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Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Continuing My Mongering Travelogue through the Ukraine, Azerbaijan and the Bulgarian Black Sea

 Last Chance Saloon

Having had an easy ride in Kiev and Baku I had once more put all my mongering research eggs into one basket by treating the not always dependable, I know, WikisexGuide information as being more or less up to date.

Times Change

More the fool me. Yes, the world, and certainly the mongering part of Burgas had plainly moved on and what I never got to see and experience out on the streets in Bulgaria’s largest sea port has no doubt followed suit and gone down the same out of sight, behind closed doors more efficient and I suppose a lot more safer for the girls, prostitute managed internet and smartphone route.

Instead of cutting my holiday short and returning home I decided to remain here on the Black Sea giving me from tomorrow only 3 days to find and sample the ripe rich pickings of those allegedly beautiful as in raw, earthy and raunchy, roadside gypsy women.

Gypsy Highway Hookers

Logistically, reports said they ply their trade from the laybys somewhere on the main highway linking the beach resort of Golden Sands 90 miles away, around the Varna area 80 miles away, and from those same laybys on the same highway somewhere near Sunny Beach 23 miles up the coast from where I was. Upskirt flirting, taking facials, CIM and being screwed up the ass, anything goes, apparently.

gypsy highway hooker
Wetting my appetite somewhat, screen shot from one of dozens of vids from just Googling ‘gypsy highway hooker’

Under the heat of the glaring overhead sun, naked, I too wanted a piece of the action. This was the very type of Afternoon Delight action that I had travelled so far hoping to sample.


But again logistically, the question now was where to stay? And this time I had to get it right. Even if I had wanted to revisit my old non-mongering haunts in Golden Sands nearly 100 miles away, or try something new by staying in Varna Bulgaria’s second largest city, as well as not having the time on my side now to travel to and from either, the cost of getting there and back by taxi anyway would have been too prohibitive. And as for Sunny Beach, well you see from day one when planning this trip months ago this infamous, as I saw it, beach resort was never going to be part of my travel itinerary, not in a million years. Loud, brash and full of young people, Sunny Beach some say is like the very worst bits of Ayia Napa, Benidorm, Magaluf and any other places I’ve missed out all thrown together so why on earth would an old fuck like me want to go there.

Decision Time

Anyway, decision time, it had to be, in this final hour. While making a slight detour to the bus station on the way to my usual morning routine walk to the far, far grotty end of Burgas Beach,

burgas beach bulgaria
Decision time as I walked again to the far grotty end of Burgas beach. It was that thought though of the Airport Bus from Sunny Beach costing only 6 Lev which did it.

I saw there was a frequent service to Sunny Beach costing only 6 Lev and while at the same time thinking about my flight home, I found again for the same price from early morning to late at night there was a regular bus service from there to the airport. Having much better beaches surely, and, presumably bringing me closer to those highway gypsy girls, Sunny Beach then it was going to be.

Last Chance Saloon

Checking out of the hotel very early the next day I was already seated and ready to get out of Dodge on the 8am bus service to Sunny Beach, and what was going to be my Last Chance Saloon.

bus burgas to sunny beach
Step on it mate, step on it

Around 35 minutes later and thinking we were there, we stopped at a place called Nessebar where most of the passengers alighted and my first impression from the bus was this place looked nice with lots of character. Why, why the fuck, I thought, did I not stay here originally.

Continuing inland again to Sunny Beach, we pulled up around 15 minutes later in traffic at the main bus station situated in a quite seedy looking area of town with the usual down and outs which for some reason are drawn like magnets to these places. Being sworn at aggressively for no reason by someone holding a can of something in his hand who I didn’t even bother to make eye contact with, pulling my case on wheels and using Google maps as my guide I managed to locate my hotel after walking for about 10 minutes. Being too early for the room I was able to check in anyway and leave my bags by reception while I went for a walk.

