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Restless in Bangkok

My 4th day in Bangkok begins with a cooked breakfast in Foodland Took Lae Dee restaurant.  If your on a budget Took Lae Dee is a good option.  I am feeling like shit from the cold I have come down with, the hangover not help.  When walking along the Sukhumvit,  It’s still hot and humid here in Bangkok.

Sleepless in Bangkok

Not sleeping well in the Miami hotel, problem with the electrics, aircon blowing too hot then too cold.  I also had not tied up all loose ends back at home, I really wanted to forget about home for a while. Still get bored here sitting in your hotel room wondering what to do all day, waiting for your bulls to refill.  Its obvious 4 days is more than enough time to spend in Bangkok but I had booked up a week.  My next stop was going to be Pattaya.  Being on the ground here in Bangkok is different to being sat on your couch back home booking up flights and hotels with a nice glass of wine.

foodland bangkok

Oh well I started the day washing my pants and socks in the sink, that was a first, save a few trips  to the launderette.  Next door to the hotel I had a haircut and shave for 250 baht.

Holiday Inn

I start the evening off in the roof top bar at the Holiday Inn with good views down the Sukhumvit.  Nice views of a concrete jungle.  There is no balcony so can’t sit outside.

holiday inn bangkok
Holiday Inn

Lots of Indians in the Holiday Inn Hotel and there were a few western women showing up in the hotel bar and I think they were game.

Soi 22

Tonight I would take a wander up soi 22.  I started off with something to eat in the Honey House.  Thai food, lovely noodles but quite expensive.

honey house soi 22
honey house

Queens Park Plaza

I then make my way into the beers bars of the Queens Park Plaza.   Sit with a couple of young sisters.  One is real cute but I know she will not barfine.  Iv had mixed results in the queens park plaza before, it’s a blast from the past.

queens park plaza soi 22
Queens Park Plaza
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I chat with her a while and buy her a lady drink.  Sure enough she not barfine but calls a girl over who does barfine but is fugly.  They don’t seem to get it.  Like it not matter, we will just fuck anything.  She then tells me not to touch her, her Thai boyfriend will come over soon.  Man, we don’t pay for this shit.  Time to move on.

Soi 20, Eve’s Bar

There is a cluster of girly bars up the side of soi 20 which was my next stop.  There was a lovely looking Thai girl sat outside one of them called Eve’s Bar.   I decided to take her inside the bar for a chat and interview.  She was aged 22, looked real good, but mature, knew how to handle a man.    Paid for a lady drink 180 baht a beer for me was 80 baht.  The barfine was 800 baht.  She wanted 2000 baht short time or 3000 baht long time which meant 5 to 6 hours.  Short time rooms were nearby at 550 baht.  Fucking all too expensive!

hairy asian sex diary
Asian pussy

I wanted to fuck her, but not want to pay all that out.  I spent 20 minutes in an indecisive state as she tried to convince me to take her.   I imagined she had a fantastic Asian hairy pussy, lovely eyebrows and brown eyes, clear soft skin, long silky jet black hair.  Nice figure, not too skinny.  Just lovely.  I left it, but made a note to return and maybe barfine her another night.

Soi Cowboy

After soi 20 I make my first visit to Soi Cowboy.  I make my way into Long Gun, but don’t remember much, certainly not see anything outstanding.  Lots of girls on stage doing the Bangkok shuffle.

soi cowboy bangkok
soi cowboy

Only have one beer then call it a night down soi cowboy.  I would return here another night a do a gogo crawl and check out the talent when I was more energised.

Return to Thermae

In the back of my mind, I am thinking my best bet for some quality Thai pussy, not too expensive, hopefully good service is the freelancers in Thermae, and it’s not far from my hotel.  So I make a return to the Thermae.  Lots of girls and not so packed out with Asian punters.  A lot of Asians come into places like Bangkok and Pattaya just for the weekend when it can be hard to move in these places.

cute asian face fucked
cute asian face fucked

Got chatting to a lovely dark sultry looking Thai girl, she kind of chose me.  She wants 2500 baht short time which really is the going rate, as cheap as it gets in the Thermae but at least there is not barfines or lady drinks.  You do have to buy a drink when you walk into the Thermae but it’s not expensive.  Again indecisive, but decide to leave it and have a night off and save some baht.  There is just not a problem finding some cute Thai girls freelancing in the Thermae and its right next to my hotel.

Margarita Storm Waitress

Have something to eat, a hot dog in Margarita Storm on the corner of soi 15.  Got chatting to a lovely waitress, she was 31, not married, no kids.  I ask to take her out.  She is interested with a suspicious look in her eyes.

Margarita Storm Bangkok
Margarita Storm

But she not finish work until after 1AM, too late for me.  But make another mental note to maybe return.  That would be a first a regular date in Bangkok and not a bar girl.  Back to the hotel and another restless night in Bangkok.

4 thoughts on “Restless in Bangkok”

  1. When I was here I wanted to be there. When I was there , all I could think of was getting back into the jungle.’
    Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia I’ve been in that same (when I was here) lonely hotel room often with only a ceiling fan 🙂 and when I was there (back in the UK) just like the thoughts of Captain Willard in the above opening dialogue scene of Apocalypse Now.
    Can fully empathise too with that Thai bar girl thing and sheer arrogance of expecting a paying customer to gladly bar fine the most ugly fucker in the bar despite showing no interest to and not talking to that person all night. Believe me, her boyfriend would have had nothing to do with it but more likely that cute bad girl owed the fugly one a favour and a very big one at that, I’m sure Stickmans weekly Thailand column has covered this very same topic on more than one occasion.
    Captain Matt

    1. Yep, now Im home I wish I was back there. I mean Bangkok there is so much accessible pussy compared to here. I guess I choose to come back because I have to go back to work and replenish the piggy bank.

  2. A question. Why would you need to take a short time room with the girl from Eve’s? Couldn’t you just take her back to your hotel?

    I haven’t been in Bangkok for many years, just wondering if it is normal to not be able to bring a girl back to your room. I’d figure damn near all hotels would allow that as mongering is such a large activity there.

    I stayed at the Nana back when it was just a more-or-less normal hotel – though with a bar full of available women. It was long before the Nana Plaza existed, I think.

    1. Convienience. They are nearby. There are short time rooms in the nana plaza and they have a roaring trade. No problem taking them back to hotel. I would have taken her back to hotel. Also some guys are there with wife family etc. Or expats with girlfriends etc.

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