zing hotel pattaya

African Sisters Zing Hotel Pattaya

Day two in Pattaya and wake up with some BBBJ and then let the swiss bar girl go at 8AM.  Realised that I was in the right place at the right time to catch that bargirl.  She was the type some tourist would keep for two weeks before returning home.  Good first night in Pattaya though.

 Pattaya Day 2

Well the pressure was off to get laid and enjoyed my hearty cooked breakfast in the Sportsman along soi 11 in Pattaya.

sportsman breakfast pattaya
Sportsman cooked breakfast

Usual kind of lazy day in Pattaya, walk beach road, spent some time on Pattaya beach.

pattaya beach
pattaya beach

Some food at Subway in the afternoon then back to the hotel for a swim in the pool and relax a bit more.

AA pool pattaya
AA Pool

Out that night and chose to eat in the Sportsman again, meatballs this time but they had bones in them.

Nevada Gogo Soi 13

I took a wander down soi 13, the low tier Gogos there and into the Nevada.  It just goes down hill a little bit more each time I visit.  Once upon a time there were some cute Thai girls dancing on stage in the Nevada Gogo day and night.

Prime Thai Girl Fucking
Prime Thai Girl Fucking

Not anymore.  Reading all the writing on the wall, its Heyday must have been around 2004.  Beers cheap though 60 Baht.

wonderful bar pattaya
wonderful bar pattaya

Before retiring for the night I sank a few beers in the Wonderful bar along Second road with the other old men and enjoyed the live music.  This is Pattaya life.  Rewind, Repeat.

Day 3 Pattaya

The next morning in Pattaya I had breakfast at the Swan down soi 13 and at 110 baht its very good.  The swan would be one of my regular eating spots morning and evening.

the swan pattaya
the swan pattaya

Pattaya Beach

Usual walk along Beach Road and back.  I was going to sit on a chair on Pattaya beach, but one day a week now they cant put the chairs out!  Now what is the logic behind that.

pattaya beach
pattaya beach

They are extending the beach at Pattaya, but I dont like it.  Its just builders sand they are throwing down, and now there is just an expanse of hot sand before you can take a dip in the sea.   Meaning your personal belongings are a long way back, If your Billy No mates.  I guess it so they can have bigger queues of Chinese and Indians who want to take boat trips to the Islands.

Tinder Date African Girl

Later in the afternoon Im sitting in the BJ bar along walking street having a beer people watching and it pisses it down.

walking street rain
pissing it down

Feeling horny again.  Pattaya can be a good place to be if your feeling horny.  Lots of options.  Sat in the BJ bar along Walking Street and I am chatting to an African woman on Tinder, not far away at the Zing Hotel.

Meeting at the Zing Hotel

Using Google maps, the Zing Hotel is a 15 minute walk away in the direction of Jomtien.  She got her sister with her at the hotel and will do a threesome for 2400 baht all in.  When there is a break in the rain I walk to the Zing hotel.  I not got 2400 baht on me, or my ATM card, hoping they will accept 2100B.

zing hotel pattaya
waiting outside the Zing

Im standing outside the Zing hotel, we are on Whatsapp now.  She will come outside and meet me.  She was not staying in the Zing hotel, but in an apartment just round the corner.

Huge African Tits n Ass

A bit dark and dingy inside, no natural light, lots of washing up in the sink.  I could not stay in such a place, but guess it was cheap.  I like her though, lots of Ass and Tits, like African girls have,  happy go lucky.  Got down to some good BBBJ.  Huge Ass,  fuck her doggy, slapping and grabbing that huge ass.  Hot and sweaty, trying too hard, giving me a headache.  Eventually I pull the condom off, and push it between her huge buttocks and cum in her ass.

African sisters pattaya
African sisters

Pay her 1300B, not get round to the threesome but afterwards meet her sister.  She lets me feel her ass and tits and I promise them will do a threesome next time.

Job Done

At 6pm I am sat at the revolving bar just up Soi Diamond off Walking Street enjoying a beer and thinking Pattaya this time around is going quite well regarding mongering.  Not trying too hard or having any long dry spells.  Early days though, maybe just luck and getting less fussy.

soi diamond bar
revolving bar soi diamond

After which I had a lovely fish and chips at the Swan pub down soi 13.  Job done.  Not a great nights sleep in the AA hotel though, the very late live music coming out of Hooters was keeping me awake.

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  1. Hi Sir Paul, thanks for another horny update on your travels – it’s good to hear Pattaya working well for you (so far, at least). Hope you kept it up for the remainder of the trip! Rob

    1. Thanks Rob, glad your enjoying it. I must apologise to my readers for the delays getting the posts up. But difficulty finding the time, but hope to return to normal soon
      As an aside looking at those tits on those Africans love to have them both in my room now here is pussyless UK 🙂 🙁

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