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Gypsy Girls Road Trip To Varna

Here in my Mongering Odyssey through Three Countries Grand Finale report I take a Black Sea Road Trip and sample some roadside lay-by afternoon and morning delight.

Day 2 Sunny Beach

Woke up early and decided to go for my morning walk. Even at around 6am on the way to the beach I noticed someone’s bitches were already up and about like thieves in the night reserving their family and friends spot for the day by placing their towels on the hotel sun loungers around the pool. Just how low-class I wondered, were some of these hotel guests.

beach towels sunny beach
Not cool by the pool. All the best sun loungers even at 6 in the morning seemed to be already towel reserved for the day.

The main central beach when I got there still had a few stragglers perhaps from the night before who from a distance looked like the walking dead wandering all over the sand. Still the walk was quite pleasant and refreshing, a good time to clear my head while thinking about last nights mongering recreation which had now taken the pressure off a lot.

Got wheels

Just like me ending up in here in Sunny Beach the thought as well never even crossed my mind about driving. When back at the hotel that morning while airing my views to the nice receptionist at just how amazed I was and disappointed with the high prices the taxi drivers charged especially for such short distances, it was suggested I do what most of the guests do and hire a car as I would save so much money in the long run, so that’s what I did, then and there at the spur of the moment hire a car, a nifty little brand new automatic VW with a full tank of petrol for a daily rate of 75 Lev including for peace of mind all the add-ons which would cover every eventuality, I hoped, delivered to me right outside the hotel. All I had to do was just sign here, and here and handing the key to me I was independently mobile at last, I had wheels and now didn’t have to rely on anybody else.

He Who Dares

Call it Mongers fickleness if you like but yes He Who Dares Wins. Too late now to start thinking about what had I just got myself into as well as driving on the wrong side of the road, but still I had to be sensible here and think the car would not just be for suckee fuckee  otherwise I would be putting the cost of those roadside hookers, wherever they were, on par with call girl hotel prices. Consoling myself with these thoughts, in that any stops on the highway lay-bys would merely be a side line to my main trips to the beaches and sightseeing in general.

Chill on Nessebar Beach

To get the ball rolling and to get used to driving on the other side of the road, my first stop on my itinerary that morning was back to the beach in Nessebar for a couple of hours of quality time sunbathing and swimming.

Part of the experience of my Three Country Mongering tour was my wish to part chill out on a nice beach somewhere. Nessebar beach, here, better late than never, finally made my wish come true.

Spending about an hour at the beach and liking what I saw ;-P but I don’t think I need to keep going on about that – before hitting the main highway to Varna I drove back through the resort checking out the north part of Sunny Beach following the road where the bay curves away to the right. Just like Nessebar right at the opposite end of the bay,  Sveti Vlas is another quieter alternative to Sunny Beach, again more upmarket with smaller and much nicer beaches, and following the coast for a while, before turning back, this was a definite for another day for another good swim and to have a look around.

Road to Varna

So with Google Maps destination Varna on my phone in the car on speaker, and remembering to drive with the  headlights on all the time otherwise risking an on the spot fine, joining the main E87 highway, or  R 9 as it known locally, I thought this is it, and it felt exciting.

Just on the edge of town as the road starts climbing into the southern lower slopes of the Balkan Mountains, out of the corner of my eye just to the left standing in a lay-by I thought I had my first sighting of one of the road side gypsy hookers. Unusually though, the person distinctly had a fairer completion and reddish hair and had I blinked I would have probably missed the person, but still a good sign, for what I went looking for in Burgas to no avail was now confirmed to be here, and in the hills above Sunny Beach.

Road Side Gypsy Girls

As the road climbed further up, and at a bend, I was then travelling slow enough to see standing in another slip road to my right two lovely leggy gypsy girls, 100% with dark curly hair, wearing very, very short skirts and boots and one of the girls waved. Fucking hell!! but for the cars behind, it was one thing to have quick reactions and be able to stop safely and pull over but with a stream of cars behind you, and adding to that this mainly narrow road, sometimes you had to continue for up to another mile or so before there was a place suitable to stop. Carrying on, for I had no choice really, expecting around every corner now to see the masses of hookers that allegedly line this highway, after driving for a while it occurred to me I had been on the road now for nearly an hour without spotting another single girl or girls standing by the roadside.

Point of no Return

Pulling in at the next petrol station for a quick stop, and a rethink, over a Bulgarian Ice cream Lolly and about 40 miles from Sunny Beach, average speed 40 miles an hour on this narrow yet main artery road with the usual lorries to contend with, I had now passed the No Point of Return over half way stage to carry on to Varna where surely before even reaching there I would see some more activity standing by the side of the road.

30 minutes up the road and still without a single sighting, finding myself then on quite an impressive viaduct road bridge crossing high over the bay below, sooner than I expected I saw the outskirts of Varna there looming in the distance and the traffic starting to build up and being way out of my comfort zone then and not wanting to be stuck in traffic and wasting more time together with the possibility of getting lost in a place I didn’t know, I got off at the next junction and somehow in a real maze of a dodgy looking industrial estate below, I joined the highway again, thankfully going in the correct opposite direction. Phew, that was a close call.

varna road trip bulgaria

Just as I saw it. With the outskirts of Varna and all that traffic suddenly looming up ahead, I was then way outside my comfort Zone

Prostitute Alley

However, instead of continuing straight back to Sunny Beach as any sensible person probably would have done, based on an article I had read not written by a monger but a John Doe or a John Smith, who in fact while on a cycling holiday through Bulgaria decided instead to take the scenic route to Varna came across this particular village and named the roads nearby calling them Prostitute Alley.

