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Mongering Dubai United Arab Emirates

If you have not been to Dubai, go there. Go there now. Go there before something changes. Go there and indulge in the flavors of the world.

Dubai has the most amazing variety of working girls anywhere in the world and options galore. In a matter of a few days, I managed to score Filipina, Thai, Viet, Kazakh, and even an abaya wearing Muslim.

The Research

About a month before my trip to Dubai I get on the internet and there isn’t much info. I delve into the forums and you are scraping for the tiniest bit of flesh. Why is there so little info out there? It’s widely known that prostitution in the UAE is illegal but it’s rampant so why so hushed? In Malaysia, it’s illegal but rampant and openly talked and advertised on the web.  In Vietnam it’s illegal, there’s not much info but that’s because there isn’t much foreigner penetration. In Dubai it’s illegal but rampant but no one wants to share and talk about it…

Scarce and Cryptic

You get into a forum like International Sex Guide (ISG) and you read cryptic posts such as, “I went to the Happy Place in the area of beach royalty. Look for the building with a name that sounds like a queen. Miss L wasn’t available so settled on Miss P and I gave her extra three reds”. WTF??? I don’t know why they are so damn secretive. Are they playing gods by not releasing info? Or are they protecting their prized establishments? Or are they keeping newbs at bay? Or are they trying to not give it away to authorities? Whatever it is, I hate it.

I started looking elsewhere. I looked at Sammy Boy and Sex141 where Asian mongers don’t have too many qualms about sharing, though the reports were scarce, I did find them helpful. Eventually I broke​ down and started to private message the senior members. From them I did get help but it was only because I had a proven track record in other forums. After my Dubai trip, I gave my reports but I used the same “I went to the Palm tree place spa near the clock and saw Miss Q” type of bullshit.


The UAE has bullshit rules about guests in your hotel room. Some hotels have a strict no visitor policy. If they were not registered at check in, then they will not be allowed. They will be stopped at the elevator bank or you will get a phone call in your room by hotel security. This is what they call “Red”.

Some hotels will allow you to bring a visitor as long as they show an ID and pay a fee. This is called “yellow”. Usually the fee is 100 AED. In the big picture, I would not bother with yellow hotels. You’re going to be spending over 1,000 AED (~$300 USD) for each night you go out. I would just get a green hotel to avoid hassle unless you’re really tight on cash. If you’re tight on cash, don’t go to Dubai!

Green, Double Occupancy

Some hotels allow you to bring a visitor as long as you booked double occupancy AND the visitor shows ID. Some hotels charge 100 AED a day extra for double occupancy and some do not. I’ve found that 4 and 5 star hotels generally do not charge extra for double occupancy. Regardless if they charge extra or not, the privilege for double occupancy and to bring a visitor to your room at any time with ID is called “green” and this is what you should look for at any hotel to avoid hassle.

The law requires ID to be logged for all registered guests and visitors who wish to visit your room. There is no way to circumvent this as this is UAE law and often they will be watching you via camera or with a guard at the elevator bank that has the hotel guest list . ALWAYS book a double occupancy to avoid questions. It’s simply not worth it after paying taxi, then 100 to 150 AED to get into the club, pick up the stunner of your dreams, bring her back only to be denied entry. You will end up losing that money, paying return taxi for the girl, and you’ll have to pay her something for her time and for her entrance fee into the club. You’ll be out 500-800 AED with blue balls and be red in the face. Always book double occupancy.

Now she might take you back to her place if it’s feasible or she might take you to a hotel where the both of you will check into but that’s quite a hassle and an extra expense.

Do your research. Call the hotels. Talk to reservations and talk to the front desk and read the forums for up to date info that changes constantly.

Dubai Mongering Options

There are a lot of options in Dubai. I only indulged in clubs and AMP. I entertained WeChat, escorts, and private apartments but never went through with them.

