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Continuing My Mongering Odyssey through three Countries

Baku Tourist

It was around half way into my stay when I got around to visiting the prominent looking Baku Television Tower which was always there in the distance prompting me to get up there and check out the stunning views from the top.

Baku Taxis

Getting there and using a good recommendation from Trip Advisor, I used an excellent local taxi firm which when I rang 189 an English speaking telephonist confirmed the destination and price first in advance. Ordering the taxi after I finished another of my usual late leisurely breakfasts and receiving a text message to say the car was outside, I happened to walk past

baku breakfast
At around a fiver, the best value breakfast so far

Another taxi which was parked up and when the driver asked me where I was going and asked me for 20 Manat to cover the same distance which was around 4 times the price, I told him nicely that he ought to be ashamed of himself.

As a rule I never approach any lazy (big giveaway – shit state of the car) piss take taxi driver who spends more time parked up snoozing or reading the newspaper rather than earning a living by actually driving, unless of course it is a proper taxi rank, it’s not so much paying their waiting time but more like paying double, plus, and maybe more for their bone idle time. However, there were worse, much worse taxi drivers to come my way in Bulgaria.

Baku Televison Tower

With the television Tower situated high up on the headland overlooking the bay there were great views anyway from the taxi as we followed the steep winding roads to the top where the entrance to the Tower was.

baku view
Road leading up to the headland and TV Tower

Once inside the reception area I was greeted like royalty by a smart bloke in a suit who as well as smiling and saying Welcome etc, relieved me of 20 Manat which was not so much the entrance fee but a deposit towards any food and beverage that I might have in the revolving Restaurant come observation lounge on the 27th floor.

Revolving Restaurant

As I got into the lift I remembered hoping that the ride to the top would be both fast and smooth which thankfully it was.

baku televison tower
God that looked high

Stepping into the restaurant area I was ushered by a Russian waitress to my table by the window and handed a food and drinks menu. In front and below me, the view initially was to the back and beyond of Baku towards nothing but desert and eventually I suppose, Iran. Quite impressive.

views baku tower
Back and beyond of Baku

To get the ball rolling and to take in the views I ordered the first of the same excellent Azerbaijan local beer, Xirdalan which the Russian Milf introduced me to on my first evening in Baku.

baku local beer
Good local beer

While the restaurant slowly revolved clockwise I got chatting on and off to the waitress topping up and refilling my glass who was actually Azerbaijani, born in Baku and had never been to Russia. She would love, though, she said to visit London and England and of course the USA and was glad to point out to me the odd tourist landmarks including the Old City part of town away in the distance below.

Nearly an hour passed before we revolved full circle and for lunch I ordered Chicken and rice which was ok but nothing to write home about.

central Baku view
View of central Baku.

Basically it is a city, as well, full of old Soviet Tower blocks. To the 1 o’clock position of the modern silver colour 3 Flame Towers is the Old City and Fountains Square area.

Leaving any change I may have had left as a tip for the staff, and based on her recommendation, I let the waitress order the taxi for me for my next port of call.

Russian Bath house

A proper Russian Bath house which was apparently the real McCoy being one of the best in Azerbaijan and health wise would leave me feeling like a million dollars. Out of curiosity I just had to try it. Still in a hilly part of town the taxi stopped outside the premises on Sheikh Shamil Street.

Tazabay Hamami Russian Bath House Baku
Tazabay Hamami (bath)

You know how it is, feeling a bit tipsy actually with all that afternoon drinking, I wasn’t really in the best state to be walking through steam rooms and jumping into freezing cold plunge pools or whatever I had to do and after arriving and sort of having second thoughts I told the women on reception that this was my first time to this type of place and I really don’t know I said. No problem she said, ignoring the crap I had just come out with, but the full service and the best treatment for me which she recommended would come to, I did hear her right? 75 Manat and once I handed the money over one of the men in white coats took over from her and ushered me to the changing room and lockers.

Men in White Coats

The further inside I got it was like an old grand castle with wood panelling, ornaments and old pictures hanging on every wall but what was quite daunting at first was the men in white lab coats standing in the corridors just like in a mental hospital. Maybe I was in a mental hospital and maybe I was now paying for all my sins. Provided with slippers and disposable briefs, in a formal but friendly way I was ushered by the men in white coats through to each section starting with the steam room, an extremely hot sauna cabin which I could only take in for 10 minutes if that, followed by jumping into a freezing cold plunge pool.

Then came the soap and scrubbing part as I lay on a marble slab and in between being doused with buckets of warm and cold water by some chap who I wasn’t sure was a member of the public or a member of staff, I was mildly whipped with a very hot eucalyptus branch which sent waves of heat radiating through my whole body. Quite an experience.

