Burgas Peep Show Bar

Mongering in Burgas Bulgaria

Continuing my Mongering Travelogue Through Three Countries

Burgas Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Well coming now to the final leg of my three Country Mongering Adventure through Kiev, Baku and Sofia Bulgaria and it was to Burgas situated in the southern middle part of the Bulgarian Black Sea where I was looking forward to flying out to that evening, ticket price costing me a very reasonable 65 Lev one way, around 33 Euros booked directly with Bulgaria Air.

After sleeping exceptionally well and getting myself down for breakfast nice and early to miss the queuing masses and bloody noise from all the other hotel guests, I thought the Ramada put on a great spread which fuelled me up for most of the day.

With check-in time at the airport around  9pm I still had a whole day and part of the evening to still enjoy Sofia, if I wanted to, at my leisure.

Having one last swim in the health club pool and feeling quite fit, I checked out of the hotel before midday leaving my bags for safe keeping with the luggage porter behind reception. Then I basically just walked and walked through Sofia at my leisure exploring as well the back streets and shops hoping to find another of those old-fashioned electrical shops to get a replacement for the adaptor I lost in Baku.

back street shops Sofia
Old back street shops still in the Centre

One building in the main Centre on Botev Hristo street which I was saddened to see still there but standing derelict was the large Sin City  bar disco entertainment complex and with a great name like that you just had to go there on any Friday and Saturday night when the place rocked. I also remember as well they had the most frightening looking Doorman security I had ever seen standing by the entrance.

Taxi Rip Off

By the time I got as far as the National Palace of Culture, later that afternoon, with all that walking I was starting to limp which prompted me to hop into a taxi and return to the hotel. Seeming pleasant enough the young taxi driver talked about the time he had spent living and working in the UK, English people number one he said, but that was until we pulled up outside the hotel when the driver who I then realised had not turned on the meter tried to charge me 50 Lev, four times the price I paid to come from the airport. But what really put my back up the most was when after I refused to pay such a ridiculous amount he said ‘Come on, this is what you people pay all the time in England’. But I am not in England, I said, and with great reluctance even handing him the reduced 15 Lev fare which was still too much, while leaving the car I accidentally on purpose left the back passenger door opposite to him wide open, taxi driver payback time long overdue, before walking away and telling the doorman standing there that the driver was an arsehole.

Goodbye Sofia

That evening pulling my suitcase on wheels, from the hotel I walked to the lion Bridge, stopping on the way at a pharmacy to stock up on some condoms where a lovely milf in white nurses uniform was serving behind the counter. There from the bridge but more out of curiosity I caught the new Sofia underground metro train all the way to the airport which cost me 1.60 Lev, taking under an hour to get there.

Sofia Metro station
Again putting my own country to shame, here in the Centre in what is probably the most busiest Underground Station in Sofia, Roman antiquities and pottery behind glass display units there for everyone to view right there on the platform

Ferried by bus again to the plane and taking what seemed like ages to board what was a full aircraft, once in the air and gazing down with some feelings of nostalgia at a city which I had loved to bits at one time there lit up at night spread out below, this time I saw no reason to ever return.

Burgas Mongering

On paper I thought Burgas, the largest sea port in Bulgaria would have had everything going for it both for an inexpensive beach holiday, and being the poor neighbour to the much more expensive and much more in the limelight Sunny Beach holiday resort only 21 miles up the road, if Sunny Beach was anything like the more toned down Golden Sands holiday resort much further up the coast where the hookers as well as being mafia controlled and expensive tended to stick out like sore thumbs and are often the victims of over the top police street raids to cleanse the streets of them in full view of families on holiday, where I was flying to right now the mongering opportunities looked much better.

Again according to my old friend the Wikisexguide, not only during the high season where you can be propositioned while even walking along the sea shore, apparently all year round in Burgas even during the cold times of the year it said you will often see gypsy lady prostitutes out on the streets near to the night clubs. Yes, sounding as if it had street hookers coming out of it’s ears, Burgas was looking good.

