One Night in Sofia Bulgaria

Continuing My Three Country Mongering Travelogue Through The Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria

Leaving the sights and sounds of Kiev and Baku now behind me I was now in transit for one night in Sofia enroute to Burgas, for me another new Bulgarian destination.

Sofia the past

It had been a long time, the last time I visited Sofia and holidayed on the Black Sea Bulgaria had not as yet joined the EU. Overall then it was quite an inexpensive country to visit and adding to that my liking for the darker local women with long black curly hair I was interested now to see just how much things have changed.

Young Beautiful Gypsy Girls

But of course my main reason for coming, and cumming too to Bulgaria☺️ – the Black Sea to be precise, was to check out for myself those reports of the young beautiful Gypsy woman who line the highway lay-bys close to the main holiday beach resorts reportedly selling their beautiful body’s to the passing motorists.

Even if I couldn’t have the former Miss Bulgaria Rositsa Ivanova in person, I was sure that somewhere amongst those young Bulgarian Gypsys’ with a dirty look on their faces and a glint in their eyes I would find similar beauty and physique. With the peak season summertime approaching, hopefully the juicy pussy fruit would be sweet and ripe, just full of rich pickings.

Rositsa Ivanova Bulgaria
Rositsa Ivanova will get my vote anytime, Miss Bulgaria, Miss Black Sea, even Miss Lidl Supermarket if there is such a thing

Arriving at the newer Terminal 2 building I was going to take the new underground Metro train service direct from the airport but then thinking about all the extra walking involved while carrying my bags, to save time I decided instead to take the airport taxi option.

Welcome to Bulgaria

Despite Bulgaria getting millions of euros in funding from the EU towards its transition to become an EU member, I was quite disappointed to see the same airport Mafia taxi touts blatantly standing in close proximity to the official airport taxi booking booth randomly touting their business and singling me out, welcoming me as well to Bulgaria. Scruffy looking and quite intimidating, these people who you don’t want to mess with and certainly don’t want to get into a car with, for them to be there at all surely there is still corruption from the highest level. Do important first impressions of a country not count anymore? Ignoring them and walking up to the booth I got a metered taxi to the hotel and still reasonable for 12 Bulgarian Lev, around 6 Euros for the 7 or so mile journey to the centre.

Ramada Sofia City Center

Situated on the wrong side of the tracks of Maria Luiza Blvd between the lion Bridge and the Train Station, but still ticking all the right boxes for me, the hotel I booked myself into for 1 night for 55 Euros with breakfast included was the large tired looking but actually quite nice inside 4 star Ramada Sofia City Center hotel with Casino and Spa.

Ramada Sofia City Centre
Ramada Sofia City Centre

With a direct view from the back of the hotel facing directly onto an ugly looking tower block building and the main flight path into Sofia airport which was noisy when the window was open, otherwise I found the Standard room to be pleasantly comfortable, quite a step up I thought from the ‘Matt’ Residence in Baku.

Ramada view sofia
The view from my room at the back

Lying flat out on the luxurious king size bed, just taking it in for a moment, with the sights and sounds of Baku which I had left earlier that day and now 1,500 miles away still running through my mind, the jet engine was a great invention and because of that the world has now become smaller and faster but it was now time to slow down a few gears for a day or so and for sure this particular hotel was just the right place for me to do that and recharge my batteries.

Unpacking first just the very basics as I would be checking out the following day, taking my trunks with me I went down to use the pool in the Spa and health club.

Employed with young and for Bulgaria, surprisingly bubbly members of staff who when I checked into the Spa area tried to cajole me with a massage session; as tempted as I was but based on past experiences I was not going to fall into that trap of that of a typical hotel, or otherwise spa and health club massage where after the usual bait and switch tactics one is normally smothered under layers of towels over the towel you are wearing anyway and you find it hard to breath, never mind relax.

Anyway I saved myself at least 50 lev there and spent the rest of the afternoon on a lounger relaxing by the pool at the same time enjoying the eye candy whenever a member of the health club staff (or the bait) walked past, flirting mischievously, wearing their tight track suit bottoms and gym vest.

Having made numerous visits in the past, ie, done most of it and worn the Sofia t-shirt, staying this time only one night in the capital I had the added luxury of not feeling that I had to get out there and do the sightseeing bit etc.

State Of Bliss, Some Took The Piss

No pressure really other than to relax, but I had two main things to buy, a local SIM card and hopefully a similar replacement for the same fast charging old looking electrical adaptor which I had bought in an old electrical shop here in Sofia many years ago and what has accompanied me around the world and never let me down whatever the socket shape or size, which I could not for the hell of me find when I started packing for my flight back in Baku the previous evening, I must have looked under the same bed at least 5 times. A favourite reliable pen of mine which never waxed while filling out forms and landing cards etc also disappeared from the Baku ‘Matt’ Residence together with what I had forgotten about anyway, and whoever took it is welcome to them, the pack of cigarettes which I bought on that first day when trying to get some change. In my state of bliss, some took the piss, Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.

Ramada pool sofia
Pool at the Ramada, a perfect place to relax and recollect my trip to Central Asia which despite all, more than met my expectations.

Being a bit off the beaten track the hotel was still, within reason, within walking distance to most of the places I wanted to go to. leaving the hotel on foot early that evening about 5 minutes down the road I passed the Peep Show Bar and the Lion Bridge, an area at night renowned for gypsy prostitutes.

Crossing the bridge where they have since revamped and modernised the area a bit, carrying on up Maria Luiza and remembering the Mosque and the McDonalds restaurant on the opposite side of the road, I thought I was close by to that old electrical shop but could not find it again, no doubt having now been replaced by much newer modern looking premises.

Maria Luiza meets Pirotska Street
Still on the wrong side of the tracks where Maria Luiza meets Pirotska Street with Mount Vitosha in the distance, always an impressive sight.

Close to the Market hall nearby you may encounter the odd street walker who may have strayed from their own patch close to Lion Bridge or closer still from the start of the main Vitosha Blvd tourist area just up the road.

From a phone shop and just like in Kiev just a few buildings up the road from McDonald’s I got myself a local Vivacom SIM card with internet connection and ample phone credit all set up for me for 8 Lev but without that wonderful smiling customer service bit thrown in which I became so used to even in the Ukraine, well almost. Also out of the three countries I visited this was the first time I was asked to show my passport for ID.

While waiting for the 30 minutes or so for the service to be activated I continued my walk, taking me past the Happy Bar and Grill on Vitosha Blvd to the start of the old Soviet era iconic buildings and the historical architecture part of Sofia, which never fails to impress me, just the feel of the place the old buildings and atmosphere is quite amazing.

Sofia city center
Sofia’s Iconic buildings in the centre

Coming up in the next instalment I have an encounter with some gypsy street walkers and call in a call girl to the hotel.

By Monger Matt.

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