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Tinder African Girl Bangkok

Wake up with a bit of a hangover and coming down with a cold as my third day in Bangkok begins.
Breakfast in McDonalds then a walk around Benchasiri park. With the cold decided on a second breakfast and more coffee at the Parrot cafe up soi 22.

benchasiri park bangkok
benchasiri park

With the over spending, the cold, wanted an easy day, no drinking at least, early night, problem was I was still horny, needing to lighten my load.


Getting alot of likes on Badoo in Bangkok. Most of them are pretty old though in the 30s and 40s. Problem is with Badoo have to pay to see who likes you. I prefer Tinder, less complicated.

thai teen badoo
thai teen

One 18 yo Thai Teen on Badoo initiates a conversation which then is free. Looks cute, is she up for meeting? Turns out she is in Chang Rai, she would come to Bangkok if I wanted her too, yeah sure.

Blowjob bars

Afternoon I go out for a subway in Times Square. I am so horny, am thinking can check out the blowjob bars, its a cheap option too when you are on a budget.

sukhumvit bangkok

The blowjob bars down soi 10 have gone replaced with beer bars. But one girl comes up to me, think she was offering me massage, blowjob for 1000 baht. Try to confirm all-inclusive including BBBJ and CIM, but English not good, confusing, so left it.

Soi 1 Massage

Took a wander down soi 1, not one usually frequented by tourists. There is a cluster of massage shops with eager girls outside and some are not bad, one in particular was very nice. After massage was not working, I was being offered blowjob and boom boom. So made a note to maybe return down soi 1 during my stay in Bangkok. The happy house is still there way down on the right.

nana bankok
soi 4

I wandered down the Nana to head up past soi 6 and Kasalong. It would seem Annies has gone now too. Pass Kasalong and the same low quality girls outside from the night before, same with Lolitas. So no go with the blowjob bars.

Tinder African Girl

Back in the Miami hotel I have a match on Tinder. A nice looking African girl.   Just what the doctor ordered.  I am not seeing any African girls down the Sukhumvit like in trips gone by to Bangkok.

I was considering returning to the Magic Gogo down soi 7,1.  I pursued the African girl on Tinder. after checking her photos were genuine she was indeed aged 25 we struck a deal. She also promised BBBJ. She wanted 3000 baht short time, but come straight down to 2000 baht. She would make her way to my hotel.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentI met her outside the Miami hotel. Took her to my room with no problem with reception, not even ask for her ID. Straight into some DFK, very friendly girl. Sat her on the bed and she got my cock out. Give him some good BBBJ and licked the eye. Throbbing hard on. Nice natural body and trimmed pussy. Got her in the doggy position on the bed and rubbed my cock into her ass crack and over her pussy, she liked it. I think I could have fucked her no condom, but put one on. Really good fuck, shame I not last much more than 10 minutes and it was all over. She tells me she goes back to Tanzania day after tomorrow, visa expires. That every night she goes to nightclub where there are around 10 African girls.

Noise Pollution

That night I head back down Soi 7,1 into the Pickled Liver for pastie and chips, managed one pint then called it a night. Problem in room with air con making buzzing sound nearly had to change rooms, lots of noise on the landing, not sleeping well.

8 thoughts on “Tinder African Girl Bangkok”

  1. Bangkok and Thailand in general are incredibly noisy. If it weren’t for the women, it would mostly be a country to avoid to be honest.

  2. Hi Sir Paul, it’s great to have some new reports from you (even if your experiences are mixed!) are you in Bangkok now (March ‘19)? I’m not due back until December but I’m already scoping out places to visit.
    Can I ask if you would say more about using Tinder to find girls – it’s always seemed to me that a paid membership would be needed to change location etc!? Many thanks Rob

    1. No Rob, im a few months behind. Its hard to find the time to post, also had a lot of guest posts to publish. Also like to leave it a while as sensitive subject. Tinder is my favorite. I only use it in the location im at. You just goto settings and tap use current gps location. Iv never paid to use Tinder. Got fucked many times using it abroad but dont think ever at home.

  3. Jolly Good Show, nothing like a bit of foreplay first to get the ball(s) rolling 🙂
    Did you ever visit the nightclub she was going to?
    Look forward to the other reports? Wondered if you went on to Pattaya at all.

    1. As I went through my notes, I was thinking what club was that? But I not catch it, her English not brilliant. Also sometimes, with these girls they make it up as they go along… so dont push it if I feel she is being a bit cagey. But must have been big cleanup since my last time down the Sukhumvit, see very few Africans and African girls. Yes always make it back to Pattaya. That was my next stop after Bangkok.

  4. How much time does it take to work something like Tinder and Badoo? Is it hours? days? weeks? It seems you are seeking freelancers and regular girls?

    I’ve played with WeChat and Zalo a bit… But all I’ve found are pimps that flat out solicit you or girls/pimps broadcasting profiles that scream, “hey I’m soliciting”… But I those cases, it takes just hours to get a dime deal.

    I ask as most of my trips are very short. My next trip looks like 2 full days flying within 7 day total trip time or 2.5 days flying and 2 countries over 9 days total. That leaves only 3 days at each country.

    1. Tinder is instantanious. As soon as your in your roo m. Get on it and start liking. Its only showing active matches closeby. The settings and its use could not be easier. The key is to use it regulary. Dont try to set up dates for the future. Its not meant for that. She was one of many that i liked, got chatting, then arrived my room. Some it has taken a few days to meet up for one reason or another but mostly they were in a queue Mr Q 🙂

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