black sea gypsy girl

Roadside Gypsy Girls Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Last full day and night in Sunny Beach

Not doing my usual early walk on the beach but deciding to have a lie in instead, later that morning near to the place where I had the full English breakfast, setting myself up nicely for the day for 50 Lev I treated myself to a partly 4 hand  massage.

4 Hands Massage

Due to the two lovely young Bulgarian girls changing over midway, 60 minute proper full body massage while as one of the girls, more fiery looking with gypsy looking blood got down to it, her long black curly hair kept making contact brushing against my lower back and buttocks which felt very sensual indeed.

Primed up and ready to go after that massage with no extras, with a lot of ground to cover that day once more behind the wheel and deciding to get straight into it I followed the same Highway 9 road up into the hills.

Britney Spears

A bit further out of town than my first sightings the previous day, if I was not mistaken I saw a blonde girl sitting by the side of the road. Pulling over and stopping, the person didn’t even bother to get up, so getting out of the car, I walked over to her and all I got in return was a very bored expression as she looked up at me still without saying a word.

bulgarian gypsy roadside
Bulgarian gypsy doing Britney Spears

Standing there feeling like a lemon while looking down at what any hot blooded Italian or Bulgarian male would call a ‘White Truffle’ and what I called someone bearing an uncanny resemblance to a very attractive young Britney Spears, looking up at this old fuck, basically she didn’t want to know. Not expecting this and thinking just like the previous one she said 15 Lev but I was in fact told 50 Lev just to have my cock sucked, and she would not negotiate any lower, trying my good old tactic of starting to walk away which usually works, definitely did not work on this occasion. In her eyes I definitely was not a Womanizer but Toxic perhaps.

Want what I cant have

Okay plenty more fish in the sea I thought as I got back in the car and drove away disappointed, but do you know what, the more I couldn’t have it the more I wanted it and I was determined more than ever now to get it ‘Baby One More time’ so stopping at the next convenient point which was about half a mile up the road, making double sure that I had locked the car first I took a leisurely hike back down the hill to where she hadn’t moved an inch and painful as it was with the loss of face and all I handed over the 50 Lev seeing her grimace even more as I dropped down my pants firmly waving away the condom she had taken out of the foil.

Cum on that pretty face

But she did suck well and after trying to make the pleasure last as long as possible, I pulled out just as I came and proceeded to jerk and spunk the rest on her cute face making her close her eyes and distort her face even more. Then pulling my pants back up, all done, and without saying a word I walked back to the car with the song ‘Give me a sign, Hit me baby one more time’ going through my head, one more time.

Lunch at Obzor

Included as well on my itinerary that day was to check out another beach resort called Obzor situated on the same road about 25 miles north of Sunny Beach. When I got there after wasting a lot of time first just trying to find a place to park close to the neat and tidy seafront, the resort although upmarket was flat and I thought lacking atmosphere.

Stopping  at Obzor anyway for lunch and sitting in the shade by the pool of an expensive hotel right on beach, after washing my hands and tidying myself up a bit first in the nice men’s room with eau de cologne, paper towels and piped music playing in the background, not wanting to spend too much of the day driving, over the club sandwich I ordered, this time with a nice cold Pepsi, I planned on probably getting one more pop for the day with another gypsy girl and if later I still had the energy, round off the day with a nice swim. But I still could not get that Britney Spears tune out of my head and the girl for that matter.

Roadside Gypsy Girl Doggy

Still in the hills on the outskirts of Sunny Beach I was able in this instance to pull into a lay-by and for a minute or so observe the looks and body of a gypsy girl standing there wearing nice denim shorts and wisely a baseball cap to keep out the blazing hot unforgiving Black Sea sun above.

Bulgarian gypsy roadside hooker
Roadside hooker standing under the searing that day hot afternoon sun

Seeing me and then walking over the car to say ‘Hello,’ she once more raised the level in my eyes of the friendliness and niceness shown by some those roadside gypsy girls. The time though was getting on a bit, so getting straight down to business there would be some freehand foreplay first ending with full sex with condom lovingly performed there behind the bushes, I pointed to, handing her as well 40 Lev. Thinking as well that it was not this babes fault that I let the previous girl screw me over big time, so why be mean to her I thought so another 10 Lev was to come her way.

Just Do It!

