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I’ve seen videos of girls from Kazakhstan. They are usually blonde or dark brown hair beauties. Some look Asian and some look like Russians and some are in between but most seem to have Asian trait of almond eyes. Regardless if they are Asian or Russian looking, I find them exotic.

CIS Night

One of my goals of this trip was to pick up a CIS girl. Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, wherever. I did my research and found 2 or 3 CIS joints. I found a place in the Royal Plaza hotel called Rockfellas. This place was supposed to a niche CIS, Kazakh, Uzbek club with a strong emphasis on the latter two.

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I arrived rather late around 2:30 am when the club closes at 3:00. Immediately I felt as if I was in another world. No Asians, no Westerners, no Blacks, it was all eastern Europeans and central Asians in attendance.

The girls were amazing. They came in colors and shapes I have never seen. The Uzbek girls seemed to have mostly dark hair, long legs, long faces with round chins. The Kazakhs seemed to be a minority while the club was dominated by Russians, Ukrainians and Uzbeks.

There was an abundance of table service but they were the domain of pimps. Despite being an outsider, there was no animosity directed at me. Pimps would invite me over to their tables to check out their girls. Some girls approached me and I chatted with them. They wanted my business and they wanted it bad as it was 30 minutes to closing and there were still a lot of ladies standing around with no customers.

I decided to hang back a little. The girls with pimps group in the middle of the club while the independents hang back. I would soon learn that semi pros were my preference. They usually aren’t pushy or hardcore but rather girls with local credentials wanting to enhance their income.

I spoke to a couple of these girls. None of them were stunners or girls that I had to take home, but most were pleasing enough. I ended up chatting with this one girl that looked like the girl next door. She had nice dark brown straight hair, pale skin, freckles, and slightly almond eyes. She wasn’t short or tall, thick or thin. She wore dark tight jeans, a loose blouse with a tank top underneath, and stiletto boots. She definitely stood out from the girls in cocktail dresses and mini skirts, but in an understated way.

She wanted an all nighter for 1000 AED but I was not up for that. I only wanted 2 hours max as usual. I could have bargained more as it was now 2:45, 15 minutes before closing. Girls were leaving without customers and no new customers were coming in. I didn’t bargain much and settled on 800 AED. I believe if you press the hell out of a girl to drop her price to ridiculously low dollar amounts, she will just treat you like shit or run as soon as she’s done. This isn’t a commodity service you are getting at a brothel or fishbowl so I don’t press hard nor did I really care to expend the effort that night.

the Kazakhstan Girl Next Door

With the fee agreed, we head off to my hotel. She was a doll on the short taxi ride back to my hotel. She hummed and warmed up my cold hands. She was great at putting her hands and arms into all those little places around my body, the way a girlfriend does. She had never been to my hotel and asked if “it’s ok for us?” I teased and said, “We’ll find out.” We walked in straight to the elevators and went up to my room. Since I had registered Anna the Vietnam girl the other night, I didn’t even bother to stop by the reception.

Kazakhstan girl dubai
Kazakhstan girl

She loved my hotel just like the previous girls. Most of the time, their customers stay in crappy places instead of 4 and 5 star hotels. Standing on the balcony she admired the view and took pictures of the creek and the Burj Khalifa, though at first, she cringed at the Burj, the tallest building in the world, a symbol of the mega wealthy.

In the room with better lighting than the club, I could admire her beauty. Her hair, freckles, light pink lips and almond eyes were quite a sight. Slightly Asian and slightly Western, an exotic mix of central Asia where Kazakhstan is located.

She would sing and hum as she went about with her things and chatted with me. It was completely adorable. I was tense as usual and she did her best to ease me. She gave me a massage and she would say, “Don’t worry, I will relax you and then you can fuck me good”. In our play, she got me naked and was on top of my back. She took off her last bits and forbade me to look, but how can a man resist? Her breasts were pale and perky with and nipples that weren’t quite pink but brilliantly rose colored. Her nipples were tiny, just the size of pencil top erasers.

Our play became heavier and heavier. I wanted to kiss this girl but she held it off by only offering a small peck. Knowing her limits, I moved to other things, like her love button which she enjoyed immensely. I went for DATY and a big funny “noooooooo” came out of her that made me grin and almost laugh. From there she mounted me and I loved it. Playing with beautiful breasts as she rode, a couple of positions later and the deed was done.

Her Story

We talked quite a bit more and I probed her background and tried to get her story. She had a business distributing in Kazakhstan but it went bust. With no income, her friend convinced her to come to Dubai, bought her plane tickets and got her status to work. She worked in a hair salon, repaid her friend but wanted more income. Thus the occasional visits to Rockfellas to supplement.. She too said it has been slow and that “the girls are crying without customers tonight.”

We chatted and cuddled more and she would sing, hum, and shake her booty. She was quite fun but proclaimed to be “really fun” with wine. I offered from the mini bar but she passed as it was late. She was going to offer a round 2 and was even willing to stay the night, but it was all really up to me. Being the long day it was and with the sun about to rise, it was time to call it the night. To this we cleaned up some more and got dressed. I asked to see her again and took her number. We bid farewell and she left and only then I realized I forgot to ask this next door exotic beauty for a proper picture.

by Mr. Q

After Note: I really wanted to see this girl again but I deleted it by accident!

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5 thoughts on “Kazakhstan Girl Dubai”

  1. CIS girl? had to look that one up on google. So your looking for a gender reassignment? had to read on. must mean something else?

    So what about visiting Kazakhstan, can get VOA now there?

    I guess alot of these semi pro girls working in places like Dubai are maybe hoping a rich business man will sweep them off their feet and they will live happy ever after.

    1. I also had to look it up. Basically CIS is the former Soviet Republics
      ” Commonwealth of Independent States” which was made up of 10 countries including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turmenistan and even the Ukraine. Also due to generous visa excemptions to enter Azerbaijan, a lot of these CIS girls are now based and working in Baku.

      1. Kazakhstan is VOA to Dubai.

        Ukraine is not interested in being part of the CIS anymore. They don’t like Russia anymore.

    2. Kazakhstan would be an awesome visit but it’s damn far. 10 hours to Western Europe and then 10 more hours to Kazakhstan. Visa free for me.

      Uzbekistan looks like an interesting place to visit and great looking girls too.

      I’m not sure if they are looking for a rich guy to sweep them off their feet, but definitely plenty of ppl in Dubai looking for work or all types.

      1. What got me thinking this are reading the profiles of many spoilt girls on seeking arrangements. Want to accompany on business trips, wined and dined, designer cloths. When all we really want to do is fill their holes 🙂

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