Included in the price was a 30 minute health massage done by a strict looking Russian women who tutted every time I flinched in pain. No Kiev naked boner here, but had I had one I would probably have been slapped across the face.

Fit and healthy

Feeling fit and healthy, leaving the building but not knowing where I was, and ignoring another taxi driver who was parked up trying to get my attention, I just walked randomly downhill following the main road which took me to the edge of the highest part of the Old City, very impressive looking, and eventually back down to the seafront. From there I walked back through Fountains Square and for a bit of late afternoon reconnaissance checked out the Tequila Pub.

Baku Monger

Being an afternoon and evening venue there were quite a few girls on tap who if they were not actually inside or outside the bar with a customer, tended to sit close to the fountain opposite and if I was in the area and looking for options, I tended to hang out here for an hour or so people watching and chatting to these slightly more hard core but still friendly Russian and eastern European looking girls, mainly in their late 20s to early 30s.

Baku Tequila pub girl
A bit of Afternoon delight, Tequila Pub Fountain girl seconds away from having her tits sprayed in the Matt’s Residence

Doing the normal tourist sightseeing bit in the normal real world may be nice but once a monger always a monger, so thinking back to my introduction to Baku a few reports back, so much for those plans of mine of rationing the mongering to possibly every third day.

The Terrible Twins

That evening started well and to use that phrase that we regulars to Thailand have probably heard countless times coming from any bar over there, here in Baku I really did feel like that kid in a candy store. Going out just for something to eat and planning a night in, I was just crossing the Square when I was intercepted by two young Azerbaijan local girls looking more Middle Eastern than Russian with darker skin enquiring if London was hot or cold at the moment and one of them said she had a cousin in London.

Asking them if they had eaten yet I invited them to join me at KFC when the more chatty one placing her hand on my trousers touching my cock said it would be better if we ordered the food to go and took it back to my place, I said that was a good idea.

Baku threesome twins
TheTerrible Twins

Both in their early twenties, I thought, but I did not ask, the terrible twins as I called them in my mind, just as a pet name, nothing more, seemed to not mind the stairs or the fact that I asked them both to carry a litre of water as well with them bought from the supermarket . Climbing the stairs in front of me I tried to sneak in a picture of their lovely tight asses showing through their jogging pants but while fumbling with my phone I got it the wrong way round and all I got was the flash going off and a round black shadow thing.

Really Aroused

You know when you are really, really aroused with a throbbing hard on inside your trousers the last thing on your mind is to eat anything.

Once in the room I just wanted the chatty one, as agreed, to get down on her knees and suck me dry while the quieter unsmiling friend but still with a fucking dirty look to her just sat and watched, I hoped.

Small talk

I can’t remember even eating the KFC and the small talk we had which carried on after the meal of what was just basic meaningless trivia was starting to kill me.

One of the things asked was how many Corgi dogs does Queen Elizabeth have?! Was told in advance that tonight this was just going to be sucky, sucky with no fucky but probably seeing the state of the place, at the chatty ones request she asked me to take a shower first and while I was turning the thing on and just about to get into it, checking on me I thought, she stood by the doorway and told me cleanliness is so important for good health, just a pity about the state of the bathroom and the shower and while she didn’t even take a shower for her personal hygiene and good health.

Covered Blowjob on her Knees

When we got down to it she didn’t even take off her top as well so I didn’t even get a glance of her tits while I was standing in the middle of the room with a condom on my dick, provided by her, being sucked off.

Unknown to her I just couldn’t help myself cumming in the shower first but a bit of an extra boost with her helping hand soon had me spunking again, but inside the condom, while her unsmiling friend disappointed me a bit by choosing to stand on the balcony outside.

Unwise move

On this, and this very rare occasion I broke all the rules of Mongering by forgetting to agree a price first which is a very unwise move to take. However the 40 Manat I handed to her, purposely adding to it another 5 for their taxi, I said, was received with thanks and just before they left it was my turn to get a kiss on both cheeks. For me, lucky escape in that respect, had I been in Thailand or the Dominican Republic I’m sure I wouldn’t have been let off so lightly and actually they were nice girls.

That session for me though was a bit too clinical, almost, but the sheer anticipation together with my expectations of what might happen was a sensual pleasure in itself and now they both had my trust I was sure we would meet again in the Square.

But on a more sombre note, I still had a couple of days left in Baku and I really needed to control my spending a bit.

Coming up next before my Baku Recap, I visit the beach.

By Monger Matt.

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