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Campo Alegre Curaçao

What inspired my first trip to Curaçao was typing mongering heaven into google to get some fresh ideas for new destinations. Well, I liked the idea of visiting the Caribbean Dutch Antilles via Amsterdam and that was now where I was heading.

Mongering heaven

Mongering heaven is a term whore mongers use to summarise a place that generally has alot of quality easy pussy on offer and not too expensive. I first come across the term when researching Athens in Greece. Mongers heaven was used to refer to all the brothels along Filis street in Athens and the abundance of cheap quality girls from all over Europe, so it also means variety and a fuckfest.

Campo Alegre

To be honest I had never even heard of Curacao let alone Campo Alegre before it came tops in my search for a mongering heaven albeit virtual. Basically Campo Alegre is a huge brothel on the island of Curacao with up to 150 girls working from all over South America and the Caribbean, latinas and blacks. Its legal, its cheap around 30$ a pop.

campo alegra girl
typical girl

There is a large bar area to relax and interact with the girls, a restaurant also. Campo Alegra is built like a huge resort where the girls rent out rooms for 3 months. You just walk around the complex, see a girl you like and pop into her room and do the deeds.

campo alegra rooms
Campo Alegra resort

Campo Alegra is open 27/7 365 days a year. There is not much happening in the day with prime time being around 9pm.

The main problem is its location, you need wheels to get there from Willemstad where the hotels are. The options are to hire a car for around 30$ a day or hire a taxi which will cost you that one way, if not more. The other problem with reports of Campo Alegra is it is not what it once was. The selection of girls is way down, with bad management. So this was maybe my one and only chance to experience the Caribbeans largest brothel.

Colombian Girls

After some serious jetlag I not venture to Campo Alegra until the second night of my short stay in Curacao. Chatting to the manager of my accommodation, he set me up with a driver who would drop me off at Campo Alegra and pick me up when I was ready all for $30 total. My driver was young and drove a bit erratic but got me to my destination in one piece.

campo alegra leaf
campo alegra leaf

You know you have arrived at Campo Alegra with the neon iconic leaf outside. Its suppose to be $10 entry but I was not charged. A bottle of beer at the bar will set you back around $5. It was early around 8pm, a few people about, some fat girls available, so I took a walk around the adult resort.

Lovely Latina

As the evening progressed a few more girls appeared outside their doors, but most were closed. It would be wonderful if they were all open for business with girls from all over Latin America. After a few rounds I bumped into a gorgeous Latina Colombian girl who spoke good English. She was 20 yo, lovely face, big tits, fit, no tattoos or silicon, just a natural beauty. I knew this was my lucky moment.

Back to her room for 30$, great fuck with her, lovely girl from Medellion Colombia. A place I would love to visit, she gave me her Whatsapp if ever I am in town.

Busty Black

After the Colombian Latina I walk around Campo Alegra more checking out the talent. Its mostly Colombian girls and Dominicans. They are free to come to Curacao or can obtain a visa easy enough. Curacao is close to Venezuela and with its current problems no doubt this place could be packed out with cute Venezuelan girls, but they cannot come to work here as prostitutes. There is loud latin music playing in the bar which I find a bit overbearing. I want to stay until pass 9 which is prime time.

Campo Alegra bar
campo alegra bar

Almost in the same place I bumped into the latina a gorgeous busty black girl also from Colombia comes up to me and starts fondling my balls and cock through my trousers. She will include BBBJ for 40$ so back to her room we go. Another great fuck and good BBBJ. She seemed to love her job with blue movies playing on her TV. Very friendly happy go lucky girl.

Another beer in the bar and then my driver picks me up and takes me back to my accommodation. Its very unusual for me to fuck two beauties in one night, so yes it had been mongering heaven and not spent much more than a $100 in all.

Dominican Girl

After a night off I return to Campo Alegra for a second jaunt and hoping of a similar repeat but not with the same girls. Same procedure as the first night walking around the adult resort checking out the girls in their little rooms. Dominican girls were dominant tonight, I was being offered blowjob with no condom, but with security around they had to be hush hush about this.

There were not many girls working, most of the rooms were vacant or the girls were not plying their trade. The majority that were working were fat and old. Eventually I find a cute Dominican aged 23, slim, she told me she was new. Being a tourist they ask for double but then you just knock them back down to $30 for a simple pop. There is not really any clock watching like the window girls in Amsterdam but you cant take all night. Not a bad fuck, but room was hot. Not as good as the Colombians which is the general consensus with mongers visiting Campo Alegra. So wandering around Campo Alegra is a little hit and miss, right place, right time, similar to window shopping in Amsterdam.

Around Willemstad

There are other mongering options on Curacao and around Willemstad but I failed to tap into it during my short stay. Check out the official mongering map of Curacao as shared on the international sex guide. Your options are limited without hiring a car. Not something I like to do as not confident driving on the other side of the road. Consider though that the people offering the car hire are usually happy to give you a driving lesson.

Willemsted Curacao
Around Willemsted

I checked out a few bars around Willemstad and the streetwalker scene but saw nothing. It was the purpose of building Campo Alegra to keep prostitution out of Willemstad. What you have is mostly Dutch families, couples and tourists from cruise ships making a stop.

2 thoughts on “Campo Alegre Curaçao”

  1. First time I heard about the Dutch Antilles being a good place fillled with south American women was backed in 2009! I think the best places to monger are SEA, but when you’ve been there 4-5 times you eventually get tired of it –

    1. 4 or 5? and the rest more like 15 or 20 lol
      Its loses its magic and thats why I like to try new places. Its always a good break from work. Being away anywhere can make you appreciate home and having a job, so you can plan to do things like this. you always learn when you travel even if never to go back. Mongering on its own is not so important to me anymore, I had a couple of good nights in Curacao

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