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Last Night in Amsterdam

With a long drive to Heathrow airport, I was in two minds again if I really wanted to go!  I was going to spend one night in Amsterdam before flying onto the Dutch Antilles Curacao the next morning with KLM.

Amsterdam Revisited

I used to get excited about these trips, counting down the days.  But now I kind of know what to expect.  I really dont enjoy the journey anymore, its a case of just getting on with it, its not so bad once you are there.  My last trip to Amsterdam I got to fuck some nice girls while window shopping around the red light district. I had my first Dominican girl and a gorgeous Bulgarian girl.  So I hoped for a repeat of some of that.  It was a Friday night early summer, so I expected a lot of tourists around. It would be interesting to see if much has changed around the red light district.

Budget Accommodation

When I booked up my flights on Skyscanner, I had not checked the availability of hotels in Amsterdam.  From a price perspective I was severely limited.  I just wanted budget accommodation but not a hostel.  The best I could manage was the IBIS outside of Amsterdam for 150 euros!  Well at least it was only one night, from the IBIS I could take a taxi or bus into the city centre of Amsterdam.

Bus to Leidseplein

No checkin at Heathrow, had only carry on luggage, arrived with plenty of time.  One good thing with the IBIS hotel is they run a free shuttle bus service from Schiphol airport.  At Schiphol little stress finding the bus stop then had to wait around 15 minutes for it to arrive.  Checkin to the IBIS and have a beer in the bar.  A taxi from the IBIS to Central in Amsterdam is a ridiculous 70 euros!  Just across the road is a regular bus service.   The bus costs 6 euros and takes about 25 minutes and I jumped off at the Leidseplein.

At the Leidseplein thought I might enjoy a few beers and nostalgic moments before heading onto the red light district of Amsterdam. But the bars around the Leidseplein were packed out with tourists all people watching outside.  So using google maps I walked to the red light district.

Red Light District Revisited

On first impressions from a distance, the red light district of Amsterdam or De Wallen did not look like it had changed that much.

de wallen amsterdam
de wallen

Rowdy groups of mostly male tourists roaming up and down  by the side of the canal, peering through the windows looking at what was on offer.  Strips shows, more designed to strip you of cash these days.  Coffee shops, still plenty of them although my cannabis smoking days are long past.

red light district
window shopping

Walking up and down the side allies of the red light district, at closer inspection, there were a lot less ladies in the windows.  Quite a few plots were up for rent.  Sex for sale in the De Wallen is definitely on the decline.

Amsterdam Oude church
Oude Church

The tourists were still here in numbers, but I guess many are just lookey loos more on a visit to Amsterdam rather than primarily the red light district.   The quality of the women in the windows was way down too.  Those that were available were mostly old and pass it with a few exceptions.

Women in the windows
A few nice ones

Of course wandering around the red light district of Amsterdam is all about timing.  Any nice women are going to be quickly gone with the high number of horny tourists.  Many curtains were closed, either busy or not working.

No Research

Had I done a bit of research before hitting the mean streets of Amsterdam, the area around the Singel canal is now more favoured by those who enjoy the hobby and window shopping.  More laid back, less tourists.  But for the most part P4P in Amsterdam is much like any other European city, escort sites and visiting brothels or private house (privhuis) .

Not Tonight

I had seen enough, it was going to be too much work to try to get laid in the De Wallen tonight.  Something was telling me also this was my last night in Amsterdam, I now had no reason to ever return.

I enjoyed a few beers watching all the people come and go.  Had something to eat and took the bus back to my hotel.  Next stop Curacao in the Dutch Antilles.

8 thoughts on “Last Night in Amsterdam”

    1. If you mean hotel, i would have preferred to stay close to red light district. But where i was was handy for my onward flight in morning. Taxis, hotels really expensive in Amsterdam. We are not booking a package. Need to check flights and hotels before booking either. Had i done so, would not have stopped over in Amsterdam. Also because of the RLD not think to do any research. Should have done, Always have a plan B and a plan C.

  1. Good to see another new and little reported destination here on Monger Planet. Did Curacao I wonder balance out nicely the one extreme to the other Caribbean mongering scene like Havana Cuba being a great destination but very limited, too expensive in fact, for any reasonably priced comfortable hotels and the Dominican Republic while having the comfortable hotels etc, had as well the more visible pimps and black Gansta thieving street girls high on drugs. Maybe the island of Curacao offerd that welcoming balancing momentum between the two. Look forward to reading more.

    1. Matt the place to go on Curacao is Campo Alegro a big adult resort, the biggest brothel in the Carribbean built to keep it off the streets. Described by some as mongering heaven with blacks and latinas from Colombia and Dominican and some Venusualan girls. But like everywhere recent reports is that it is rapidly declining so saw it as maybe my last chance to experience it and enjoy some sunshine and beaches at the same time. All will be revealed.

  2. Never made it to Amsterdam, closest I ever did was in the Red Light District of Brussels where two whole streets were dedicated to black girls. Interesting to just try it once but (timed) short time behind glass booths is not really my scene, basically it can be too automated and too clinical like for my own personal satisfaction.

    Interesting, especially the memory lane bit of your first trip there in the 80s. Although having lost my virginity by a few years then, at around the same time I had sex for the very first time with a young local Spanish whore in Las Palmas and the main benefit of this pay for sex arrangement which has stuck with me is the fast track element of it, you see a girl, you want to fuck her and at the end you pay her not to hang around but to go, end of story. Add a bar or even somewhere to sit down and have a coffee as well into the equation, and an hour or two, and you also have the gf experience. Probably as well steming from that first experience of mine in Las Palmas is my liking for the raw and raunchy street scene which I got a big taste of in Mexico, and another penchant of mine, big time, is for darker girls with long black curly hair and they have got to have a fucking dirty look on their face as well.

    1. Iv also done the red light district of Brussels and there were some exceptionally attractive African ladies in the windows there. But as soon as I got going the phone rang with their pimp telling them to hurry back to the window. In Amsterdam you had to practice the art of the 15 min quickie no gfe, you needed to be real quick real horny. But always loved strolling around the RLD with the canals and old buildings.

  3. Great post. Takes me back. Amsterdam definitely isn’t what it used to be, but it’s somewhat surprising how open and free the prostitution still is in this #metoo world!

    1. yes always enjoyed walking around the red light district of Amsterdam. Last time spent a few days there so could take my time. the day shift can be better than the night shift. But it is shrinking. When I think back things were alot better before the EU and free movement of people. Even in the UK, the quality was much better with many local girls. Its like eastern european gangs and pimps have taken over.

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