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Pattaya Bar Girl the good old days

Last morning in Bangkok before taking the bus to Pattaya, that was going to be a first, usually taking a taxi.  Breakfast in Subway along the Sukhumvit 89B including extra cheese.  Checkout of the Miami hotel and make my way via the skytrain at Nana to Ekkamai.

Bus to Pattaya from Bangkok

Not far from Ekkamai was the bus station,  Pattaya was being advertised in all the little booths, just went to the first, one way to Pattaya was 109B, leaving at 11:30 AM and the bus was full, a few westerners, mostly Asian, lots of Chinese.

ekkamai bus to pattaya
ekkamai bus station

About 2 hours to Pattaya arriving at Pattaya North bus station.  From there you have to make your way to your own hotel.  There are baht buses you can take, that fill up and will take you near your destination for like 50 baht.  I just took a motobike for a 100B dropping me outside the AA Hotel.

The AA Hotel Pattaya.

Back in Pattaya again, cant just stay away.  Staying in the AA hotel bottom of soi 11 near beach road was a first, very budget friendly.  I had reserved a room, but they let me take a look first at a couple of rooms.  A bit tatty, but size ok, looked comfortable, nice pool and good views.

AA hotel view Pattaya
room with a view

I took it for a week.  They warned me about the noise of the nearby Hooters on Beach road late at night.  There were also a few annoying Indians around on my floor.

Checking out Soi 6

Unpack then head down second road, stop off in a restaurant and have a nice Thai curry, still got this cold trying to shake off.  Im feeling horny and head down Soi 6, its around 4pm and there are loads of girls standing about outside their bars.

Massage girl from Cambodia

Headed along beach road then back up to second road.  Decided on a relaxing hour long massage with a really cute girl from Cambodia, she was a good girl though, so no extras, but very sweet.

tuk tuk cute thai girl
cute thai girl

After massage I headed back down Soi 6 and sat in some new concept bar with a Thai girl with really cute ears that stuck out and I kept having a nibble which she liked.  The bar fine here though was 1000b, she wanting at least 2000b short time.  Elsewhere along soi 6 though it was 350 b for room and 1000 b for girl short time.  Most girls down soi 6 though were not doing it for me.

Soi 13 Blowjob bars

Back to the AA hotel, rest up and then back out that night down soi 13 Post office checking out the blowjob bars.  Girls rough, wanting 900 b and 350b for a room, much like what you can get down soi 6.  Stop off for a beer in Bodega.

Walking Street

Head up Walking street,  check out the African bar.  Talk to one who wanted 1500 baht short time and only wanted to goto short time hotel nearby for 350 baht, there not seem to be a barfine here anymore, maybe there never was?  She was not friendly, too pushy for me so left it.

walking street pattaya
walking street

Walked into Living Dolls Agogo, checked the prices 1000 baht barfine and 3000 baht short time.  Ill pass on those prices.   They dont seem to understand the economics of it.   Most of the gogos are empty and the streets are full.

Pattaya Swiss Bar Girl

Im heading out of Walking street, seen enough for one night, thinking I am going back to my hotel empty handed, like it often does on my first few nights in Pattaya.  Having to put a lot of foot work in to find the bar girls I like and adjust to the culture.

swiss bar girls
swiss bar

I head up soi Diamond, pass the swiss bar and notice a cute bar girl sat on her own.  Chatted to her and paid for a lady drink.  Very friendly.

cute bar girl pattaya
cute bar girl

Bar fine was 500 baht and she would do long time for 2000 baht.  God, the good old days of Pattaya have just returned and on my first night.   So barfine her I do.

Something not right

We get the baht bus back to the AA hotel, she wanted to get motobike but needed to stop off at ATM.  Something not seem right, too good to be true.  Back at the hotel she tells me just 21.  She not so affectionate, body was a bit fucked up underneath those tight cloths, scars, stretch marks, moles, padded bra.  Why we used to like the Gogos of old.  Still I kept her the night, good fuck and BBBJ skills.  Not bad for my first night in Pattaya.

5 thoughts on “Pattaya Bar Girl the good old days”

  1. Soi 6 is 300 or 350 for the bar fine depending on the bar. After that it’s up to you and her. But 1000 has been the standard for a while. Some will still do it for 700 outside of the Nightwish bars. Anyone asking 2000 over the bar fine is just trying to cheat you. Pattaya isn’t what it used to be for sure. You can fuck 4 girls in Europe at a FKK for the price of a short time with a Walking Street go go girl!

  2. Somewhere along the line a while ago I remember doing a report on Pattaya’s diverse Coconut Bar beachfront offerings. Apart from doing that window shopping nightime stroll did you ever participate yourself? Just curious, how did the girls look or maybe Pattaya has now totally cleaned up that area.

    1. Yes i remember that. It was a comment and thats when i asked you to do a guest post as it was so detailed and good. Yes the coconut bar is still thriving. Dont think i took from there. Will need to check my notes.

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