Tacky Beach Resort

From the hotel itself, crossing over a main busy road first, the beach itself was less than 10 minutes walk with the usual open air bars, tacky shops, places to eat themed more on the country origin of the owners than the quality of the food itself, and currency exchange booths enroute. I could have been in any tacky beach resort anywhere in Europe.

sunny beach english breakfast
The full English mate, with an added twist – Pina Colada, with the second one free happy hour.

And while on that theme of places to eat, advertised by a huge Union Jack flag I just had to stop off for a full English breakfast to celebrate my arrival at Sunny Beach.


Reasonably located, I just wanted somewhere safe and comfortable to stay reasonably close to the beach and for that my aparthotel chosen mainly for its close proximity to the bus station delivered, just about. Paying 65 Euros a night, for that I got a very nice one bedroom apartment unit with a separate bedroom, an enclosed private balcony overlooking the pool down below which I was not brave enough to use, and breakfast included which I didn’t partake due to it starting at the more family friendly time of after 8am being the most crowded time.

sunny beach aparthotel pool
No way Jose, hotel pool which from morning onwards to early evening generated a constant din of screaming infants and children shouting, not talking, watched over by adults who looked like they were going to kick off at any moment

Full of young families mixed with the odd group of young single lads who seemed to spend all day sitting around the pool drinking beer, not surprisingly once I stepped out of the comfort of my room here, I felt like a fish out if water.

Unpacking For The Last Time

Finally unpacking for the last time, and finding where the various light switches were, fine tuning the air conditioner temperature in the room and the hassle of just trying to work out how to switch on the TV, getting a little bit tired of all this now, I was glad in away to be more ready now in my mind to return home.

Bus to Nessebar

In desperate need of some quality beach time and thanks to a great receptionist at the hotel, I was pointed in the right direction as to where to catch the town bus back to Nessebar. Catching it just down the road, the single decker bus with everybody inside crushing up against one another cost only 1 Lev 20 stotinki and the shit job of the week must surely have gone to the woman conductress who had the job of having to take the money from everybody and give change. But still, thumbs up for employing somebody and keeping someone in work.

Quieter Nessebar
Situated just on the other side of the bay, much quieter Nessebar is a different world from Sunny Beach. First, checking out a bit of the quaint old part of the town with cobbled streets, from where I got off the bus the main beach part where I wanted to go to was about another 20 minutes walk away. Asking a taxi driver, the only taxi there which was parked up how much it would cost, I was not that  surprised really when he asked for a ridiculous amount and he was not that surprised really when deciding to walk it, I said it was too much.
nessebar beach bulgaria
Nessebar sun, sea and sand and a nice welcome from good old Lidl
Walking as far as what turned out to be a nudist beach right at the end of the bay, and, nothing to write home about, and half way back again, I got myself a sun lounger and umbrella for shade and with no messing around first, dived straight into the sea which was absolute bliss.

Taxi Mafia

After another long walk back to the square where the buses stopped, my legs were killing me again and being a bit of a masochist for more abuse (not), out of the 3 taxis parked up all driven by stubborn old men who would not budge an inch on price for what would have amounted at most to a 3 mile or about a 7- 10 minute journey.
taxi mafia bulgaria
Across the bay from S Beach, local Nessebar taxis waiting like vultures for gullible tourists, like myself, in this case limping towards those cars
A younger driver passing who I flagged down agreed to do me a favour and take me back to the hotel for 30 Lev but that was without nice tip he said. Just based on the presumption of seeing I was alone, as well as being a cunt, wanting to be a wannabe pimp as well he handed me a business card telling me he could bring a woman to my hotel for 100 lev.
Coming up next time – Sunny Beach Gypsy Girls.
By Monger Matt.

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  1. The English breakfast looks nice, but that pool looks way to crowded for me. im guessing this is a little bit before peak season too?

    I watched a documentary once on tv about holiday reps in sunny beach. Some english guys thought it would be fun to stick bangers in their assholes and unsurprising they were in casualty with a second asshole, assholes.

    1. I think the high season
      there would be too much for anyone. While the lager louts were only here for the beer, when I was tipsy my release
      was with a gypsy 🙂

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