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Tantra Club Girls Dubai

Dubai Part 4 – The Uzbek Long Shot

As I was away for a few days in another more conservative Gulf state, I had come to realize that Dubai is the place to find ladies that I may never find anywhere else, or at least find easily in some place I could travel to. With this came notions of Mongolians, Uzbeks, Kazahks, Persians, Turks, Indians, Pols and more.

Using a SIM in Dubai

Surprisingly while I was in that other Gulf state, the internet was not filtered using my Western SIM card. However, the internet was filtered when I used my Dubai SIM and the local broadband. Using my Western SIM, I researched places to find exotics upon my return to Dubai. After returning to Dubai, I too found that the internet is filtered in Dubai as well and again, I relied on my Western SIM for full access.


I’ve already have had a heck of a busy day. I woke up early, flew a couple of hours back to Dubai, jogged a couple of miles around Deira, did some sightseeing, had a massage at HV, had a fabulous Turkish dinner around 11pm, and then taxied back to my hotel, but I wasn’t done yet for the day.

Plan A

I read about possible Uzbek and Kazakh action at the Abjar Grand Hotel. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect if anything at all, but that was my Plan A for the night. After an ordeal of two failed Ubers, a fake taxi, and then a real taxi, I arrived at the Abjar Grand hotel in Deira around 1 am. Inside I found two clubs. A bouncer let me peek into the Turkish club on the second floor. It was the sort of dinner club where patrons drink and dine while middle aged women sing and dance on the stage. The matron took me by the arms and danced with me for a little and then left to get an English speaker. I took this as an opportunity to take a pic to which she spotted me from all the way across the club, ran back over and grabbed my phone. I was promptly chased out after she deleted the pics. On the ground floor, there was another club in the hotel, but after seeing no Westerners, a debacle in transport and getting chased out, I didn’t bother with this second club. It was time to enact Plan B.

Plan B

Sensing that Plan A was shaky at best due to loose intel, I also had a Plan B in my back pocket for the tried and true. The Fortune Karama hotel located across the Dubai Creek in the Al Karama area of Bur Dubai, is the site of two well-known pick-up joints.

Arriving at around 2 am after yet ANOTHER taxi situation, I found 3 clubs and a bar on the ground level. An empty Irish bar, an Indian dance club, and the two disco/bar clubs… the infamous Ratskys and its cousin, Tantra. The Ratskys bouncer said this was a Filipino bar/club and the cover was 100 AED. The Tantra bouncer described his club as a mixed crowd costing 50 AED. Seeing that it was already 2 am, I didn’t want to spend 100 ($27 USD) for entrance, so I chose the cheaper Tantra for 50 ($13 USD).

You Get What you Pay For

Tantra was cheap and the talent was lackluster with mostly 5’s and 6’s. The music was deafeningly loud and the place was dead. A lot girls sat around, not really interested in getting customers, nor even interested in having a good time. It was almost all Filipina and Viets. There were a few maybe Eastern Europeans….. or perhaps they were from central Asia??? Uzbeks??? I was not sure. I didn’t approach them and they did not approach me.

tantra club dubai
Bored girls along the wall

Upstairs on the mezzanine was a den of Filipinas and a few were having a good time. From a distance they looked promising and two of them smiled and motioned me up to join them. I got myself a drink and an Afrikan tried to get my attention but I was not interested.

Moving over to the tables on left of club to sip my drink, two Viets approached me. The first one had a nice smile, tall, and was pleasing to the  eyes. The other I was not keen on. We tried chatting but the volume drove me mad. I went upstairs to the Filipina den and I was instantly approached. A plump girl got to me first. Not interested. The two promising girls weren’t too promising in person. One smoked, tattoos, flabby waist from kids, a bit burned out, and quite aggressive too.

Tantra Vietnam Girl

I passed and retreated downstairs again. The middle of the club sat a group of petite Filipinas but they seemed bored, tired and only interested in their phones. The pleasing tall Viet was now trying to chat an Indian guy or something… but that went nowhere. She was about to leave with her Viet friend and I approached her this time.

Being 2:30am and clubs closing at 3:00 am in Dubai, I didn’t want to go home empty handed so we worked out 600 AED and off we went. Through the back of hotel she led me through some corridors, picked up her belongings and we escaped through the side door. We hopped in a taxi and she began to direct the driver to her nearby apartment and I was hey… I’ve got a really nice place in Dubai Creek. Driver take me there instead.
To be continued…
By Mr. Q
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4 thoughts on “Tantra Club Girls Dubai”

  1. So I’ve been reading a little more about Uzbek girls abroad… And I think they work in Saudi Clubs.. such as in Jakarta… Uzbekistan is Muslim and that attracts Muslim clients… Anyways…. Uzbek girls look really cute. Perhaps I gotta go visit Jakarta.

    1. Iv not really witnessed any Uzbeck girls. But it would be great to be in a club with lots of exotic beauties across the full spectrum. not too expensive and good service. Not asking to much?
      What I am seeing from your good mongering reports on Dubai are lots of chubby filipinos. Im guessing like Hong Kong, Singapore etc they are maids looking to supplement their income. Anyone who likes filipinos should hit Angeles.

  2. Mr.Q I think you would like Jakarta.
    There you will pay a fraction of the cost of what you paid in Dubai for basically the same high standard of 5 * hotel, and the girls of course are a lot more reasonable in price 🙂 Most of the top hotels have on their premises popular pick up nightclub places like BATS at the Shangri-La, and CJ’S Bar at the Hotel Mulia, just to name a few.
    Because of terrible day time traffic jams all across the city you really have to be a night owl to enjoy what Jakarta offers to the max. At night the traffic flows and taxis are still dirt cheap providing you stick to only using the Bluebird or Silverbird taxis.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I have been researching it all week… I really want to check out Jakarta…. But not sure if I can fit it into a 7 day trip. Originally I had planned a 10/11 day 2 country.. with a few days in Jakarta… But with my commitments things aren’t working out . I think I will try later this year or early next year. What type of girls where you oickinp up?

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