Getting undressed again by the car, it felt great again just standing there naked under that hot sun, but it was too hot that day, so getting out my own ‘Nike’ cap out of my beach bag, and Just Do It, I led her to a nice spot behind the bushes, and gesturing her first to kneel down and partly Jack me off and in momentum to that suck me off, I then got her to take her tits out for me to stroke as she carried on the same procedure until now in danger of ejaculating at any second I had to pause everything for a moment while trying to prolong that pleasure of having a throbbing hard on as long as I could.

black sea gypsy girl
Another Black Sea gypsy girl giving me a raw and earthy back to basics mongering experience

After she stripped off herself, while taking in her naked body I stroked and fingered her pussy and getting her to turn around I groped her bare ass, then after she put the condom on my dick, bending her over I fucked her, pumping her doggy style right there behind the clearing in the bushes with the sounds of cars and big juggernaut lorries rocking the road less than 50 metres away.

Standing in that meadow using the baby wipes handed to me to clean myself with I felt very satisfied indeed.

Afternoon Swim Sveti Vlas

Seeing as well as for the last time from the car that impressive sight of Nessebar in the far distance with Sunny Beach bay just coming into view from up in the hills,

road to sunny beach
Still up in the hills Nessebar and Sunny Beach Bay coming into view

down below I took a left turn back to Sveti Vlas and parking in the first free space I could see, carrying my beach bag with me I walked down a steep slope towards the sea through some hotel grounds where I came across this lovely cove, perfect for my late afternoon swim.

Sveti Vlas beach bulgaria
Lovely cove where I had my last swim in the sea. Much hillier than Sunny Beach but with much more character, Sveti Vlas here has some lovely beachfront hotels

Last Night

Not up to facing another part of the evening walking down Flower Street, I had another night in with some supermarket food, in front of my tablet. Meaning to go out for just a quick stroll later, to stretch my legs just before bedtime for you never know several lookalikes of former Miss Bulgaria Rositsa Ivanova could have been by that same walkway that evening, instead I fell asleep right in the middle of a good movie.

Last Morning Walk Sunny Beach

Waking up very early I went for my usual walk along the beach but this time without a spring in my stride. At the beginning and well into the middle part of this trip, walks like this were a real pleasure, a different world away from the gloom I now felt in knowing I was leaving that day.

sunny beach bulgaria
The view as it was on Sunny Beach at 6am on my last morning

Walking along that quiet beach and despite feeling so down, I still managed to reflect, taking back some of that pleasure of the positive parts of the trip. 5 flights later including my flight home that evening, and staying in 4 different hotels (and part of an apartment) made it seem like I had been away three months instead of nearly 3 weeks.


That joy, that release from work together with the excitement I felt right at the start of my trip there on that warm summer’s afternoon at Gatwick before flying out now felt like more than a year ago. Expecting a little bit from Kiev, something, but not a lot, returning there in the summertime more than met my expectations. That experience on my first evening of that threesome in bed with those friendly girl next door types back at the hotel is another memory I will cherish for a long time.

And then travelling on to a new place, a new exciting and little known destination certainly gave me that inspiring buzz of adventure and my main Mongering fix for the year. Again Baku in Central Asia didn’t disappoint and I conquered it quite well I thought and now knowing what I know, I know any trips I make there in the future will be good.

And that ‘Afternoon’ and evening delight with those roadside gypsies and the other gypsies; yes it had been a long journey to get here and not without a few hiccups along the way, but mission well and truly accomplished for it was just how I imagined it to be, hot, sensual and as raunchy as I wanted with no holds barred finally crossing off something here in Bulgaria which for sometime now has been on the same high level of my mongering wish list as my wanting also to visit Cuba.

Well folks, all good things and all good journeys must come to an end at some point, and I felt it more than ever that morning. So, it was back to the hotel to pack again, another suitcase and another hall and back to work and bills to pay, another story of my life.

sunny beach roadmap
My own map of Sunny Beach

By Monger Matt.

21 thoughts on “Roadside Gypsy Girls Sunny Beach Bulgaria”

  1. Great reports and travelogue Matt, thanks for sharing. This roadside mongering with gypsy girls around Sunny beach looks like fun. I first set eyes on gypsy girls on my first ever trip to eastern europe, that was Prague Czech republic. Some of those girls were beautiful, could not take my eyes off them. But not fuck my first gypsy girl until many years later when I visited Romania.

