Baku Recap

Monger Matt’s Baku Recap

Expecting Baku to be a more liberal non dry and relaxed typical Middle East like setting full of mysterious Middle eastern Arabian type girls, when I arrived I was initially a bit confused as to whether the place was of Muslim or Russian culture.

Azerbaijan has always been a Muslim country but as recently as 1991 it was also part of the Central Asia Soviet Union, made very apparent to me one evening when travelling uptown on the metro from the tourist centre into proper central Baku I could have been in any Russian city. So of course Baku it is a bit of both and the Russian girls who I mostly came in contact with were in fact Azerbaijani.

Darker Skin to Whiter Skin

The local darker skinned Azerbaijan women come in two types and sizes, the first being the larger but still attractive Arabian Middle Eastern type of girl, and, the thinner and exceptionally well kept type of girl (who in the UK we might think of of being Posh) of Syrian, Lebanese or even Moroccan in looks and physique. Working wise, as a non pro girl doing real jobs like the girl in the phone shop, you would find these girls working mainly in the shops, cafes and restaurants, and in the same mould but usually working in the bars and clubs were mainly the Russian Azerbaijan nationals or white girls, some of who I also thought to be just as Posh.

And of the same nationality but not necessarily so well polished, the same women as above also happen to make up the majority of the P4 Pleasure working girls coming up to you in the streets and coming up to you in the bars.

Working Girls From Other Countries.

Women from those former Soviet Central Asia countries granted Visa exemptions by Azerbaijan, especially, also come to Baku to work. One girl from Georgia who gave me a blow job told me it takes only 10 hours now to travel by bus from Tbilisi and she is allowed to stay in Azerbaijan without a Visa for 90 days. As well as the Russian Federation of course, and the Ukraine, some working girls also come from a far as Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The Two Main Mongering Streets

As mentioned in my reports the two main mongering streets in the Centre are Tarlan Aliyarbeyov joining Fountains Square and joining this road Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh St including any of the other smaller streets branching off either of the two. Having a McDonalds and a KFC nearby, Fountains Square came into its own as a popular place for the ladies of the night (and day) to hang out providing there were the crowds for them to blend in. I found though the emptier the Square became at night so did the girls disappear.

Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh
Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh street sign name shortened and not all that clear to see at night and add to that the dark uneven pavements which I tripped on many times

Offers of Threesomes on more than one occasion

As well as in the street usually by the pubs, clubs and bars I was also approached several times in the Square, but like in Kiev always discreetly and on more than one occasion I was spotted by someone I had brought back to my place before I spotted them, usually sitting outside one of the fast food places usualy with a friend, introducing her friend to me and asking if I wanted to take her friend back as well.

Fountains square baku
Lit up at night and spraying on all four cylinders my favourite fountain opposite the Tequila Pub where some of the girls hung out

Going Rate for Sex

Always asking for as much money as they thought they could get away with for their taxi afterwards, on top, the going rate or price asked seemed to be around the 50 to 60 Manat mark usually with no set time stipulated and always, I found, with the gf experience included. More reason then to try and go for a nice Apartment over there rather than a just a hotel room, but nothing too expensive for I’m sure anyone staying at any of the 5 star hotels in Baku would be paying a lot more.

Pubs, bars and nightclubs

I have never before seen so many pubs, bars and nightclubs within 3 to 5 minutes walk. Baku seemed to have pubs coming out of its ears. Most of these establishments allow working girls onto the premises, but some don’t and unavoidably just like back home you get those places with the same old nosey regulars propping up the bar and add to that the odd groups of backpackers and for sure they didn’t even see me giving these places a wide berth. But as I say no problem for Baku has more than enough pubs and bars catering for everyone.

Shamrock pub baku
Bar which I walked past many times but never did try, in this case the Shamrock Pub, Billiard 808 bar and next to it the Chalet Pub all close to fountains Square. Maybe next time round

Most pubs by the way are quite expensive in Baku, owning a Pub or bar over there it seems is a lucrative business to have.

Of note, of the many British and Irish pubs on this street with working girls inside, my favourite one of all here was Finnegans which was full of typical Irish charm and typical Russian, Eastern European looking girls but probably had the most expensive drinks as well, cheekily adding a 2 Manet voluntary contribution to the price of each drink whenever there was a live band playing.

Barclays pub baku
‘Come On….ENGLAND!!!’

One bar on A Ali-Zadeh which I gave a wide berth to was Barclays, but everyone to their own.

