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Sofia Bulgaria, the Bright Lights

So finally arrived in Bulgaria and now set up with a local SIM card and a good internet connection on my phone, that same evening I am strolling through the centre of Sofia.

Feeling Relaxed

Having had a pleasant swim and a relaxing snooze by the hotel pool earlier and adding to that staying in nice surroundings, the relaxing bit was working and I was starting to get my mongering mojo back again; what with those girls at the health club strutting their stuff still on my mind and the other nice thought that when in Rome (or when in Bulgaria when Paying for pleasure) you do what most locals do and have sex with a local, most who I find attractive and not with someone from every other country, but; focusing in on some of the local eye candy out there walking past me on the street I was walking with a spring in my stride.

Passing the well established Fetish Strip Club on Vitosha Blvd which I saw was still up and running (on my one and only past visit there we didn’t get on due to me being told I was being disrespectful for merely asking to see the drinks price menu first ) I stopped off at a busy crowded place for a beer in the pedestrianised part mainly to get out of the rain which started to bucket down and unfortunately was to continue for most of the night.

Fetish club Sofia
The famous Fetish Club on Vitosha Boulevard still going strong

Not yet feeling hungry enough to eat and certainly not in the mood to sit and drink alone amongst groups of people who I didn’t know, I carried on walking, exploring and revisiting some of the back roads running parallel to Vitosha where there are some interesting bars and establishments hidden away off the main tourist stretch waiting to be discovered.

This gentleman’s club which I stumbled across on Hritso Belchev or Angel Kanchev Street initially looked quite promising when I stepped just inside just to inquire. The beautiful Bulgarian hostess girl I spoke to as well as being very attractive seemed exceedingly friendly and there were non of the usual Bulgarian macho looking doorman to be seen rudely breathing down my neck. Even though the hostess guaranteed she would give me a goodtime, the place just looked and felt expensive, but still it was an open option maybe for later.

Gentlemens club sofia
Gentleman’s club a bit of off-piste from the main tourist drag

Eventually stopping for something to eat at the Happy Bar and Grill back on Vitosha, crowded and buzzing as ever inside I was ushered by the pretty waitress to a nice table in a corner alcove just perfect for that bit of privacy I needed while on my phone I tentatively checked out some local call girl escort sites online.

Sofia Escorts

The first one I found,, although the prices seemed quite reasonable starting at around 80 BGN per hour most of the girls initially looked too hard-core for my liking, this was not some dark back alley I might be relieving emptying my heavy balls in but a nice room in a 4 Star hotel.

Then several of the other sites I looked at, some of the pictures looked quite fake and just as dodgy, pictures of the women with only their back to you which basically meant anyone could have turned up at the hotel, and some sites didn’t even have a direct contact number to call, but wanted you to register and email first. Yeah Sure.

Anyhow I was quite enjoying my meal and being waited on in the buzzing ambiance surroundings of what is basically Bulgaria’s restaurant chain equivalent of Hooters, maybe not as in your face but Man those young local Bulgarian waitresses are something.

Over desert and well into my 3rd or maybe 4th JD with Coke and feeling very mellow and relaxed and I was somewhat impressed and quite tempted with this Winner, CallGirlsBulgaria site featuring local girls who it would be reasonable to say have not yet been spoilt or manipulated yet by the lure to travel and earn big bucks in Europe. Here I saw some very good prices advertised by girls perhaps new to the game advertising for example, a very reasonable 150 Euros outcall for 3 hours.

With those nice thoughts put on hold until maybe I got back to the hotel I paid the bill giving the hot stuff waitress as well a well deserved tip.

Deciding to head back to the hotel and just as I left the restaurant and started to walk down Vitosha a young Gypsy women joined me and despite it being only around 10 O’clock in the evening with still a lot of people about, probably stoned out of her mind she put her hand on my cock through my trousers and told me Good Sex, Good Sex. Good sex or not, that one I managed to shake off.

Lion Bridge Gypsys

About half way back to the hotel I had more or less made my mind up to call in a call girl to the hotel. Still on Luiza Maria Blvd just before the Lion Bridge road junction, through the now intermittent light falling rain I noticed two gypsy girls on the other side of the road, one with typical darker skin and one with lighter features and it was the lighter skinned one with sort of Mexican Latin American looks who crossed over the road and propositioned me with full sex in a short time hotel come hostel just around the corner for 30 Lev plus 10 for the room. Not bad, above average in looks and in about her late 20s with quite a friendly personality as well, I stood there in two minds and was almost tempted but still thinking about it anyway I crossed over to the other side of the road but to where the darker skinned gypsy even more stoned looking than the first one earlier lay in wait and while not taking ‘No’ for an answer started to try and frisk my pockets as I was trying to squeeze past. Turning around but walking back in the opposite direction to where I wanted to go with the same Walking Dead zombie sticking to my side despite me slapping her wrists a couple of times as she was trying to put her hands in my both my pockets and on my dick, becoming concerned now I managed to flag down the first taxi I saw that was free and made my escape that way.

