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Mindelo to Ponta Do Sol

Waking up the morning after and in all it had not been a good night.  Mindelo was beginning to remind me of Boca Chica, but worse.  I still had a lot of time to kill in Sao Vicente, mongering seemed to be limited to late night skanks and thieving street walkers.

Wanting to leave Mindelo

Over the next few days in Mindelo, I had a few more encounters with the ragged people and all were not good, including an old man swiping my beer away from my table with his walking stick to scare some children away while begging.  I threatened to kill some street kids if they touched my pockets again.  I wanted to leave Mindelo, I wanted to return to Lisbon but my options for an early return were limited.  The only other options are to fly to the other islands of Cape Verde including Praia and the Cockpit disco with some notable P4P.

Limited mongering options remaining

While in Mindelo I contacted Onza for the phone number of his fixer, but the number was dead now, so no go there.  I was chatting to a few girls on Badoo, but it was hit and miss, get chatting then not hear from them again kind of thing, but I kept trying.  There was another disco to try called Shisha’s but a little out of the way and more for locals to meet, not some old fuck like me.  So my options for mongering were limited, although I actually enjoyed those street blowjobs its not something I really wanted to repeat while in Mindelo, too risky.

Cafe Mindelo

Basically Mindelo was a shithole with some good bits, or was it inside my head that was a shithole?  One of the good bits was Cafe Mindelo where I would sit with a coffee and toasted sandwich in the morning or a few cold beers in the evening with something nice cooked to eat and watch the world go by, cruise ships come and go.

cafe mindelo sao vicente
Cafe Mindelo

Cafe Mindelo was a popular spot for tourists passing through mostly off the cruise ships.  Once or twice I got approached by a streetwalker or two, but they were bad, real fucking bad.

Bored and Restless

In my hotel room I was getting bored and restless, lots of time, not much to do with it, it felt like I had exhausted my options.  I needed to take my mind off pussy and mongering and try to do some normal tourist stuff.  It’s hard as there are some real cute black girls walking about, if only they would do some P4P, I so wanted some black pussy to fuck!

hairy black pussy
black pussy

I talked to the receptionists about other places on the island to go, but that would involve hiring a local taxi driver, which are my pet hate.

Overnight trip to Santo Antao

The following day I decided on an overnight trip to Santo Antao. It would include taking a ferry from Mindelo across to Porto Novo and there I would hire a driver to take me across the mountains to Ponta Do Sol.  Booked the 2pm ferry leaving Mindelo for 800 escudos.  A lot of people on the ferry, takes about 1 hour to get to Porto Nova.

Porto Nova Santo Antao
Approaching Porto Nova

At the harbour of Porto Nova had a couple of cold beers then went out to try to find a driver to take me across the mountains to Ponta Do Sol.  I rejected one, bad vibes then accepted the next as he looked honest, mature and good gut feeling about him.  Cost to take me to my hotel across the mountains was 4500 and we would stop to take photos.

Porto Nova to Ponta Do Sol
Across the Mountains

The drive across the mountains was fantastic, really enjoyed it, in places Santo Antao is quite beautiful, the opposite to Sao Vicente.  Journey to about 2 hours before checking into my hotel at Ponta Do Sol.  The driver was a nice guy, spoke good English, keen for a deal to drive me back.  In hindsight I should have got on to the subject of women!  Lack of them was why I was heading to Ponta Do Sol, but that was turning into a good thing.

One Night in Ponta Do Sol

The hotel in Ponta Do Sol was nice and quiet, few girls working there, but not show much interest in me.   Into the town for a few beers, something to eat and check out the scene.  Not expecting any mongering, I was forgetting about the lack of available pussy in this part of the world, not my priority, but in the back of my mind, hoped I might get lucky, always horny.

hotel ponta do sol
ponta do sol hotel

Along the seafront it was annoying to see all the seats of the best restaurants where you could watch the sun setting were empty but reserved.  Then half an hour later a load of German tourists parked their efficient bottoms on them.

ponta do sol seafront
seafront restaurants

Eventually found a spot and had a nice fish meal and enjoyed the sun setting over the Atlantic ocean.  Shame I had lost my compact and was taking snaps on my mobile.  There is no beach to speak of at Ponta Do Sol.

sunset ponta do sol

It was pretty subdued in Ponta Do Sol, I had a few beers in a few bars, enjoyed some live music,  but not much happening really.  In the morning I would do a hike to Fontainhas before returning to Mindelo for my last night.  I guess there must be some mongering in Ponta Do Sol but it is only going to be by a fixer, knowing someone, getting friendly, I not have time for that or the inclination to try.

Morning Hike to Fontainhas

Between mongering, I do enjoy exploring, walking and taking photos.  I was looking forward to my hike to the village in the mountains called Fontainhas.

fontainhas santo antao

There’s a small cafe nestled in the crop of colourful houses built into the mountainside.  It was nice after a few miles hiking to Fontainhas from Ponta do sol to sit and order a cup of coffee.  Unfortunately it tasted like piss, instant, reboiling the same water.  Lucky I had my own water.

Massage Ponto Do Sol

Back in Ponta Do Sol I had a few hours to kill before taking the mini bus back to Porto Novo around the coastal road.

killing time

I found a massage place in the town mostly for tourists.  one hour 25 euros.  Was standing there naked with a hardon in front of a pretty young black girl.  She not care, not touch either, came close, but the massage was good.  There was an older black woman working there, maybe she would have offered some extras behind the curtain.

Badoo girl in Mindelo

The minibus picked me up from the hotel around 2pm, the receptionist arranged it, cost was 400 escudos and took around 40 minutes along the coast route back to Porto Nova, full of German tourists, pretty cramped space.

beach babe mindelo
back in Mindelo

My last night in Mindelo and I managed to set up a date on Badoo. I would be meeting her in Praca Nova at 7pm. I knew she was semi pro, I had already agreed 50 euros for a couple of hours back in my hotel.

Badoo date praca nova
Waiting Praca Nove

We honed in on each other using our mobile phones.  She was not bad, older than her profile, slim better than the street skanks.  Took her back to hotel mindel, no problem taking her to my room.

african ass
black ass

We chat a little and then she started taking my cloths off and gave me a good BBBJ.  We then fuck, or she fucked me.  Although slim her small tits were saggy and stretch marks on her belly.  But, job done.  Not bad, not brilliant.  She was clean and needed the money, I felt a little sorry for her.

Sao Pedro, Flight Delay

Checked out of hotel Mindel at 10 am and took taxi back to airport.  Flight was going to be delayed by 2 hours due to industrial dispute with TAP airlines.  I was going to miss my transfer from Lisbon back to London.  TAP information told me to make my way to customer services in Lisbon and they would book me on the next flight out and put me up in a hotel.

praia sao pedro
praia sao pedro

I noticed close to the airport there was a small beach town with a bar about 1km away called Sao Pedro.  I took a walk, better than sitting in the airport.  Had a lovely fresh caught fish meal by the beach, couple of cold beers.  Nice way to wind down the trip to Mindelo Cape Verde.

Missed Connecting Flight

Back is Lisbon, only just missed connecting flight back to London, 15 minutes earlier would have made it.  Due to TAP staff on strike there was a big queue for customer services, took nearly two hours to get sorted.  Real delay is due to people not accepting the situation.   At the counter I was sorted within 3 minutes.  Two vouchers for taxis to and from airport and overnight stay in the Metropole, including dinner and breakfast.  Lovely dinner and wine in the Metropole, too tired and too late to head back out in Lisbon.  Game over.  Flight back to London in the morning without any further problems.

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