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Vietnam Girl Skyriver Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Part 6 of 7 – Mainlander Time?

At around 1:30am I finally got around to leaving my apartment to visit Skyriver again.   Arriving just past 2am, I was ready for Mainlander time. I pressed the button, got buzzed in and took a seat.

Earlier in the day, the captain had said that Skyriver closes at 4am with last call at 3:30am. I was surprised that the place was now dead at 2am despite being Saturday night. I was also surprised to see some of the same employees still working when I visited earlier in the day in at 1:30pm for the session with Susu. Holy crap they have long shifts!

I told the captain I was looking for a Mainlander and he explained that they only have Viet girls right now. The Mainlanders go home at 2am and I had just missed the last one but they did have 25 girls earlier. What about Laos girls? He said they do but the last two just got booked minutes ago for outcall (you can take any girl out for a minimum of 2 hrs). Thai girls were all gone or taken out as well.

As I chatted with the captain a girl would leave every few minutes dressed in street clothes. It was just too late. He presented me a lineup and I asked for a recommendation. He said he couldn’t recommend now that they had come out (maybe he tries not to play favouritism). I tried asking who speaks English and either the girls didn’t hear me or perhaps it’s not etiquette for them to respond. With a bit of reluctance I again chose the smallest most petite girl as my time in Kuala Lumpur was running out and I already had plans for the next day.

skyriver lineup
skyriver lineup
skyriver vietnam girls
vietnam girls

Since it was so close to closing time Captain asked me to pay first. I pulled out my wallet and handed over 238 MYR ($50 USD).


She called herself Linda and she too spoke Mandarin. I asked to speak English but unlike Susu, she really didn’t speak much English. Susu could speak English quite well but she just didn’t want too. Linda on the other hand had even better Mandarin than Susu. What luck I thought to myself, another session conducted in Mandarin from a Vietnamese girl!

skyriver linda
Lindas profile

Initially I thought Linda to be less attractive than Susu but it turns out that Linda would later prove to be a great choice. It’s a shame all the girls do is just walk out in a lineup. Some of these girls have great personalities and having them flitter from customer to customer would let the customer get a better feel for the girl but parades seem to be the norm in China, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia. Physical attributes alone are not everything and a short conversation would let a customer choose beyond just looks.


Going upstairs and getting situated was about the same routine as before, disrobe, shower with the girl, and get on the bed. Linda had a gorgeous petite body with tiny nipples as well, again the size of pencil top erasers.

linda skyriver
Linda returns

I thought this session was going to be more of the same professional routine but this is when she proved me wrong. I was again nervous, not to the same degree as earlier in the day, but still to a point where I found it an annoyance.

She saw this in me. She asked me why and then she came over and put her arms around me laid on top of me. “Does this feel good? Feel better? Relax”… And it did. Her slim soft body felt great and I let go. She had a really sweet voice and spoke coyly and coquettishly. It was extremely sweet. We talked and played with each other. She teased, giggled, and joked. A kiss here, a kiss there on my body. In turn we both giggled, joked at each other, laughed and enjoyed the moment. When she got a reaction from me, she played it more knowing how to tempt and entice.

After a bit, it was time for the deed. She started off with some Mandarin to which I didn’t understand, then in English with a huge unmistakable Viet accent, an accent I’ve heard a thousand times. She invited me into her and looked me in the eyes. She wanted to see my pleasure and her gaze goaded me on as we went at it. I’ll spare you the details, but it was perhaps one of the best sessions I’ve had with a working girl. It was pretty intimate.

After the deed we talked for quite a bit more and then it was time for the cleanup. She teased more in the shower but things were naturally winding down. She dressed and I went for my wallet. I pulled out a 50 ringgit presented to her and I placed my hand on the small of her back to say goodbye. I don’t know if tipping is normal but I didn’t tip Susu and she did not protest. I felt like giving Linda another 50 but somehow I was cheap and thinking too much with my head, and I didn’t. We walked out and she went in one direction with the dirty towels and I back downstairs in the other.
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The hot Mainlander still eluded me but there was still one more day left remaining.

After note – She had a two year old back in Vietnam. She wasn’t married nor did she have a husband. I’m thinking she just got knocked up by one of her customers? I wanted to ask but I didn’t. She was a great gal to me and didn’t want to cross that line just to satisfy my curiosity. If only I could fly back and see her again (airfare is cheap), but that’s not going to happen.

by Mr. Q

11 thoughts on “Vietnam Girl Skyriver Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Tipping is not normal anywhere in Asia. Stop doing it. Take it back to the West with you if you need to be in a tipping culture.

    Secondly, physical attributes alone ARE everything when it comes to the transaction between a customer and a woman for sex. And never forget that is what this is: a transaction between a customer and a woman for sex.

    Find a girlfriend if you want a relationship.

    1. Tell you what – you do your thing and let Mr Q do his and don’t whine about him. He has been on plenty of trips and managed well enough without your advice. Don’t like his style? Tough shit.

  2. Good observation Mr Q about there being no interactions with line ups and fish bowls etc. That why many mongers like the bar and gogo scene in Thailand where the ‘interview’ can eliminate many prospective girls.

    Just because we pay for sex, no need to dehumanise it. We temporarly pay for many things, why not a girlfriend experience, just means you are getting more out of enjoying the moment.

    1. I’m about a bit behind on my stories. I’ve had about dozen encounters since this and the ones I have fished from a bowl have been really hit or miss. The ones I have talked too and carefully chosen have all been spectacular.

  3. Do you inquire as to the personalities of your hair dressers, fish mongers, and physicians before you make a business deal with them? Some of you guys are living in delusion. It’s not dating. It’s not a relationship. You’re paying a seller for a service. As soon as you realize that you’ll be better off and closer to paying the real market rate instead of tipping because deep down you feel bad or whatever. Paying a whore to suck your cock is no different than paying a guy to cut your grass. Unless you’re a communist who is against money and wage slavery, just embrace it.

  4. The “cheap charlies” of Asia are taking over the world with their large savings and recognizing commercial relationships for what they are. Meanwhile the bleeding hearts of Europe and America are sinking along with their ships as they drown in debt and watch the socialist state bleed their societies dry. In Vietnam they sell their daughters for marriage and don’t blink an eye. In America they marry for love and end up with a 60% divorce rate and guys paying 80% of their income in child support.

    I notice when I pose these questions no one ever answers, they just say something about me. Again I ask, do you inquire as to the personalities of your hair dressers, fish mongers, and physicians before you make a business deal with them? You know you don’t. So why do it for sex? If you think sex is “special” why do you pay for it like any other service? Get a girlfriend.

    1. Richard if you want to share your viewpoint with the world of mongering, then like Mr Q do a guest post. This blogs gets 1000s of visitors a day because of honest reporting by the likes of Mr Q, Monger Matt etc.

      Many people have become friendly with their hairdressers, given them tips for a good job etc. I suspect some have even dated, married their hairdresser. In typical cheap charlie style you are comparing chalk with cheese. Of course the girlfriend experience is fantasy, thats the whole point, but you need to be able to walk away from it after with little emotional attachment. Maybe its you who really needs a girlfriend. The right girlfriend does not come easy and not without its own costs.

  5. Don’t need a girlfriend or a girlfriend experience. I’m looking for sex, and paying is the quickest and easiest way to get it. Period, end of story mate.

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