One Hour

Back to civilisation back in my hotel room and back online; only wanting about an hours company as I wanted an early night, back on the site I picked and chose what I thought were the typical features of a typical sexy young Bulgarian to come to me at the hotel but due to the person either not picking up the phone or when they did, did not speak English, it took more time than I thought and it was about my 5th or 6th choice down the line when I spoke to this leisa girl charging 100 Lev plus taxi for the hour outcall, who would come to the hotel she said understanding me, in one hour.

Top escort sofia
Initially, I though my name was on and written all over this Ad:

Local 23 year old girl, only other language spoken English.Worked at night (most of the girls seemed to only work day time). Finish: In the mouth, On the face, On the chest, yes Leisa got my vote.

Arranging to meet downstairs in the hotel bar coffee shop area by reception, picking up a copy of the ‘like watching paint dry’ International Herald Tribune newspaper to help pass the time I took a seat in a comfortable armchair in the lounge area and from the friendly half Indian looking Milf waitress ordered a small coffee and a local Bulgarian Brandy which she recommended.

No Chemistry

Arriving around 45 minutes late, my first impression of my guest was that just like the picture in her profile she was okay in body, and in person looks, with nice long black curly hair, wearing nice tight jeans which complimented her nice slender figure well but I wouldn’t say particularly friendly. We shook hands and when I gestured her to join me at the table she told me that would cost extra, she just wanted to go up to the room, Okay no problem I said not taking it further but I did explain I did have to pay the bill first and when the waitress went away to prepare it instead of taking a seat she remained standing and taking a call on her mobile phone she turned her back to me and carried on having what was a private conversation.

Okay she was a rude bad mannered fuck, with attitude and in the lift I couldn’t stop myself asking her if everything was okay, was there a problem? For this otherwise lack of chemistry between us was not doing any good in the Me being sexually aroused department below or feeling relaxed for that matter.

15 Minutes

Paying her first in advance plus another 20 Lev on top for her taxi, once in the room and without a word spoken she went straight into the bathroom and locked the door and then I heard the shower going and around 15 minutes later she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath robe and seeing me not ready she got impatient and gestured me to hurry up, I think she said 10 or 15 minutes her taxi would be here. Not wanting to start an argument, at that point I was feeling a little reluctant even to get undressed and having such little enthusiasm left in me I thought what a waste of money. After I did get undressed and she slipped off the bathrobe showing some nice firm pale white round tits and a partly shaved black bush fanny I joined her on the bed and proceeded to shag her doggy style with condom and was even quite surprised myself when I came straight away.

Lonely Sex Starved

When I came though that was her signal to get up and leave, the modus operandi unwritten law of most prostitutes who visit lonely sex starved men in hotel rooms, but me knowing me I know I will probably at some point put myself through all this same hassle all over again, no doubt in some different hotel room somewhere else in the world.

Coming up in the next instalment

Burgas bulgaria

Burgas, Boulevard of Broken Dreams

By Monger Matt.

8 thoughts on “Sofia Bulgaria Top Escort”

    1. Thanks Ben.
      Just trying to continue the format really of the original (founded by someone calling himself Atta) and arguably the best World Sex Guide – travel report and discussion forum which had so many peple contributing to it which sadly suddenly disappeard overnight sometime I think in the early 2000s. Some of those reports were great just like some of Sir Pauls’, who may have contributed himself, well put together and entertaining reports here on M Planet.

  1. Hello Alex,
    In hindsight I totally agree but in situations like that one does hope the persons attitude will change and things will improve, maybe once in the privacy of the room but plainly that didn’t happen.

    1. Its a bummer when it turns out that way. Do you think she could have been working against her will?
      I visited Sofia 10 years ago. There were lots of scams and that fetish club was too be avoided. There were 3 really good clubs, girls dancing short time rooms on pemise. Bit like being in a thailand gogo in the good days.

      1. You just never know nowadays, but I must say most of the call girls I have paid in Europe, especially, have not exactly had bubbly personalities.
        Even 10 years ago when you went I think you would have still missed the so called golden years of mongering in Bulgaria which the usual old timers talk about. My favourite go-go by the way was the Kuma Sutra Striptease Club which apparantly is still there.

        1. Iv not used escorts often when travelling. But those sisters in Lisbon was exceptional. You could say pros and enjoyed their work. Seems like you were having a good night, a good escort would have been the cherry on top. But good story and we all have these experiences from time to time.

  2. Sofia looks to be very dreary, and dry from the girls point of view.
    It is good that you could bust your knot with that cunt after all.

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