Pattaya view

Views of Pattaya

Lovely cooked breakfast at the Swan down Soi 13 before walking it off on a hike up to Pattaya Mountain to admire the views and do some sightseeing.

Breakfast at the Swan

Bunch of English golfers in the Swan heading out for the day.   A friend tells me on some of these golf courses in Thailand, the caddies are working girls?

english breakfast swan
english breakfast

Sounds like fun if its true?

Indian Walking Street

I made my way through Walking street and pass the pier and its clear to see how the Indians are moving in.

indian disco pattaya
indian dance club
indian restaurant pattaya
indian restaurant pattaya

How times change,  there are Indians and Chinese everywhere in Pattaya now except for the Gogos bar one or two.

Pattaya View Point

Pass Pattaya Pier, the last time I was at Pattaya Pier I caught a ferry to Hua Hin.

pattaya viewpoint
Pattaya pier

Before that, many years ago a packed out boat to Koh Lan.  Following the path round takes you to the end of the peninsular a place called Pattaya Viewpoint.

pattaya viewpoint
pattaya viewpoint

Lovely views.  Phew it was hot, need to bring some water if you are going to do this.  The tropics are not the best climate for walking and exploring.    Safer than renting a motorcycle though and better than joining a gym.

Pattaya Mountain

I then made my way up some very rickety steps that have seen better days to underneath the Pattaya city sign.

pattaya city sign
pattaya city sign

Behind the Pattaya city sign its cool in the shade of the trees.  The crazy paving is exactly that.  Read some reports of mongers getting blowjobs in the bushes here, not this time of day though.  Only a mad Englishman out in the midday sun.

Pattaya view
bay view

On top of Pattaya Mountain ‘hill’ there was some great view out across the bay.  A few little cafes popular with tourists where I found a nice seat and with friendly Thai hospitality made me a fresh fruit drink.  I was having a healthy day.  I was enjoying this, makes a nice change from the bars, beach and hotel pool.

Pattaya Bush

At the bottom of Pattaya Mountain, the views are not so pleasant, an area known as Pattaya Bush.  Pattaya Bush is where you can find the cheapest blowjobs and sex in Pattaya, if you are a real cheap charlie.

pattaya bush

The girls are in little shacks under taulpaulin covers, you can get a blowjob for 200 baht and something else not so nice probably.  This is where Thai truck, Tuk tuk drivers come to unload.  But money is money.

Pattaya Healthy

Well my health kick was not over.  Made my way back to the beach Walking street end, lounger 50 baht and a cool coconut drink, then a dip in the sea.  Healthy sandwich is Subway then a swim in the hotel pool.

Horizon Hilton Rooftop Bar

The plan for the night was to start off in the Hiltons rooftop bar called Horizon and enjoy some more great views over the bay of Pattaya.  I got there early to catch the setting sun which is quite early in Pattaya.

hilton rooftop bar pattaya
view from horizon rooftop bar Pattaya

It was an expensive view though a small beer setting you back 200 baht.  You are better off getting a cocktail as you get another for free during their happy hour.

horizon bar pattaya
pattaya in crowd

As the evening progressed the Horizon bar got more busy with the Pattaya in-crowd,  and I began to fill a little out of place.  Despite my healthy day, my t-shirt was not tight enough, my tummy not flat enough.  Enjoyed the views, being out of my comfort zone, but time to return to the seedy side of Pattaya.

Soi 7, Soi 8 Pattaya

Started off in Rosy O Gradys along soi 7 and had something to eat, while checking out the bar girls available.

soi 7 pattaya
soi 7

Looked quiet, bored looking bar girls, trying to amuse themselves on their mobile phones.  I then took a look in one of my old haunts of Pattaya, the Silver Star Agogo.

soi 7 silver star pattaya
soi 7 silver star

Well inside, its was like the young girls had been replaced by their grandmothers.   And not surprisingly mostly empty.  How much longer can these Gogos last?  Im just sitting there drinking cheap Chang beer more interested in the TV.

Second Road Beer Bars

Soi  7 and  8, like most of Pattaya are not what they use to be.  I head back up to second road maybe have a beer or two there.

pattaya bulldog
pattaya bulldog

Where I was tempted by an attractive masseur but chose a beer bar instead.  It started to piss it down and took refuge in a beer bar opposite view Talay where I stayed the year before in Pattaya.

beer bar girls pattaya
bar girl on second road

Got chatting to a few of the bar girls and one or two were surprising attractive and I was having some stirrings, like maybe.

cut e thai hairy pussy
attractive thai girl

Interesting one was telling me she pays 1000 baht a month rent in Pattaya, god we dont get that for a night.

Jealousy Deadly Sin

A manic English guy sits next to me, he knew the girls must be a regular to this spot on his two week vacation.  I could feel him getting territorial like pricks do.  Sure enough when chatting to the girl I liked, he got all jealous.  I had had enough,  this is the problem for me with beer bars, one moment your on your own, the next an arsehole is in your face.  My horn level was not high enough to compete and persevere.  Just another day in sin city Pattaya.

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