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Happy Ending Happy Place Dubai

Dubai Part 3 – the Happy Place

Though I didn’t write it up as so, one of my top memorable experiences was the amazing massage I received in Ho Chi Minh City.  Two years later I still think of how pampering and sensual that bath and massage was. I knew I could only receive that level of service in Vietnam, but I would still look for amazing massages elsewhere. Dubai is a place known for its massages and I was hoping to find something similar.

Protected Info

“HV” is one of those massage places protected by mongers. “Go to the Sandy place near the water and ask for Miss C.” “If you read the clues, walk around and look at Google maps, one can figure it out.” Whatever….

Rich Man’s Land

At around 9 in the evening I hailed a cab from my hotel and made my way to Jumeirah district, between two very famous luxury hotels, the Jumeirah Beach Resort and the Burj Al Arab, the latter being the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the world. Walking down to the street I passed by Lambos and Bentley’s parked on the street and wondered how can an AMP be located in such an area with such abundant luxury?


Outside the Happy V., signs proclaimed it to be a ladies spa. Once inside more signs said, “Ladies only”. Once inside, two older Thai ladies welcomed me into this so called, “ladies only spa”.

happy place massage dubai
No Men Allowed

I asked about two masseuses mentioned from the forums. One was available and the other was busy. On intuition, I chose neither of those two. I choose Miss Lidia, sight and review unseen.

Miss Lidia came out and led me upstairs. Miss Lidia was a Thai girl seemingly in her mid 20s, tall and slim with long hair and a full sexy bum. Her face featured a big sexy mouth with plush lips and cute braces.

dubai happy place masseure
Lidia Taking me upstairs

She wore a long gray skirt and cotton gray top with the company logo. It was plain but suited for the business. The upstairs of the spa was quite nice, a retreat of wood and zen atmosphere. Relaxing meditative music played and fragrant incense wafted. Soft lighting made the spa glow in a cozy charm that accented serene decorative features. The massage room consisted of a mat, towels, flowers, and assortment of wicker furniture. An attached shower room was just at the far corner of massage room. It was a very nice relaxing professional environment.

Lidia went to get her things and came back with some thin loose blue disposable shorts and a basket of oils and lotions. At this point I had no idea where this massage would lead as everything seemed so proper. I’ve read reports that they only provide extras when they feel like it. Nonetheless, I was quite jaded and tense after having just returned to Dubai after a couple days away in another more conservative Gulf state, so a massage was definitely in order.

thai massage dubai

The Massage

Lidia wasn’t much of a talker but provided a pretty good deep tissue massage. At times she provided excellent attention around my thighs. I would say, “you’re making me feel so good” to let her know I was expecting something. My cues seemed to not evoke even the slightest reaction from Lidia. Even at the flip, I still wasn’t sure if there were to be extras offered. Some girls do provide extras and some do not and more importantly they only provide when they are in the mood. Dropping more hints, I mentioned that my “friend” is a regular here and often saw Miss X and Miss XX. Eventually she provided a bit more attention until there was about 20 mins left on the clock.


If there’s anything I learned in Vietnam, it’s hard to negotiate when a beautiful young girl has your dick in her hand. Lidia finally asked if I wanted a massage release. Emphatically I smiled and replied, “yes”. With this began the negotiations which were quite fun.

With her hand in my shorts just shy of touching my manhood, she wanted 200 AED ($55 USD). I wanted to see her tits and for that she offered 400 ($110 USD). Now 400 is quite a sum as the massage itself was only 300 ($80 USD). I toyed back and forth with her laughing, haggling, and joking with her. “How did you become so naughty? You’ve been so quiet the whole time.” She really started to open up and became a different Lidia.

The new Lidia still would not budge on her price, saying, “didn’t your friend tell you about this? The other girls charge the same.”… My favorite line from her was, “You can just go home like this then” and would turn away. After long negotiations that went nowhere I agreed to 400 and then she tried to upsell. “For 500 you can also kiss my breasts.”. I wasn’t interested and so it was set at 400. She wanted money immediately. I got up and fished a 500 note from my pants.

The New Lidia

With negotiations completed and money exchanged, she rolled up her top and removed her bra revealing the best set of breasts I had ever seen. Soft, tender, tear drop shaped, and very perky. Nipples not too big and not too small. Perfect.

She laid on her side next to me, torso propped up with one arm, the other arm free to pleasure me. She worked her magic and we smiled and chatted while playing with her breasts and admiring her. Somewhere along the way I found out she was 31 and to this I was stunned. This big sexy mouthed, braces wearing Thai girl with hot perky tits didn’t look one bit 31.

Thai blowjob
Asian suck dolls

Things became hotter and heavier and in the midst of our play, she somehow ended up laying on me with her top completely off, her tender perky breasts pressed on my bare chest. The whole time, her skillful hands continued attention to me down below. I tend to think that was beyond what I paid for but regardless, it was great. I whispered in her ear, “do you do anything more?” I wanted her to visit my hotel for a full service session or to offer herself to me immediately. Her answer was “No” and I left it as that. Moments later, I exploded under her tender care.

handjob bangkok sex diary
Thai girl handjob

She wiped me up and went to the shower to clean herself off as she was now covered in massage oil transferred to her while laying on top of me. I showered and we talked more while dressing and soon it was time to leave.

The Damages

She walked me out and I was as satisfied as ever. The episode was not cheap. Total cost was 140 taxi/uber (round trip) + 300 massage + 400 extras = 1040 AED ($280 USD) for a 1 hour happy ending massage. It was a great experience but this was only a beginning to the high cost of mongering in Dubai.

by Mr. Q

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  1. Great write up, but 280 for a hand job from a Thai girl is just crazy. Same thing from the same kind of girl is $15 or less in Thailand. I understand it is a different country. But an 1800% premium??

    1. Hehe…. From the value proposition it definitely was not there. In the scheme of all the money I spent there, this encounter was the cheapest though.

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