Bars and Clubs

By far the biggest scene. Certain bars and clubs are crawling with working girls. I believe laws require that all bars and clubs be in some type of hotel. Some are low end hotels and some are even in 4 and 5 star hotels. The clubs, bars and hotels are all in on it. The government is in on it. Working girls pay to get into these bars/clubs.Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentGuys pay to get in. Working girls and pimps pay for table service. Girls and guys pay for drinks, hotel rooms, taxis, and food. Sex tourists spend tons of money in Dubai and law enforcement *selectively* turns a blind eye to bring in the money into Dubai and it goes on and on and the on.

Massage Parlour and Spa

There is a huge massage scene in Dubai. There are low end and mid grade places that offer HE, BJ, B2B, and even full service. There are licensed and unlicensed parlours. If you get caught in a licensed one, the blame is on the parlour and not you. Whether or not there are extras, one needs a bit of local intel to not waste your time. You can pick calling cards up off the street but quality can be poor without intel. Don’t think you can walk into any random place and get a happy ending either. Many places are completely legit.


There are escorts to be found in Dubai on Massage Republic (MR), WeChat, Viber, etc. Some are freelancers, semi-pros, and agencies and some are fakes. There is a huge price range for this and you can negotiate. The biggest directory is Massage Republic.

dubai escort pakistani
Dubai Pakistani
dubai massage republic
massage republic independent

Private Apartments

These seem to have two forms in Dubai. The first is where a papa-san or mama-san house their girls. They likely supply to an escort agency, list there girls on Massage Republic, or simply where their girls stay when not working the club/bars. The other type of private apartment is where a bunch of freelancers and semi-pros are sharing an apartment as their house.

dubai private apartment
private apartment Chinese

There are more options, but these are the most common. Through the course of my visit, my favorite was the club and bar scene. Look around, set your targets, play with them and take them back to your hotel.


Dubai is not cheap. On average I spent about 1100 AED a night. That’s over $300 USD a night. Taxi, club entrance, drinks, her fee, her tip, it all adds up.

I was also staying in nice hotels costing $200 USD a night which is alone a huge cost. However the experience I got out of this was top notch. In total expect to spend $500-600 USD a day including hotel. I should also note that almost all the girls I picked up were willing to spend an all nighter with me.

dubai arab girls
Arab beauty

As for girls, the costliest girls are middle Eastern. Lebanese, Moroccan, Turkish, Iranian. Most of these beauties are reserved for the rich Saudis and Arabs who come and spend their big bucks.

Next are high Western European high class escorts. For the common man, the cream of the crop are Russian and Eastern European stunners for 1500 – 2500 AED ($400 – 700) a night. From there it varies… you can pick up girls as low as 400 AED ($110) but it depends on the setting and quality, but even at 400 AED, your paying way more than a you would a Romanian in a German brothel, but you only get 30 mins for 50 Euro in Germany and just a mechanical experience.

There is so much pussy in Dubai but through the couple of days I was there, I only scratched the surface. As a conservative guy who usually doesn’t choose a girl without a lineup, or doesn’t choose a girl without her standing in a window or at the door, the club/bar pickup scene was a huge change for this naive monger and I freaking loved it.

To be continued….

by Mr. Q

13 thoughts on “Mongering Dubai United Arab Emirates”

  1. I found your report informative and interesting Mr Q, just the destination I’m sure for any International Playboy with lots of money who can afford it.

    1. There are cheap options too. I’ll discuss about them at the end of this series in a recap episode. There are $50 USD places. I never explored them though.. nor did I explore Turkish baths.

      I’ve been wanting to go back but have not had an opportunity to do so.

  2. Great overview of Dubai and all the hipocrasy of their culture. The bars are full of working girls but cant kiss on the street on the beach, cant take them to your room etc. Always been tempted by Dubai especially in the past when I use to fly emirates and stop off via Dubai airport. But there does not seem to be any budget options. To enjoy Dubai I guess you need to be prepared to blow a lot of money. And to get the best out of it like you have clearly stated need to do your research so not to waste time and money. Maybe one day I will do a couple of nights there. When I was flirting with the idea, the bar club to go for working girls, was called the Cyclone, is that still running?