I too took that detour, or I thought I did, and the village or Hamlet I thought he mentioned, but I’m now sure wasn’t the place, was a village in the opposite direction called Avren mentioned in another article written by someone else. Links to these will be in my Mongering in Bulgaria Recap.

Turning right and following the 9006 road for about 15 miles to Avren I saw not a thing, but for one or two creepy looking characters in the village standing at the side of the road staring at me and the car as I drove past them for the third time now due to roadwork diversions and me becoming disoriented. This place was now starting to give me the creeps and I was glad to finally find the right road to get me out.

Stopping again briefly for a pee, hopefully where the hills didn’t have eyes and to take in for a moment in that hot and still afternoon the lovely scenic view of those rolling hills in the distance surely I had passed through the right place but at the wrong time or the wrong day or even the wrong month perhaps. Anyway I did try,  my phone now and the navigation on it had little power left on the battery and with a long drive now ahead of me I wanted to get back before it got dark.

Avren bulgaria
Taken just outside the village of Avren with a long drive back to Sunny Beach ahead of me

About 90 minutes later and thinking I had made it back in quite good time, still in the hills above Sunny Beach I noticed in about every 1 in 3 lay-bys now as I drove past, girls standing, some alone and some standing in groups of two definitely not dressed for church. Being still only late afternoon and feeling much more relaxed now at the wheel, and now knowing the area a bit I was in no hurry. I felt the right moment came when having at that point no immediate traffic behind me, seeing a tempting proposition standing there I pulled in onto a small dirt track which became hidden from the main road.

Blowjob CIM

Walking over to greet me with a smile while two of her colleagues who I didn’t see originally, made themselves scarce, my first impression of this gypsy even though it was business of course was just how warm and friendly she was.

highway gypsy hooker bulgaria
Only seconds away from pulling her tits out for me to see, my first encounter ever with a Highway lay-by gypsy hooker
layby gypsy girl bulgaria
Was that ‘Wish me luck’ she said to her two colleagues

After flashing her tits, and then covering them again she told me to suck my cock it would be 15 Lev, full body to body would be 25 or she could, she offered, come back to my hotel. Handing her some cash and using the car as my changing room now, I striped down just to my undies and taking my hand after I locked the door she led me further in, behind some bushes enclosed in what was a nice sunny spot but where the ground I noticed was strewn with used condoms, baby wipes and tissues. Quite a disgusting sight actually but still something to be expected.

 Why I came to Bulgaria

First removing my pants and placing them on the bushes she then took her tits out permanently this time, nice natural round ones and while standing there under that hot and still afternoon sun without a stitch on with my cock rock hard while I fondled her breasts took me back to that feeling of heaven again and was the reason why I came to Bulgaria. But there was not much space to manoeuvre and the thorn bushes kept painfully jabbing into the back of my legs and arms so leading her out, still naked I walked back to the car and opening the door I pushed the front passenger seat as far back as it would go doing the same with my seat, reclining it back, and showing some courtesy towards whoever was going to rent the car next, covered most of the seat with the beach towel.

Climbing in next to me still bare breasted and down to just wearing her panties, which she pulled down, then with two fingers together I fingered, drilled, her pussy before she got down and started sucking my cock and licking the end just how I liked it. While looking out of the window, not too far away from us sitting in the shade, her two colleagues who were not bad looking as well, without even bothering to look up just sat carrying on talking to one another as if we weren’t there. Not able to hold it in any more I came in her mouth.

Ill Be Back

Success at last. I had just tested the water that afternoon and I knew tomorrow I would be back.

That evening back at the hotel, more out of the fact that although I think I am sometimes, I am no longer a spring chicken, I decided to have a night in by the television or in front of my tablet and but for the thudding disco music coming from below at least I was in comfortable surroundings this time.

While briefly nipping out to the supermarket earlier for a bit of supermarket food I was propositioned on one of the street corners by a Bulgarian girl, attractive, very well dressed and I guess in her twenties who just needed somewhere to stay for the night but needed to borrow 200 Lev. Not sure about that I went inside and did my shopping and deciding then to give her 80 Lev instead, and, maybe go up a bit higher, once back outside I noticed she had already gone. There was more, it seemed than meets the eye in Sunny Beach.

By  Monger Matt.

3 thoughts on “Gypsy Girls Road Trip To Varna”

  1. When I returned from a long weekend in Varna, sat beside a guy on the plane who told me about all the gypsy girls by the side of the road around sunny beach, could it be a piece of mongering heaven? Sunny beach not seem that bad if you avoid the crowds? Renting a car would be the way to go for this mode of mongering. Never driven on the wrong side of the road lol, need to get over that, he who dares wins!

  2. Only thing I didn’t see was the masses of women by the side of the road but now I’m wondering if that was just my own interpretation of what I thought I was going to see.
    Definetely need a car to do this and you have to be extra careful once off the main road while going over those pot holes and dirt tracks, how embarrasing it would be if the car broke down!
    Never thought I would say this but Sunny Beach turned out to be much better than what I remember of my past stays in Golden Sands.

    1. I visited Golden Sands once and all the girls down party street and that big Gogo in the middle, I wonder if that is still going?
      The downside of Sunny beach is all those trash tourists lol, even though Im a tourist I want to get away from the masses. It all gets to predictable when you been away many times. Hiring a car getting BBBJ in the bushes by gypsy girls is a new experience. I guess if you were there alot though it would soon lose its novelty.

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