    I could do this trip myself one year, Kiev, Baku even Sunny Beach, give Burgas a miss though.

    1. On hindsight had I known I was going to hire a car I would have put Varna airport into my Multi City flights search instead of Burgas and Sofia even and by doing that would have probably got an even better deal flying me all the way back to the UK.

  2. Would be good to touch on – getting older are you still enjoying mongering as much as when we were younger?

    In Asia recently I become disillusioned a bit by it all, maybe wanting something more out of life now….. like when down at work, i want to remember the down time, boredom, expense etc sitting in a cheap budget hotel, alone, wondering what to do, the meaningless transactional nature of it all. Like getting out of one rut, just to find yourself in another, repeating the same old thing year in, year out. Like you have travelled many other places to find an alternative to Asia, but it rarely delivers. As we know Asia is not the mysterious place it once was, why we look elsewhere now…

    Maybe its better to just do once a year trip like you have for a few weeks rather than months. But work robs you of your free time, to come and go at will.

    1. Surprisingly I have found the older I have got the more adventurous I have become. The biggest differences now is that I try and avoid those long haul flights and liking my home comforts will no longer do cheap crappy hotels.

      Nowadays how good and interesting the destination is itself comes as a first priority and any mongering possibilities second, but if that second possibility is not there no matter how tempting the place looks I will give it a miss. Despite all Thailand is still I’m sure the best number 1 mongering destination in the world, you want a Thai girlfriend to fuck and you will get a Thai girlfriend to fuck and that is 100% guaranteed. I still miss the bit of doing whatever you want over there like picking up available girls in the shopping centres, getting a hair cut or having your face shaved at 3 in the morning or just randomly joining in with other farangs around a bar for a good chat. And there are few other countries in the world where it is quite normal to ask for a 6 hand massage with extras if that’s what you want.

      For me though I think the way forward would be just to be able to do around 3 or 4 short trips a year instead of just the one big trip. How down I felt when this last trip came to an end I just cannot describe other than it was the worst having to go back to work cold turkey feeling ever, and I would even go as far as saying I would probably not even bother travelling if I knew I had to go through all that again. Still haven’t 100 % got over it.

  3. Way to go brother. Great report. And glad to see that you at least got your money’s worth out of the Brittney Speers lookalike!

  4. Thanks for the feedback Gih, it just shows you all Bulgarian Gypsy girls do not have darker skin and long black curly hair but not that I would mind if they did.

  5. Roadside behind a bush… that is legendary!

    Yoa guys on the other side of the pond are blessed with so many places to go so close to where you live with such great value.

    1. Mr. Q. While it is true that they have easy access to Eastern Europe, Greece and, to a lesser extent, Southeast Asia, we in North America have the wonders of South America.

      1. Mr Q plays it safe. I guess if you are in Dubai and want a relaxing massage with extras then there are no cheap options. I would stick to the freelancers in the hotels bars if I ever go there. And just accept its over priced. Its great that he is honest about how much he paid, and he can well afford it. Its always great to get a different mongering perspective. I can only thank him for sharing his mongering experiences.

        1. Lately I have some very exensive $500 experiences in Japan, cheap German bordellos for €50, and some very expensive non sex encounters state side in the mid 300 range, and some cheap action in Vietnam to run the gamut.

          I also don’t have a lot of time to explore in a more leisurely pace which is something I envy with you guys… Else I could go more into the bush.

      2. South America is not that close. It’s 14 hours to Brazil. I went there but have not wrote it up. I might try to farther to Argentina next year =)

        1. Rio is a long haul, and expensive. But Colombia is much more easily reached as is Ecuador. Cartagena is less than 3 hours from Miami – and can cost less than $400 U.S. roundtrip.

          I’d love to re-visit Rio and Fortaleza, had a great time there. Also I’d like to try Argentina. The cost of getting there and time involved make it a target for a multi-month visit. I get the sense from some reports that Argentina has become a bit of a sketchy destination – though probably better for Canadians than U.S residents.

          In any event it is a hell of a lot closer than Eastern Europe or any Southeast Asia destination.

