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Chubby Thai Kasalong Bangkok

Spent too much money last night in Bangkok, drinking too much, and not even get laid.  Suppose to be a night off.  Plan for tonight is maybe a massage only with happy ending.

Breakfast in Foodland

Breakfast again in Foodland down soi 5. Two extra pieces of toast and 3 cups of coffee, still under 210 baht. 3 cups of coffee in Took Lae Dee is cheaper than one cup in Costa. There are a few dodgy characters sat around the counter in Foodland, but you get on with it. I was still feeling shit from my cold.

No more Miami

Back in the Miami, I try to relax by the pool.  Flies keep landing on me and its really irritating.  You dont see this in the holiday brochures.  Im telling myself I wont stay in the Miami hotel again, even though it the cheapest and the staff are very friendly.  Looking around you can imagine in its heyday with all the GI’s on R&R staying in this hotel, a bygone era now.

Where to next?

My time in Bangkok is coming to an end and considering where I will head to next.  I really fancy a return Koh Sumui but flights very expensive.   You can take a coach from Bangkok to Surat Thani and catch a ferry, but long journey. So maybe Pattaya for a week and take things from there.

Sukhumvit Routine

Usual afternoon routine along the Sukhumvit in Bangkok.  A healthy sub in Subway and then took a wander up soi 17 where Lisa’s used to be.  Long gone now, just ghosts and memories.  The cheap budget hotel across the road has gone also, demolished.

sukhumvit bangkok
sukhumvit bangkok

And then it pisses it down like it often does in Bangkok.  But I was enjoying my freedom, with no particular place to go, no reason to return home to the UK.

Fish n Chips Soi 8

That evening, I head to soi 8 for something to eat, really fancy some fish n chips.  The Kiwi pub has moved now.   Its too busy for me so stop off in the American bar and grill, next to Lolitias.

lolitas bangkok
American grill

Kasalong Blowjob Chubby Thai Girl

The girls sat outside Lolitas were rough as usual.  After my meal, I pass Kasalong blowjob bar and there is this cute young 21 yo chubby Thai girl sat outside.

chubby asian blowjob
chubby blowjob

I decide to take her upstairs in Kasalong to one of the cubicles for 800 baht.  Not bother paying for a drink.    She was good. Got right down to it.  Like she was hungry to taste some cock, really eager, very good BBBJ and CIM.  Just walked out afterwards, not bother tipping her.  Must be getting mean and tight in my old age.  She deserved a tip.

Some beers in the Nana

After my blowjob take a wander back up the Nana and stop for a beer in Hooters just to people watch.  A freelancer from the Nana carpark is trying to tempt me.  But feeling content in that department for now.

nana beer garden
Nana beer garden

I then head into the Nana beer garden and talk to waitress about Koh Sumui.  Really think I shall visit.  Its hot and sweaty in Bangkok tonight but sleep better that night.

3 thoughts on “Chubby Thai Kasalong Bangkok”

  1. No need to tip at Kasalong. As you see, they don’t expect it. They used to have some better lookers. Couple of real cute babes. Now not so much, but they suck a cock just as well as they always did!

  2. Why bother going to a place if you can’t afford to do what you want? There is no fun in that. Just smacks of desperation. I’m in Bangkok for 4 weeks every year. Sofitel Sukhumvit in a suite. Live it up man! You can’t take it with you!

  3. You can have a good time on different budgets in a place like Bangkok and Thailand, but until you have experienced a place you dont know what it is going to be like. But yes Thailand is getting to expensive now for your cheap charlies, long gone are the days you could live like a king

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