Right place perhaps but wrong time for Baku Disco Window Shopping

As to the many establishments down on basement level that I passed just because I couldn’t be bothered with all those steps, who knows what joys the Gods of Mongering may have had waiting for me behind those doors, and likewise for the real night owls there were many disco type places, of note Mojo Club and Otto and just passing as I did while doing a bit of Disco window shopping I often saw absolute stunners going inside just starting their night as I was ending mine. Being far too late for me I may have missed out looking at the right place perhaps but at the wrong time.

Feeling quite safe

As I mentioned in my report, a couple of times I found myself walking through dark and sometimes deserted streets sometimes late at night usually trying to find an address of a place which wasn’t there anymore, but all the same feeling quite safe. And despite there being so many bars and pubs nearby, throughout my stay I didn’t see or experience even a hint of any anti social behaviour.

Baku pubs bars
Paddy, how long would that clock thing last (or the poor cat for that matter) in the centre of Dublin? or fucking Southend Town centre, or Luton on any typical Friday or Saturday night

A good example maybe of zero tolerance towards any drink induced anti social behaviour was here in a street just around the corner from Finnegans Pub.

Getting Around

Staying in the centre close to Fountains Square and close to the seafront and the Old City which in places was more Monte Carlo than the mentioned Dubai comparison (The Dubai bit I didn’t get).

Designer shops baku
Baring a slight resemblance to Monaco, smart expensive Designer shops near the seafront

Other than visiting the Television Tower right up on the hill and checking out the nearest stretch of beach which I can’t recommend, there was no reason really for me to use a taxi and when I did occasionally, it was just out of laziness. Once I had a local sim card in my phone and thanks to that good tip on Trip Advisor all I had to do was dial 189 for a very reasonable and reliable English speaking local taxi company who quoted you a price first with a minimum fare of 3.5 Manat and then text you when the car had arrived. What could be more easier than that?

Baku beach
Baku or Bali? No guessing now, that will be cheating

Likewise when I used the very easy to figure out Baku Underground Metro to travel uptown to another venue which had moved on and was no longer there, to help ease my disappointment and that of basically wasting my time, the deposit for the plastic travel card which I could have used on the buses as well cost me only 2 Manat and the cost per journey was only 0.20 Manat, not even 10p.

Metro murals baku
Exquisite murals by the Metro platform

The nearest Metro Station to Fountains Square is Sahil

Best Area to Stay Of Course and Accommodation

Based on location, location alone, when booking my apartment (or part of one) on the internet the main selling point for me was being close to Fountains Square and not on pictures or further email enquiries asking whether or not their was a lift in the building and if not what floor would I be on, I messed up this time, big time, paying for it in advance. Lesson learnt.

But next time whether it’s a reasonable apartment thoroughly checked out by me first, or a girl friendly hotel perhaps, apparently most in the Centre are, and not too expensive, it’s a no brainer really that either would have to be within close proximity to Fountains Square.

Despite being unable to find even a half decent beach close by, I was very happy discovering ‘Mysterious Baku.’ For an exotic Mongering destination it ticked all the right boxes and for a Capital City of an oil rich nation I thought Baku for everything except probably drinks in most pubs was amazingly inexpensive, the secret is though when buying anything from food to drink and in my case accommodation you just don’t jump in and purchase the first thing you see.

More of a Springtime Summertime Destination

With Azerbaijan not being in the usually hot all year round Middle East but up there in Central Asia north of Iran, during our winter months Baku is apparently colder than both New York and London – read freezing cold – so that put any ideas I had of returning for a cheap winter sunshine getaway break completely out of the window.

If you don’t like the cold weather Baku is more of a springtime or even better summertime destination.

Now knowing my way around I could easily make the most of just a long weekend, maybe 5 days max at a stretch, as a stop off perhaps before continuing onwards to another place, a new destination perhaps. I will say it again though – there is a big world out there.

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By Monger Matt.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience from Baku. It is still on my list. Currently the flights to Baku are expensive from my country ~400€. So I’m thinking to come as a stopover next year – like you mention in your post.
    I’m looking forward to read your Sofia experiences. Which is also on my list.

  2. Hello Rob,
    I found Azerbaijan airlines very expensive but if you shop around you should get a good price. Found skyscanner online to be very good, with them you can set up a price alert if the price changes.
    My Bulgaria trip included a brief stop off in Sofia before moving on to the Black Sea.
    Glad you are enjoying the reports.

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