Welcome to Burgas

Meeting my flight which landed at 10 minutes to midnight the driver must have had a bad back or something as he led the way for me and all my luggage to follow. Booked in advance through motoroads.com the 6 mile or so journey to the hotel cost 4 Euros to make the reservation online plus another 10 Euros balance to give to the driver who could have perhaps shown a bit more patience towards me when forgetting it was in Euros I tried to pay him in Bulgarian Lev.

Welcome to Burgas, or Bourgas as it’s also called.

The hotel I booked myself into for 4 nights, leaving me another 3 nights for the week I was there with the option to move on elsewhere if I needed to, and boy did I need that option, was the Hotel Bulgaria chosen if nothing else for its excellent location what I thought was right bang in the Centre where all the action would be together with the fact that it had a branch of the Happy Bar and Grill attached to it. Costing 95 Lev per night, special internet rate, again paid in advance and non refundable the room this time did not include breakfast.

Arriving at what was an old school typical looking Iron Curtain type high-rise building and checked in by two unsmiling people at reception, the hotel and corridors inside was more like the inside of a general hospital I thought and seeing the small basic standard room allocated to me high up but looking to the back of the town, I knew I had paid too much.

After unpacking my things and feeling tired I got straight into bed. Only 6 days now left of my holiday and tomorrow was another day.

Waking up to a lovely sunny day, packed with things for the beach as well, I went out to explore a bit and find my bearings. From the local tourist office, again manned by unsmiling staff who gave me the impression I had done something wrong, under their watchful gaze I helped myself to some random guides including a local street map and was glad to get out of there.

Burgas Beach

Before sussing out myself the general direction to the beach, my impression of the town part was just like the hotel I was staying in, it had seen much better and prosperous days with a lot of local businesses shut down, I noticed, including the local McDonald’s.

Burgas McDonalds
Even Ronald McDonald had done a runner in Burgas it seemed

Most of the people on holiday seemed to be young couples pushing baby buggies who seemed to be everywhere on the streets during the day.

Stopping at a patisserie to get a pastry and coffee to have outside, I had just sat down on one of the sunny benches nearby when a gypsy man maybe in his forties ran past while sniffing glue from a blown up polythene bag. Just as shocking and not as comical as I probably made it sound, he decided to stop just in front of me and high as a kite and out of his mind he started to survey all the people in front of him including myself before breathing in again the fumes and thankfully running off again.

Crossing over the main highway leading to the airport just on the edge of town I walked through the vast but nice Sea Garden botanical gardens leading to the beach, and quite a walk it was just to see the sea even.

burgas beach bulgaria
The beach at last but for me it didn’t quite give off the right Yin and Yang positive vibes

Deciding to give a swim in the sea a miss that day, I continued to walk the whole length of the beach area past all the beach bars and restaurants.

Burgas Beach Walkway
Burgas Beach Walkway

as far as this real grotty stretch of beach right at the far end.

grotty beach
grotty beach

Did though have some nice fresh grilled fish and chips on the way back.

Disappointing Evening

The evening though was a disappointment, but for a couple of pubs and a few bars and some nice restaurants, there seemed to be fuck all to do in Burgas at night, unless you were a gambler, for the town had alot of those slot machine casino type places open 24/7.

hotel bulgaria burgas
Hotel Bulgaria right in the middle of the action. But where was the action?
burgas shoe shop
What looked promising from a distance turned out to be a shop selling shoes

Sorry but in this case the Burgas wiki sex guide seems to be well out of date. The only sex club type of place I saw, hidden away up a small side street was the Peep Show Bar. Managed by the same people as the one in Sofia and more for night owls it was not really my cup of tea.

Burgas Peep Show Bar
Burgas Peep Show Bar

Surely, I thought, there must be some action on the main highway leading out of town, especially along the Sea Garden stretch where there were some large hotels close by. Other than what was plainly a local tranny complete with fishnet stockings trying to play his trade (Disgusting) close to the bench seating area where I saw the glue sniffing addict that morning, despite walking about a mile up the highway and a mile back again I did not encounter a single hooker, or see a single lady gypsy prostitute anywhere, never mind a good looking one, and those Sea Gardens would have been just the perfect place to do the deed in.