    I think alot of the crptic messages today on the world sex forums is because the authorities do read it and know what place to hit, simple as that. With the internet cannot turn a blind eye as all the normal tourists get to read the same info one way or another. a tourist destinations reputations is mostly built up on the internet today.

    1. learned a bit more since I wrote this….

      You can bargain this massage republic and whatever pimos. Expect most to charge 800-1200 AED for escorts… Cept for high end ones. There’s a huge bargaining culture there in the Dubai monger world.

      I also understand with the Sesta/Foesta thing now and law enforcement involvement.

      Cyclone have not heard of it. These places come and go.

    2. There are budget options but they may not be very nice. In working class areas such as Bur Dubai and Deira there are cheap Indian/Paki/Mid East hotels that cater to those for $50.

      There are also more upscale areas with affordable nice AirBNB such as JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) and TECOM. You can get some very nice condos with view for less than $100. However, they are out of way for these club activities.

      When I went, the hotels with the clubs are around $80 a night, such as Ramee and Al Karama (I will talk about those in the upcoming posts).. but unfortunately you cannot bring girls up to your room. Most hotels with clubs do not allow girls in your room unless they are present when you initially check in, else the hotel would be nothing than just masquerading as a brothel.

      I am looking at Google and for the 3rd week of Jan, the hotels are dirt cheap. $125 for a real 4-star hotels… Sheraton and such. Must be the off season right now. When I went, everything was over $200.

      To any extent, the club action seems to be in Deira and Al Karama (Bur Dubai)… just stay in those areas. makes for very quick trips back to your hotel and very close to DXB airport.

      1. If you book a double room, it should be up to you who you take to your room. Hotels have always been used for escorts outcalls etc. Proper brothel hotels were those described in Bahrain whereby a group of girls knock on your door after checkin. But meeting a girl in a nightclub and taking her up to your room is nobodys business except yours. But yes the attraction of mongering in Dubia were all the different nationalities of girls and then just taking them up to your room. But with difficult logistics, rip off taxis unfriendly hotels, get pass all those hurdles and could it be mongering heaven?

        1. Taking a girl up to your room is nobody’s business except for countries with conservative governments. I just came back from an Asian country where there are conditions for that as well!

    3. Whether or not the Cyclone Nightclub is still up and running seems to be a mystery. When I went, and this was years ago, I remember it was a long way away by taxi, far off the beaten track from the main tourist area. Once there though it didn’t disappoint and reminded me of a much larger version of the Manila Bay (or LA Cafe) in Manila. I seem to also remember there was a charge at the door to get in which was expensive but once inside I wasnt disappointed with probably the best looking Thais, Philippine and Mainland Chinese girls I have seen outside those countries. I remember also the groups of mainly white airline cabin crews of both sexes just there for entertainment really. From there I took back two lovely mainland Chinese girls to the HolidayInn where I was staying where we had a lovely time in the room and what was also a pleasant surprise was the ‘Taxi Money’ total amount they asked which for an all nighter did not seem to be a lot of money at the time.

      Cyclone Club, according to this article below, is or was also known as United Nations of Prostitution.

      1. Thanks for this Matt. you have been around, you keep surprising me on all the places you have been. So no desire to return to Dubai? Thats the real test, something good pulls you back for a repeat visit…

        1. It wasn’t a mongering trip and it was just before the smartphones and before doing that type of business etc online. Obviously since then Dubai has changed a lot. I have sort of looked into it and if I ever did return it would be on a short stopover enroute to probably the far east but trying to get more Bang for my Buck I would probably choose to stay in the less in the limelight and cheaper option of Sharjah next door, good I believe for working girls from the Indian Subcontinent.

  3. Mr. Q. What was the ethnic origin of the abaya wearing Muslim hoe? What were her services? Did she do bbbj(oral w/o condom) or cbj(bj with condom only)? Are Indian and Paki escorts worth it in dubai?

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