          The Dom Rep might be closer (depending on from where you depart) but i.m.o. I’ll eat the time for the benefits of Colombia. Mexico is certainly closer and might be a better bet – I haven’t experienced it for P4P.

          1. I would like a repeat visit to Colombia. I met some real cuties in Cartegena on Tinder, room delivery, no need to go out in the heat. I would do Bogota and Medellin next time.
            Seems Brazil and Dominican is popular with Afro American mongers, not so Colombia, not sure why that is? In recent years I can meet ethnically diverse students etc on sites like Seeking Arrangement for £100 to £150, I am meeting a 20 yo today. We chatted on whatsapp where she masturbated on video going to fuck her outside somewhere today!

            1. You might be right regarding the Afro Americans and Colombia. I didn’t see but a couple in Medellin and none in Bogota or Cartagena. At least among those of whose nationalities I was made aware.

              Seeking Arrangement also works pretty well in the United States and Colombia also. At least I am told that is the case, I have not yet used it.

              I’ve got three Colombians and a Dominican, three that I previously enjoyed and one that my partner had, that send me masturbation videos and stills. The videos are nowhere near long enough and I am working on them to do extended sessions and to include girlfriends. I hope that works out. What is the ethnicity of the girl you are meeting? I wish we had the variety here that you do there – at least those that sling ass for cash. It’s kind of hard to come up with Thais, Eastern European, Bypsies and S.E. Asians here – even Latinas. At least where I live in a northern border state.

              1. I would not need to use SA in Colombia when Tinder works so well. Tinder is free.
                The ethnicity of most of the girls I meet on SA is ebony, some mixed race, the girl I met in hotel other night was 19 yo half thai.

  6. But on your side of the pond you have 3 exciting destinations I can think of straightaway like Tijuana Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Havana Cuba.
    A Mr Q report from Havana I’m sure would make awesome reading.

    1. I think Tijuana is a great place if you live in, or are visiting, Southern California. It is not a place I’d go for a week or two, though Puerto Vallarta might fill the bill as both a vacation and P4P destination. Looking at all the Twitter beauties posting from Mexico City and some other spots in Mexico makes me consider a trip there – though the drug related violence has affected a lot of Mexico including even Cancun and Riviera Maya.

      The Dom Rep has been the place I have most frequently visited, though not for a couple years. As, I guess, most everywhere the quality of the experiences there has been on a decline in Boca Chica and Sosua, with many places to go “shopping” having been closed or pushed out by local politicians. I think Blackbeard’s in Costambar, near Puerto Plata, is still viable but would be like having a room in a brothel for a few days (though fun as it has a nice pool area and nearby beach).

      For U.S. residents Cuba is still a bit sketchy with travel to and from not yet being totally free. Also, like the Dom Rep it is uncomfortably hot (for me) most of the year – but great during the winter.

      To be honest, the quality and cost in Montreal is surprisingly good – at least compared to the U.S. Changes in Canadian laws a couple years back may have made that less true than, say, 5 years ago.

      For me the “city of eternal spring”, Medellin, is much more to my liking and Bogota maybe even more so. Having said that, it has been a few years since I visited either, being tied down with obligations at home that only allow me to get a way for short periods of time.

  7. Great series of posts. I found an article about “Prostitution Alley” that might be of interest. I’m not sure if it is the same one you (Mathew) referred to or not. There is a photo of a roadside sign that sort of could be used as a point of reference, though whether the “alley” is right, left or behind the photographer is not clear. It does mention that the “alley” is within about 15 kilometers or Varna. On Google Maps I was only able to find one of the three cities mentioned on the sign – the city named Crapo Oproxobo (as close as I can type cyrillic characters).

    The link to the article is:

    I have a sort of long term retirement plan to leave the U.S. during the winter months (3-6 months) for a warm weather destination renting an apartment. I hope to begin with stays in Bogota and Medellin, then perhaps Barcelona, Madrid, Thailand, Indonesia the P.I., etc in following years. Primarily to experience another country and its natural beauty, hopefully to include scuba diving and sailing, but always with easy access to available P4P.

  8. Yes I posted the same link with the same article I read and in my Bulgaria Recap I posted another link which might be of interest. Your planned Winter Escape(s) look interesting and planning these trips and making those first bookings for flights, accomodation etc, etc I find is almost as fulfilling as the actual getting away part. Happy travelling.

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