live in Hong Kong and knew the Wanchai scene very well. We talked and he showed me the ropes. “All the girls are for hire” but I took that with a grain of salt. They don’t respond because they don’t speak English or they already have a customer. Now it started to make a little more sense. He also advised to just “grab a girl” if you’re interested. Just grab her? Are we talking Grace Jones in Conan the Destroyer grab her? And just like that he went and grabbed a passing girl… but she was already taken.

Indian Bro offered to talk to the girls and translate for me. His first sight was the chubby girl. I explained that I declined her already. I pointed over to a table with a few girls that had beer and hookah were dancing. I said they look like partying girls, but he said, no they are for hire. I was interested in the girl with the yellow dress. Indian Bro walked over and within seconds the yellow dress girl came over to me.

The Madam

The yellow dress girl was Pakistani and could only muster very simple English so it all made sense and several moments later, Indian Bro returned with her Madam, a thick 30 year old in heels and a silver bluish glittery dress.
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I asked if these were all her girls and she said yes. We quickly got down to business. What was I looking for? How long? Where was I staying? The price was 800 AED ($220 USD). To this price I balked and just went about my ways.

Closing Time

The music was still pumping but the lights had come on. A quick glance revealed it was 10 minutes until closing. Another one of her girls came by. She was tall, medium build, long face, light skin… I had a few words with her and I decided she was of no interest to me. By now the people started to pour out. I glanced and saw Madam and yellow dress girl starting to walk out.

I thanked the Indian bro and pursued the duo. While walking out of the club and then down the stairs, I negotiated, but it went nowhere in my favor. They we’re ready to call the night unless she got 800 AED immediately. With that my wallet opened and the money was handed to the Madam in the hotel lobby. A random hotel security guy patted me a congratulations when he saw the transaction. With money exchanged, the yellow dress girl was mines for the next few hours and with that we left for my hotel.

To be continued…

by Mr. Q

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8 thoughts on “Dubai Indian Pakistani Disco”

  1. Another nice bit of undercover reporting Mr.Q coming from right there inside all the action with a good bit of insider information also thrown in. In principal I would like to do this trip myself. I have a thing about young cute Indian women but in my case with an extra few pounds put on being no problem and from the UK Dubai ticks alot of all the right boxes for me from nicer weather in the winter months, a guaranteed high standard of better hotel accommodation, nice food and entertainment, what more could a monger want? Just a shame those prices for the girls are still a bit too high for me.

    1. I actually spent quite a bit while in Dubai. I will have an episode about cost. As for young cute girls… I’m not sure about the cute part. I had a video up with many of the girls but it was taken down after 500,000 + views.

  2. The truth is that I would not like to try an Indian girl, but seen that it is for $ 27 and the magnificent story you tell, I could try. About the food of there that you think? I have heard that it is very spicy and not very hygienic.

    1. The club is in Dubai not India. $27 US is only cost to enter the club. As for food, I’ve had the range from 4 star dining, to street food to a picnic in the desert sand dunes, it’s quite clean. Having a $12 cup of Arabic tea with spotless gold setting while watching the Dubai fountain… It was not an experience I call cheap or unclean.

  3. Mr Q, you get to these clubs very late, is this part of the plan? For a lot of pickup clubs including the gogos of Pattaya and Bangkok there was a prime time for pickup. the early bird gets the worm kind of thing. Generally if you got into a gogo later than 9pm then all the best picks had gone. Of course there is always hit and miss. Generally the cheap charlies would hang around very late looking for a knock down on price. Im just not a night owl either it all over for me 10pm lol, so i need to have found her by then. else im just scouting.

    1. Getting there late is not by design. I was just very busy everyday. By the time I got back to the hotel I needed some recoup time before heading out again.

  4. I was looking for Panama on the Country options and is not there. Only Costa Rica and Mexico. So let me tell you; if you loved mongering in expensive Dubai, you are going to LOOOVE doing it in Panama. They build a whole new Cosmopolitan city around the financial district in Panama; so the girls from neighbours Countries (like me) that are in “economical” crisis right now (Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, etc) are working here. And you will find as much gorg women and diversity in Panama as you did in Dubai. Believe me when I tell you…you need to make a blog about Panama City. Start with Habano’s Cafe, the Marriot roof top bar, Casco Antiguo, etc. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for writing this, browngeisha, would you be so kind as to discuss the Panama City scene more completely? Perhaps write a guest article mentioning where to stay and go in Panama City to find the P4P prospects. Are the hotels generally guest friendly or are there a number of short term hotels available? Can you mention the standard rate for short time visits and “toda la noche”? Are there other places in the country that would be worth a visit?

      I know of one fellow who lives in Panama but makes trips to Colombia for his mongering trips. I would be very happy to learn that Panama City has a lively and active scene that could rival Colombia.

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