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Mongering in Baku Azerbaijan

Continuing My Three Country Mongering Odyssey.

Azerbaijan Central Asia.

 All Roads Lead to Fountains Square – My first evening in Baku.

Recently arrived in Baku, but with not a lot of enthusiasm I started to unpack in what was to be my residence for the next seven nights. Temporarily hiding as best as I could the obvious essential important items like my passport and Bank cards, making a mental check list of where everything was just in case, the room minus a safe of course was now becoming fit for purpose.

Added to my shopping list for later was Air freshener together with more essential items like beer and water for the fridge and those handy three-in one milk and sugar coffee sachets, always good to help get me going in the morning.

First Impressions

Leaving the air-con on to keep the room cool, once outside again I backtracked the way I came earlier through Fountains Square to the cigarette kiosk which turned out to be close to McDonald’s. Then turning right past another fountain and the Tequila Pub onto Nizami Street, thinking of something to eat I unwisely chose the first place that I came to, a typical tourist trap French bistro looking type of place.  Served by an inattentive young waiter the food was not that good and together with the somewhat slow service and paying on top of that London West End prices, nearly £20 for what basically was an omelette and a coffee, it was not the best first impression I got of Baku and hoped that this was not going to be a taste of things to come.

But sometimes first impressions turn out to be the opposite.

tequila pub baku
Tequila Pub by the fountain which became one of my occasional day time mongering favourites.
Nizami Baku
Nizami one of Central Baku’s smarter streets, about 3 minutes walk, if that, from my residence

What was so typical of Baku was how much prices fluctuated, and sometimes the standard of service especially for food and drink like for example when continuing down the street I then passed an American style fast food Diner advertising a perfectly adequate looking burger and fries with soup and a cold drink for a very reasonable exchange rate equivalent of about £2.50.

cheap burgers baku
reasonably priced burgers

Then randomly turning down a smaller side street I came to a supermarket and close by, up another side street, I stumbled across these three pubs all next door to each other, including The London Pub.

london pub baku
And just to confuse those into these type of places more, I was told there were currently two other London pubs by the same name close by in the centre of Baku

Despite being much less than 5 minutes walk away I never did visit any of these establishments as there was so much going on closer to the Square.

Experiencing another different cultural thing, be it a small one was when I was in the queue in the supermarket checkout. Just like when you are driving in slow moving traffic sometimes a car may pull in front of you after changing lanes if the space in front is large enough, but here not one but two young people with less shopping items than I took it in turns to push in, overtaking in front of me and seemingly totally oblivious to the supermarket check out girl and the other people in the queue actually got away with it. It seems that in Azerbaijan when queuing, if the space is there in front of you, you push in.

With the supermarket shopping all done together with probably the biggest gym work out of my stay carrying all those heavy provisions back up those stairs again, I returned to a much cooler room and streaming some of my favourite music online, later relaxed with a well deserved beer.

Showered and shaved with a nicely pressed clean shirt on with the room nice and cool and smelling okay, and with cold beer and drinks in the fridge I left the Apartment (or part of one) for the second time that day feeling much more mellow and good for a night on the town with George Michael – Too Funky, one of my all time favourite getting ready to go out theme song tunes going through my head courtesy of YouTube.

“…..I watch you drinking and I take my time,

I watch you sinking all that cheap red wine,

I’ve got to see you naked baby….”

 Back to Basics All Over Again

Out on the street again I hit Fountains Square just as it was getting dark and here and the surrounding area according to the  Baku Wikisexguide provide good opportunities to be approached by working girls.

Fountains Square being close to Baku’s Old Town and the seafront together with a McDonald’s and a KFC and a Hard Rock Cafe close by, the Square is basically Ground Zero for the tourists and locals alike and the small narrow streets branching off mainly to the east of the square according to Wikisexguide is where all the action is, basically the Ground Zero area for mongering.

mongering fountains square baku
Just how it was, my very first view of Fountains Square at night. It was back to basics all over again, you just couldn’t tell the pros from the non pros
Tarlan Aliyarbeyo Baku
Tarlan Aliyarbeyov Street, one of the small narrow streets off the Square as mentioned above

Rather than getting straight down to it doing the usual bit like first choosing a place that looked promising to buy that first drink etc, I wanted to walk around a bit, just to get a feel of the place and my new surroundings and I hadn’t even left the Square when two big but attractive middle Eastern girls in about their late twenties looked up at me and smiled giving me the eye as I walked past where they were sitting. Yes they were game for a laugh, definitely up for it.

At the top corner of the Square was a very busy looking McDonalds but being sort of still early evening was full of families with young children. Sitting at some of the tables outside was some eye candy but walking up to get a better look but not buying anything I suddenly felt self conscious like I was intruding and for a passing second or so I had that horrible thought of imagining I looked just like a sex tourist wearing the T-shirt with those same words printed all over it.

