Baku Last Day

Continuing my Three Country Mongering Odyssey through the Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria.

Last Day in Baku

Well one more day in Baku before flying on to Bulgaria and I am looking forward to staying in some sort of comfort again for as far as I can remember this is the first time ever on my travels that I have not taken to where I’ve stayed. Usually on first impressions when I have not liked the accommodation it usually grows on me and I get used to the room, eventually, but not this time, not in the ‘Matt’ Residence in Baku, even with the fast wifi and good location etc.

Night Off

The previous night full of the best intentions again I almost did have a night in even getting an early take out pizza from a place on a non mongering street local to me so I wouldn’t be tempted or distracted. It’s amazing just what good entertainment you can find on You Tube and while on a totally non mongering topic I found myself watching again parts of Conor Woodman Around The World In 80 Trades which for anybody stuck in a crummy hotel or apartment room somewhere in the world, who has the slightest interest in Trading while travelling to make money I recommend this one from my heart.


But there is only so much you can watch on your computer or tablet and once more I found the ugly walls of the Matt Residence closing in on me and it was still early and just wanting a change of scene really and some quick relief all roads that evening led back again to the massage places on Khagani Street where I had a look first inside both premises.

The first one I tried was the one I hadn’t been to and I found it not to be as well organised with the main part where the girls sat to be pretty basic with I don’t think a bar area even. By sight most of the girls all of whom were white looked quite hard core and although I thought I might have become quite used to it by now, I found their attitude, the lack of a smile coming from any of their culturally Russian ingrained faces to be quite off putting, including one girl with dreadlocks who otherwise I thought to be quite attractive and who maybe would have given me a good strong massage before I fucked her.

The other place just on the other side of the road was more welcoming but just as I entered the bar area in the basement I saw the girl who I had the other night in the process of taking a customer into a back room, but no problem tonight there were plenty more fish in the sea just as nice. My mind was more or less already quickly made up with a tall darker skinned Lebanese looking girl from Azerbaijan.

Pussy Perfume

Handing over 50 Manat again to the Russian Mamasan, my girlfriend for 45 minutes or so took my hand and on the way to shower told me she liked the English Man, they tip good, she said. First, watching her slowly undress while I got aroused we showered together and afterwards, after she towelled herself dry she gave her shaved muff two quick sprays of perfume which holding the bottle for me to look at was Chanel no 5 . You like, she said, yes, I said and getting down on my knees I gave her pussy a good sniff. Very good massage and one pop later with condom on I was done. Giving her a nice tip, exiting and stopping nowhere in between I walked straight back to my as gloomy as ever Baku residence which even now thinking about it that place gives me the creeps.

Last Day In Baku

So last day in Baku and back to wearing my daytime tourist hat and more sightseeing.

For a change, I had my late morning breakfast and coffee at McDonald’s, choosing to sit on the terrace outside just by the Square. Stopping at my table to say hello was a young local lady who remembered me speaking to her when I was looking for that elusive hop on, hop off (to nowhere) Red Tourist Bus the other morning. Inviting her to sit down and join me I told her my plans which included wanting to check out the beach and as she was free and not doing anything she offered to show me around. Sure, I was up to that and I said I would buy us a nice lunch as well.

Mysterious Baku Old City

Starting with the old City, we were almost there by foot, we just had to cross Fountains Square and walk up the slope for 5 minutes to go back a few hundred years in time to the narrow cobbled streets of what I called the real Mysterious Baku.

Baku Old City
Main Tourist part to the start of the Old City showing the prominent TV Tower and the modern Flame Towers building sticking out to the right.

Dating back to well beyond the 12th Century and an important part of the ancient Central Asia Silk Route Trade, I could have easily spent at least half a day here just wandering randomly, exploring this amazing maze of narrow streets.

Baku old city

Baku old city

After taking a break and stopping for a cup of excellent coffee in a lovely old place which I don’t think I would ever find again, based on a suggestion from one of the girls working in the bars our next place to check out was the section of beach by the Ramada Beach hotel situated a few miles out to the south west of the city.

Local guide

Aisha (Asia I kept calling her) my girlfriend and tour guide for the day despite raising my blood pressure for a few seconds when she walked over to a row of parked up taxis to negotiate a good price to take us there and back, proved to be very helpful with her local knowledge and showed further initiative and resourcefulness by formally sitting in the front ensuring as her new role now as an ‘Official guide’ she got a small cut as well from the driver.

baku local guide
On the way to the beach

In around 15 minutes we arrived but as far as the visit to the beach was concerned there were many things against me that afternoon so there was no danger whatsoever of the fact that I forgot anyway to bring my swimming trunks and a towel with me.