Boring Burgas

The only good thing that came of that walk was discovering an excellent place close to the town called the Dover Retro Bar on  ul. Belair street which playing 80s and 90s music together with a nice welcoming atmosphere and friendly bar staff helped to keep me sane for the next couple of nights.

But to me when mongering, or in this instance trying to, a bar or pub no matter how good it is, is only good when it complements the mongering for no bar or drink on its own can replace that pleasure.

Come my second day or third night in Burgas, and being literally bored out of my mind, hitting me first was the cold truth of the matter that I could not see that much difference between here and me being in any large seaside resort back home.


Then the indecision started which to me is a real bitch, taking over all my thoughts persistently throughout the day. Should I just cut the holiday short and just write this off as a bad experience I thought, and constantly I was thinking, and try and get a flight home, and walking the whole of that same stretch of beach again before taking a dip in the sea I finally made up my mind deciding to stick it out in boring Burgas, but then that same record started playing all over again with the same shit but different topic, in respect to, but now should I or should I not save myself the trouble of having to find a hotel for those next 3 nights in anywhere but Burgas…..

Burgas Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Summing up my feelings quite well at the time ; taken on a drizzly Sunday afternoon this was my Burgas Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Coming up in the next instalment I make my evacuation by bus to Sunny Beach where I get back on track with Sun, Sand, Sea and some Raunchy Sex.

burgas bus sunny beach
Getting out of Dodge

By Monger Matt.


6 thoughts on “Mongering in Burgas Bulgaria”

  1. Although negative, is a great report and obviously a place to avoid. Maybe once had something going for it? I take that wikisexguide with a pinch of salt, it has often led me up the garden path. From another perspective its a small planet now, and if anywhere had good mongering there would be alot of mongers there. The derelict McDonalds really sets the scene, McDonalds are always popular. As you know most girls will gravitate where the money and tourists are, so assume you will get alot more options at Sunny Beach, look forward to that?

    1. Not being part of the European Union at the time and being amazingly inexpensive for most things, including drinks and tobacco, It was about 2006 when I first went there not long after I had become disillusioned with Thailand and the Thai bar girl scene.

      Then, as I still do now, I like the buzz of some cities and being more of a night owl then, as well as mongering, I was also into the nightlife scene a lot more and Sofia with great nightlife too ticked all the right boxes, and being much closer to home, for a while it became one of favourite short-haul city mongering fixes.

      So in a nutshell,
      Found and still find the classic looks and natural beauty of most Bulgarian women to be Wow! Then before the days of smartphones and before most of the meet for sex business was arranged online the available women of the night in Sofia then made their presence known in or around the usual hotels and hotel bars, nightclubs and the younger ones mainly in the discos, like Sin City which is sadly no longer. Prices then were around 50 Lev upwards. More expensive to around double the price, you could get a fast track fix in one of the many Go- Go strip club places which were in Sofia at that time. One of my regular favs then was Kama Sutra which was like being back in Bangkok but with Bulgarians instead of Thais up there strutting their stuff naked on the podium.

      But it was not all Mongering and as I said the nightlife scene in Sofia was and still is very good usually with no discrimination on the grounds of a persons age show when trying to enter these places as is still the case in most Eastern European countries.

      In a relationship too at the time with someone I met in Sofia, there were a couple of memorable New Years Eves covered in snow where I flew in on a flying visit from London and celebrated with a gala meal and entertainment in a good hotel which in today’s money cost us about £25 each. Yes, those were the days. And then, still in the relationship, there were the holidays on the black sea and I won’t lie when I say there was the odd occasion especially when having been to the beach I had to lock the bathroom door and jerk myself silly

      Merry Christmas

  2. It reminds me of the (bad) experience I had in Parno, a beach town south of Estonia. The place was dead and not recommended for mongering at all.

  3. Yes even Tallinn the capital which once was, is now no longer a good mongering bet. Open borders, low cost airlines and smart phones together with the internet has made mega changes to the sex industry within the last 10 years.

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