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Thermae Freelancer Bangkok

London to Bangkok

Problems checking in, had to queue up. Got talking to fellow monger in queue that helped pass the time. Hand luggage weight not checked. Not bad flight with Thai Airways. Took off an hour late though, missing person. Want to spend as little time as possible in those seats.

Bangkok Arrival

Pissing down when arrived in Bangkok. Straight through customs, no luggage to reclaim, which was good as due to heavy rain there was delays. Outside arrivals you can buy a sim, 30 day package, 6GB for 600 baht, they set your phone up too, so got that sorted on the off, internet is essential, cannot rely on hotel wifi. Down to the first floor for the public taxis. Taxi puts meter on, around 360 baht including tolls on arrival at my hotel. Gave him 500 baht, big smile on his face.

Miami Hotel, soi 13

Checkin to Miami hotel. same friendly ladyboy receptionist from my last stay here a few years ago. Nice room quiet wing. Including taxes around 10,000 baht for 8 nights which puts it around 30 pounds a night.

miami hotel bangkok
miami hotel

Exchange rate at this time is around 42 baht. Have brought 2000 pounds in unmarked 50 pound notes so as to get best exchange rate.


Unpack, take shower, I have arrived, in the back of mind this is where I want to be. Now I am here, I know what to expect. Sat on my bed I had a quick flirt on Tinder and got a few matches. Then got chatting to this very good looking woman in her early thirties. She wanted to meet now, tonight. Was not expecting this, more wanted to meet in the week or something, tonight I wanted to hit the Nana. May have missed my chance, she not like being blown back, I guess she knew why I was in Bangkok.

Nana, Soi 4

After reading the good reviews of Billboard Gogo in the Nana, this was going to be my first port of call. I not want to go mad on my first night in Bangkok, I was here for at least 8 nights, I was in Asia for many months, I needed to budget. Budgeting was more going to be about taking some nights off. The major costs are Accommodation and P4P. Next comes food, drink and then travel. I needed something to eat and stopped off in Chequers down soi 4, nice beef stew and pint of Carlsberg for under 400 baht. Same vibe down the Nana, lots of tourists the worst for drink, drinking through the day.


Nana now has a turnstile on entry and security with a sign you must be over 20 years old. The roof is now also covered over. Then headed directly to Billboard, bit early before 8pm, told to come back in 10 minutes.

nana bangkok

Decided to hit the Madarin, a little out of respect since its the only gogo I remember still going from my first visit this time nearly 16 years ago. Sat down beer around 175 baht. Mamasan gets immediately pushy, next thing couple of dancers sat with me and they want lady drinks. One of the girls is quite cute, blonde died hair. Buy her a drink and have a little play with her. Mamasan shows me what it will cost. 1500 baht barfine, 2500 fee to the girl and 350 baht for short time room.

On a budget I cant be paying 1500 baht barfine! When there is so many other options around for freelancers where you not have to pay barfine. Like the girls outside the Nana carpark and the girls in the Thermae. In fact if I failed to find a girl down the Nana I would head to the Thermae. What about the African girls along the Sukhumvit?

After my drink, a lady drink and small tip I was already 400 baht down leaving the Madarin. I need to watch those ladydrinks.  I could have not been in there more than 20 minutes.


Then up to the top floor and into the Billboard. Only a few girls up and dancing. Those around the bathtub were topless, one was cute looking and a good dancer,seemed to be enjoying herself which is always attractive.

billboard nana

Mamasan told me more girls later, most were putting on their makeup. Well 30 minutes later and not much happening. Missed the night before, which was Billboards 3 year anniversary with supposedly 100 girls. I noticed when any westerners walked inside Billboard the majority would sit and order a drink. The Asians would take a quick look at the girls on offer and walk out.


I checked out a couple of the Rainbows after Billboard. More girls but not outstanding. There were a few Asians sat around, young looking, under 20, nothing like times gone by, where are they all going now?. I remember some of the cute girls I have barfined from here before. Its not like Thai girls dont have to work here anymore, its more like the 8-10 looking girls dont have too. Its more your 4-7 range, with 7 stretching it that work this way now.

Thermae Sukhumvit

Its not happening in the Nana. I was prepared to splurge out on my first night for a girl that ticked all the right boxes, but she was not working tonight. So I headed along the Sukhumvit towards the Thermae. There were some young cute looking Thai girls outside the Nana carpark, but you are on full view from all the people watchers in the beer bars in this area. Some of them recording on their mobile phones no doubt.

thermae bangkok
outside the thermae

It was packed out in the Thermae mostly with young Asian men, so this is where they all come now. When you enter the Thermae you are expected to buy a drink then you walk around viewing all the girls on offer. I paid for a bottle of Leo and immediately saw a girl who ticked ALL of my boxes, perfect! But would she go with a western male? many only go with the Asians. I like a girl to choose me, rather than try hard to get their attention. It was the latter approach with this girl. But she acknowledged me and I got to the point wanting short time. She quoted me 2000 baht. Ok, lets go.

Took my beer with me down the street and around the corner to the Miami hotel. No problems taking her to my room. If your hunting ground is going to be the Thermae then very convenient to get a hotel in this vicinity. Its also strategically a good spot being soi 13 as not far to walk to the Nana or Soi Cowboy.

bangkok babe
Bangkok Babe

In the room she wants paying up front, how times have changed. My gut feeling was she was too cute to try and rip me off but getting the girlfriend experience out of her might be a challenge. I gave her 2000 baht and she then demanded 3000 baht, that this was what she quoted. She pronounced her Three like the T in two, so yes must have misheard her. I thought it was cheap as the going rate for a freelancer in the Thermae is 2500 baht, especially a good looker like her. I took the 2000 baht back and told her no deal. Im a traveller on a budget cant afford to pay that much, its why I stay in the Miami hotel. We compromised on 2500 baht.

Great Body

I had to take shower first, careful to first put my valuables into the room safe. She then took a shower and come out with the towel wrapped around. She insisted on lights out as she was shy. On the bed she removed my towel and began holding and playing with my erection, like she was keen. I removed her towel and wow what a beautiful body. Fantastic tits, more than a handful that defied gravity. Beautiful pussy, lovely Thai bush just trimmed around the edges. She was wet and let me go down on her. After which we fucked in multiple positions. Not really the girlfriend experience as I like, no DFK, no BBBJ but she was a beautiful girl.

thermae freelancer bangkok
bangkok babe

After she leave I fall into a deep effortless sleep another good first night in Bangkok.

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  1. Great post. As the years go by, it looks less and less likely that I will make it to Thailand. I depend on posts like this.

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