Baku Beach
Baku Beach

Life’s a Beach

One, as it was about the most overcast and coolest day during the whole week I was in Baku it was one of the uncoolest days to visit the beach, and for visiting any beach in Azerbaijan I was still a few months away anyway from the warmer July August high season when it’s the best time, apparently, and when it is the high season the seaside beach loving residents of Baku go the extra mile and visit, I was told, the much better beaches along the same coastline to the north of the city which I saw from the aircraft window shortly before we came into land.

And I will add a fourth ‘downer’ if I may, in that I was not only feeling a little despondent with it being my last day and all that in Baku but a much horrible thought kept emerging in my mind reminding me that in less than a weeks time I would be back at work, Shackled and chained to the system.

Leaving Aisha at the table playing with her phone I took a walk anyway, alone, along the shore and didn’t really enjoy the walk. Also I understand now why some countries even import better quality sand to make their beaches look much nicer.

Baku beach
In comparison all is forgiven Pattaya Beach (Thailand)

With the driver still waiting we ordered lunch with Aisha ordering a small selection of local mezes for me to try (Muppet, if I wanted mezes I would have ordered mezes 🙂 ) after I had ordered my favourite being on holiday beach and poolside staple, a Club Sandwich with french fries. Also I liked the Coke served just how it should be served in a tall glass with ice and a slice of lemon on top. It was an expensive lunch but it was nice, for at that moment the sun started to come out again.

Ramada Beach Baku
Lunch at the Ramada Beach

Dropping me back near Fountains Square I paid the driver a very reasonable 25 Manat including tip leaving Aisha sitting in the taxi as she had a young daughter to pick up from school and giving her as well 50 Manat we agreed to meet up later that evening for dinner.

Dinner Date

As arranged we met outside what became my local, Finnegans for a drink first and as they had a live band playing it was more crowded than usual and they upped the price a bit for the drinks charging me a whopping 18 Manat for two bottles of Heineken to ‘Pay the Piper(s)’ I suppose.

Aisha, soon approaching her 30th birthday had only one daughter who the father, who liked to have a drink, appeared and just as frequently disappeared from their lives. The drunken abusive man running off with another women stories like these which I have heard so many times before and have usually made me feel sorry for the person, still, have now made me become quite immune to them. Making an effort to look nice as well, Aisha was good company as I again picked her brains about Baku and Azerbaijan in general, often shouting to be heard above the noise of the band.

Once a Monger

Then moving on we continued to Vapiano which I wanted to try which was two blocks away literally around the corner. Over dinner I further lied about the fact of being in Baku on business but didn’t lie when I said how much I fucking hated having to work for a living. It was a nice date and we were having a nice time and without a doubt in my mind it could have gone further but this is when the guilt crept in, the honest truth of the matter was that I didn’t want to take it any further, once a monger and always a monger and my mind by then was already wandering to my now nightly routine of doing the circuit of the streets in and around Fountains Square hoping to see the Terrible Twins again or whatever was on the grass is always greener on the other side be it getting lucky with some stunner coming out of a bar or disco just at the right time, or someone really exceptional stopping me on the street. This is the ADDICTION OF MONGERING.

Negative Feelings

Paying an amazing 45.50 Manat for our meal for two which included two glasses of wine, and giving her some money for her taxi home, plus a bit on top, we shook hands and kissed each other good night and I promised to keep in touch. A free man again I felt bad, just hoping she hadn’t gone to a lot of trouble that night to get a baby sitter, or worse still, I hoped she wasn’t feeling disappointed of maybe the evening ending much earlier than she thought it would. Mongering does take over your life, and from time to time it does my head in.

Walking the circuit not once but twice past all the pubs and clubs but feeling more dejected than ever with it not only being my last night, but even worse, knowing that I had less than a week left of being free of being enslaved to the system, it must have shown on my face and all around my body language for nobody approached me and I saw nobody I recognised. Just as my evening started that first night on Fountains Square, that’s how my last night ended. Pausing to take one last picture the party was over and not buying any water this time, I walked back to the Matt Residence alone to start packing for the flight tomorrow, no, correction the flight today.

Fountains Square Baku
My last view of Fountains Square

Coming up next, my Baku Recap

By Monger Matt.

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  1. Cabin fever, think its called. Good weather, swimming pool and beach are relief from this. Its a condition us solo travellers have to contend with. As for the beach i bet you dont have to dodge condom rings and cum froth like you do in Pattaya.

  2. Yeah, cum to think about it and as well as that, on the beach I didn’t encounter one single person trying to sell me something.

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