long gun soi cowboy

Last days in Bangkok

My last few days spent in Bangkok and I was still battling with a bad cold and the tropical heat.   I had spent too long in Bangkok and was looking forward to moving onto Pattaya and the coast.

Plan for Pattaya

I had already booked a cheap budget hotel in Pattaya, the AA on Beach road, just down from Walking street.  I had noticed this hotel before and though the location was good.  It has a pool and the rooms were cheap.   I had also worked out  how to get the bus to Pattaya from Bangkok from the station at  Ekkamai BTS station on Sukhumvit Road.

Soi Cowboy

Tonight in Bangkok the plan was to try a few more Gogos down Soi Cowboy.

Asok Bangkok
Asok Bangkok

Started off in the Pickled Liver and then walked down to Soi Cowboy arriving hot and sweaty.  I tried the Crazy house first and the girls were dancing naked.

crazy house bangkok
crazy house

Not notice any good lookers in the crazy house.  Nothing like when it first opened it doors a few years back.  I noticed fat and tattoos! In the dark those tattoos look like huge birth marks.

long gun soi cowboy
long gun

After having my fill of Crazy house made my way round to Soi Cowboy proper and into Long Gun.  There was a mature Thai on stage with huge natural tits and quite firm.

tuk tuk big tits
thai big tits

A titty wank would be nice, cum all over those tits.  nothing else just that.  Not sure why I not barfine her.  I guess the cost and logistics of it all.  The mamasan tricked me into buying a lady drink for a very cute young thai girl who was one of the teasers who stands outside but does not barfine.  Stayed in Long gun a while.  I quite like sitting in Gogos.  A drunk traveller type fell over face first, the girls take it all in their stride.

Soi 23 Massage

After a few more gogos down Soi Cowboy I took a wander down soi 23 staking out a massage.   Iv had some good massages and fucks before down soi 23.   Paid 400 baht for a massage.  The massage was not that good this time.  She would do anything for 1000 baht extra, blowjob, fuck, but for some reason I was not interested.

Girlfriend Material

My last few days in Bangkok were spent trying to relax by the pool in the Miami hotel, still recovering from the bad cold I had come down with after a few days arrival in Thailand.  One evening I was talking to the waitress in Margarita storm.  Lovely girl, girlfriend there, if I want one?  But dont think I do.

Soi 33

One rainy night in Bangkok I took a wander down soi 33.    Had some good experience down Soi 33 in the past.  But all long gone now.   The only hostess bar surviving now seems to be Goya.

goya soi 33 bangkok
goya soi 33

I popped my head around the door, and they were not impressed when i popped it back outside again.  Nothing of interest in there.  Teen Massage still survives.

Last Night in Nana

My last night in Bangkok I spent around Soi 4 and the Nana, but not barfine.  Had a nice roast dinner and cruised a few Gogos like Rainbow II.

soi 4 nana
soi 4 Nana

Couple of cute dancers, 700 baht barfine and 3000 baht short time.

sukhumvit slug
sukhumvit slug

I was looking forward to leaving Bangkok tomorrow morning, taking the bus to Pattaya.

4 thoughts on “Last days in Bangkok”

    1. Yep and thats not including lady drinks and she prefers short time hotels nearby. Short time Gogos now you should budget for 5K. But there still great places to sit, watch and drink. Often there are happy hours special offers like draft chang 49b. But for quality girls better off negotiating at Thermae. Meet girls online using Tinder etc.

  1. The regular looking girls in After Skool bar are very affectionate , l prefer this bar than the million baht fakes in the bright light bars , but that’s just me

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