Jules Bar girls dubai

Jules Bar Le Meridien Dubai Filipina Spinner

Dubai Part 2 – Is it Really This Easy?

I arrive in Dubai after a 16 hr flight and check into the Le Meridien across from the airport around 9pm. Immediately, I get 2 or 3 hours of rest and get ready for some action.

Jules Bar

On the campus of Le Meridien Dubai, the Jules Bar is a well-known pickup joint despite being in a very respectable 4 and 5 star hotel.

I walk through the hotel grounds to the Le Meridien Village, an outdoor villa of restaurants and bars. The Jules Bar is actually an outside restaurant coupled with an inside bar with live music. I walk up to the bouncer and was about to hand over money and he asked if I was a hotel guest. I flashed my room card and I’m waived in, saving myself 60 AED ($16 USD).

BTW, I kept an extra room key after check out if I decided to return to Jules on a later day, as I had booked multiple hotels to stay at.

the Scene

Walking in I was instantly overwhelmed. Like soldiers lining up to be reviewed by the general, girls lined the pathway up to the bar as you walk in. The ratio of women to men must have been 3 to 1 on a Sunday at midnight. There were all sorts of girls and they were obviously all for hire.

Jules Bar girls dubai
Jules Bar girls dubai

There weren’t a lot customers and I was instantly approached by Thai and Chinese Mainlanders. They came on strong and wanted my business. Being new to the scene I held them back and did another round or two around the bar. Chatting my way around the bar there were Afrikaans, Ukrainians, Filipinas, and many others I just didn’t bother talking to. The center table was taken by a group of Russians and their madam. Some of them were stunners but the only one interested in me was a burned out hardcore blonde which I couldn’t get away quick enough.

real amateur Filipina girls
real amateur Filipina girls

I got a drink and decided to stand back a bit and just watch. I turned and a petite girl eyes me. She smiled and I smiled back. I kept at my drink and carried on chatting with girls throughout the bar. Later we caught each other again and with a warm beautiful smile beaming at me, I approached her.

filipina girls jules bar
Filipina smiles

I got the typical questions, was I alone…your plans etc etc. “Where are you staying?” she asks, “Here.” was my answer. Eventually she made the proposition and we made a deal. 800 AED ($220 USD) in my room. She offered the whole night but I only wanted 2 hrs max with the little Filipina.

Checking In Again

She put on her coat, gathered her bags and off we went. A few minutes later we were arrived back at the hotel tower. The Le Meridien is a huge confusing campus with multiple towers (some towers are 5 star and some are 4 star), wings, entrances, receptions, restaurants and clubs. I walked up to a reception with a Filipina behind it to register my girl. My girl and the Filipina exchanged a few short words in Tagalog as if was business as usual. Turns out I was in the wrong tower.

I eventually get back to the proper tower and wing where I first checked in a few hours ago.

A Few Hours Ago

When I first checked in, I confirmed with the friendly chatty Filipina receptionist that I had a double occupancy room and that my “girlfriend” would be “flying in later tonight”. Later, being now, and with my “girlfriend” in tow sans any luggage, I walked up to the same counter to find the same chatty Filipina receptionist.

The embarrassment was instant, but hey this is Dubai and this stuff happens all the time. Some guys really fret over this but it doesn’t bother me for long. It’s only a short moment for a night full of fun. “My friend has arrived” I said, and then my girl said a few short words in Tagalog, her UAE ID came out and all was done in a matter of 20 seconds. This time there was no friendly chatting with receptionist but rather silent blatant “I came back with a prostitute” business as usual in Dubai.

Petite Spinner

It wasn’t until we got back to my room where I realized at how petite this little spinner was. She stood around 5’1” had fire red lipstick and a slim figure that was hidden by a red wool coat (it was winter in Dubai). I was nervous and she embraced me to put me at ease with her little body that fit so well between my arms. We undressed each other and soon enough her small breasts with eraser nipples appeared. We showered separately but we ducked under the covers to get better acquainted.

Filipina sex diary
Filipina sex diary

She was really trying to make me feel warm and calm. We chatted and soon things progressed. It soon became a BBBJ and I lapped at her tiny breasts. We did the deed in a couple of places through the room and cleaned up afterwards. We jumped back under the covers, cuddled, and talked.

hotel room dubai
hotel room

Her Story

Often I’m more interested in their stories than fucking these girls and away I went. I asked how she got into this business. She came to Dubai to work, to make money for her dad that was sick at that time. She had a day job in an Italian restaurant but that only paid 2500 AED ($680 USD) a month. Her sister’s friend got her into this as a way to make a lot more money, “it will really help” as the friend said. At 800-1000 AED a pop plus tips, it quite clear how lucrative this is for her. Along the way she also found out her sister did this too, but not anymore having graduated to a good paying job in Abu Dhabi.


She said she’s only been doing this for a week, but I didn’t believe her. It was her first week at Jules, but certainly not her first week in this business. First month perhaps. She had got off work, slept a few hours and decided to go to Jules. But business was bad and there was too much competition (apparent from the female to male ratio). Jules charges her 150 AED to get in which really eats into her profits and this would be her last night there. After more talking I decided to send her home. She offered a second pop but I was beyond jaded having just arrived on the long flight.


I liked that girl. She had just the right amount of GFE and we got along. She was semi-pro, not hardcore, burned out or pimped out. There a bit of amateur sweetness and naivety in her.

We got dressed and I asked for her number. She was a bit sceptical and I wondered why? Something changed while we were getting dressed. I gave her a 200 AED tip and then I asked her for a pic before leaving and she obliged. It was a pity she had already put her coat on, obscuring her spinner body. With that she left.

petite filipina dubia
Filipina posing


It turns out she found my camera. Yet, she didn’t confront me and still obliged me with a pic at the end and gave me her contact as well (which could have been fake, but I wouldn’t know since I lost it). Strange. I’ve been caught before and have been confronted. She was to be the first of 5 girls in Dubai and my favorite.

by Mr. Q

Dubai Part 1

6 thoughts on “Jules Bar Le Meridien Dubai Filipina Spinner”

    1. There was one point we’re she jumps into bed and says, ” First we cuddle then we have sex two times”. That doesn’t sound like a girl on her first week of doing this. Then again all is fair. I’m not exactly truthful with her either.

      1. Is that when she found the secret camera?. Point is she was there because you were paying 250$. But as long as you had good time and have good memories and can afford it.

  1. Mr Q,
    I stayed at Le Meridian for a long layover on the way to Philipines courtesy of Emirates, didn’t realise it was quite so easy with the ladies.
    Is this what you define a s a “Green” hotel as they don’t have an issue with ladies staying over as long as you have double occupancy and you register them?
    Appreciate any advice as I plan to do xmas there this year as Thailand won’t let anyone in!
    Mr B

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