girlfriend experience dubai

Dubai Too Much Girlfriend Experience

Dubai Part 5 – The Viet “Girlfriend”

The entire day had been a surreal journey up to this point. Just 20 hours ago, I had been chauffeured around para military road blocks with machine gun wielding guys, flew a few hours across the Gulf desert, ran miles around the old quarters in Dubai, had a fabulous happy ending massage had an equally fabulous dinner, got into numerous scammer taxis, got chased out of a Turkish club, and now I just picked up a random Viet girl.

More Transport Issues!!!

Sitting in this taxi with a prostitute I had just picked up, the taxi driver didn’t want to run the meter. This was the 5th taxi/Uber issue of the night. I asked him how much and he quoted me 20 AED which is about right, so I let it pass without making a fuss.

I knew absolutely nothing about her. It was just too damn noisy in the club and I literally just picked her out from a tank without any small talk at all. We had some usual get to know each other chit chat in the car. I asked about her age and she was 29. I thought she looked younger. Content on proving herself, she took out her passport. I said that’s ok and had her return it. She then asked me for my name. “Mr. Q”of course.

Business as Usual

We arrived at my hotel, walked into the lobby and she was wowed. She was concerned if visitors are allowed and I said, no problem. We walked up to the reception, “please register my guest”, her passport came out and we were cleared in 30 seconds. Female visitor at 3 am in a Islamic country with illegal but rampant prostitution? Business as usual.

The View

Despite Dubai’s reputation for over the top opulence, the city is full of numerous budget and mid-range accommodations. Unfortunately… almost all of them looked completely unappealing to me. I figured when in Dubai, I might as well enjoy myself and have a bit of comfort and to this I chose a nice “budget” four star major chain hotel on the Dubai Creek waterfront and just as it was my luck, it was the low season and each night was bargain priced around $200 USD (I’d expect to pay $300 a night in the US).

On the balcony she was all smiles and giggles with the view of the creek and the sparkly lights surrounding it. Turning the other direction, downtown Dubai and iconic Burj Khalifa was in view. We spent some time out there soaking it in, with her taking pictures and then getting to know each other better. Eventually with her arms around me, she said, “Let’s close this, it’s not for others to see”. It was time for business.

Bubble Bath

The bath I took in Japan with Rei was one of the best experiences I had ever had. Though I didn’t mention it, I tried taking a bath with Samantha the Filipina spinner the other night, but it just didn’t work out. Tonight it was Anna the 29 year old Viet from Hanoi who suggested it.

vietnam pussy
vietnam pussy

We disrobed and headed to bathroom. Her body was well… flabby around the waist though she had full boobs that were just a bit limp, but ok. With her clothes off and her hair up, some makeup removed, she looked different from the club. On the upside, she was tall for a Viet even without her heels. She was very playful and giddy in the tub and it was great fun. When skin wrinkled into prunes, it was time to head back to the bedroom.

Too Much GFE

We went under the covers, talked and played. She then surprised me and went for a session of tongue thrusting DFK. She was really into it but it was way to much for me, but I decided to just go with it for a while. More play, BBBJ, and I made her cum playing with her love button. I usually don’t DATY with hired talent, but I was curious and gave her a quick taste. We did a couple of positions and it was explosion time.

Too Much GFE

More chatting and cuddling ensued. During our whole encounter in the bedroom she poured lubby dubby GFE to the point it was overwhelming. Is she like that with all her clients? Though I like a little GFE from working girls, GFE is something I reserve for real girlfriends. I have emotional boundaries with working girls and this girl was going over them.

End to a Long Long Day

She wanted another round and wanted to stay the night but I was ready for some time out. Being 4:30am, my day was already at the 22nd hour and soon it would be sunrise again. It was undoubtedly time to relax in bed alone. I’ve never had an overnighter, nor have I found a working girl that I wanted to overnight with. The prospect of Anna being all over me and me having to entertain her in reciprocal made me cringe.

girlfriend experience dubai
vietnam girl dubai

She didn’t want to leave and acted all pouty but like all things, there must be an end. I asked her for a pic and she was more than happy to oblige before she left.

Next Day, Next Week, and Perhaps Next Month?

I’m out and about the next day and I get a call around 3 in the afternoon. It’s Anna, she had just woken up. “Sorry but I’m out right now and it’s noisy.” We chat back and forth on WhatsApp… just for fun. She wants to see me….. sorry, not tonight as I wanted to pursue other types of girls. But what about the next day? “can I see you?”

Uhhhh.. “I’m sorry, my boss called, asked me take a last minute meeting in Dubai.. and I’m upset because I’m supposed to be relaxing. Maybe tonight if I don’t have to entertain my customer.” Eventually I leave Dubai and return home.

“Hi.. when are you leaving, I want to see you before I leave.” but I’m long gone. A week passes,… She’s still messaging me. I’ve gone silent already… like I said before she’s a straight freelancer and I suppose she will do what she will do to make a living but is she like this to just me or to everyone? For this naive monger, I’m not sure, I usually only choose girls from lineups or windows. Two weeks later I get a little curious, so I message her, “how much longer will you be in Dubai? I’ll be back soon.” Turns out she leaves next week, working girl on a tourist visa. “Come see me in Vietnam, I miss you”…. seems like a long shot, but I was planning to be in Vietnam and I’m kind of curious now.

by Mr. Q

After note: I continued to correspond with Anna once every few months and eventually I did go to Hanoi, Vietnam some months later…. The Anna connection continues in Vietnam, but that’s another trip.

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2 thoughts on “Dubai Too Much Girlfriend Experience”

  1. Great little story Mr Q. You must have blown her away with your opulence accommodation. Iv read many times mongers say they get much better experience with girls when they have stayed in higher end places.

    Iv recently returned from Vietnam. And in contact with a gorgeous little hostess I met in Saigon. Also on whatsapp, when am I coming back?

    1. Sir Paul, I can’t wait to hear your Vietnam stories!

      I wouldn’t call it oppulent but it was definitely a very nice place. For $200 won’t get you a nice 4 star suite with a waterfront view balcony, floor to ceiling glass in a suite in the US Western Europe Japan Australia. It also had a glass shower that had a view from the shower into the bedroom out the balcony to the waterfront, but none of the girls would let me watch and closed the shutters looking into the bathroom. I also learned the girls I brought back loved using the biday to freshen and clean up too.

      I stayed in 2 different 4 star hotels and all my girls commented on how nice my places were. So I really wonder where most ppl stay in when they pick up girls in Dubai? Are they just staying in dumps?

      One of them asked for the cost and I was… “My company pays for it so I don’t know”. I didn’t know she would demand more money from me. To any extent, I did pay for these places myself.

      One more thing, I went on a local excursion one day and I was the first one picked up. I soon realized very quickly I was staying at the lowliest hotel out of everyone as they picked up the other passengers. I was stunned at some of these other places.

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