 Cheeky Tongue in Cheek

Passing again the fountain next to the Tequila Pub and passing a group of young looking ladies sitting in the shadows, a big blonde Russian girl waved me over and with a cheeky grin stuck her tongue horizontally from cheek to cheek, sucky sucky style and just like any Thai bar girl on walking Street Pattaya, asked me where was I from, where was I going and would I like to go with her for sex. Declining her invite for the night was still young, but not writing her off completely I continued, liking all the same her fucking dirty smile. I knew it was still early days but Baku was turning out to be too good to be true.

Walking blind really with no local SIM card as yet and no Google map to refer to on my phone I was able anyway to memorise the streets which looked promising with neon signs and bars with hopefully pussy inside and outside, from those just ordinary streets, but still with nice bars, shops and restaurants and good for day time activity.

What was made apparent though so early into my first evening was basically the two main streets making up the centre of all the mongering nightlife in Baku was Tarlan Aliyarbeyov joining Fountains Square and joining  Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh St including any other little streets branching off either of the two. Here I lost count of the many bars, pubs and establishments I went inside to just have a look. Most of the pubs seemed to be managed and run mainly by Russian looking Milfs usually with a young team of Russian Azerbaijan girls serving behind the bar and everyone I spoke to seemed friendly and helpful to my newbie type questions and of course spoke good English.

Shakespeare’s One of the main mongering pubs mentioned in the Wikisexguide was Shakespeare’s on Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh Street, my then first port of call for a pint. Practically opposite the Rolls Royce Motor cars building a handy landmark reference point in itself, but just like most of the pubs in Baku, not having a typical pub sign hanging outside like the pubs do in the UK I must have walked past it several times. Now under Indian Management it’s one of Baku’s best known well established pubs complete with a pool table and during the busy periods like when I went had freelancers inside. When at the bar I asked the barman for a drinks price list I was told that he was the price list. Fair enough but no way was I going to set up a bar tab. Apparently a pint of draught lager cost between 7 to 8 Manat and my pint of Heineken, not the freshest on tap set me back 7.

Choosing where I sat with care I selected one of the alcove seats out of the way but with a good view of the pool table where 3 freelancers were playing and kept looking over at me and smiling. Of the three girls, two were Russian, Eastern European looking and playing pool with them was a quite attractive Eurasian looking Chinese girl who walked over to shake my hand and introduce herself to me asking me if I would like to play which I thought was nice.

Shakespeare's pub baku

Enter Olga

But for the disappointing pint, I may have stayed for one or two more but still wanting to stroll around and explore a bit more, a couple of busy streets later took me to the Hard Rock Cafe where standing outside I made eye contact returned with a mutual smile from a very attractive looking Milf with short blonde hair. Introducing herself as Olga and shaking hands, at my suggestion we then went somewhere for a coffee.

hard rock cafe baku
Another handy Fountains Square area reference point, the Hard Rock Cafe

Over coffee in the same street we talked for a bit and it wasn’t the first and last time I heard from a working girl in Baku that the Arabs were the worst clients but paid the most. Originally from Siberia with ok but not great English Olga was interested that I had only arrived that day and she said jokingly I should have a flat house warming party and when I nodded sort of agreeing with her, she said she had a friend, maybe two she could call over if I wanted. But any more it may have been a problem fitting us all inside. Moneywise, for the business part we agreed on 50 Manat for full sex and then at the time it didn’t really sink in how cheap that was.

Stopping at a smaller but very handy supermarket which was close to the entrance to the block, Olga chose for me a new brand of beer from the refrigerator and also picking up 2 tubes of Pringles as well I got her too to carry a litre of water which was to become a nightly routine of mine whenever I returned to the room.

With Olga in tow carrying her fair share of the load, those stairs were bad.  Once inside the room which was at least nice and cool she took over, clearing the table of papers and things, getting glasses out from the kitchen cupboard and putting the Crisps and peanuts into bowls. One of her friends she called was busy but would stop by later she said but the other one was not answering at the moment.

Getting Into The Party Spirit

Streaming some Russian pop music which had quite a nice beat to it and with the local  Xirdalan beer going down well, before we got down to it Olga getting into the party spirit of things mischievously gave me a bit of strip tease.

striptease baku
russian milf baku
Russian milf

After asking her again to text her friend to see where she was as I couldn’t wait any longer and anyway I had now drank too much beer and I was in danger now of crashing out on the bed instead of screwing her in bed

naked russian milf baku
Checking her friends text message reply

Then we got down to business. For a bit of foreplay first I rubbed and played my cock over her ass and then on her ass which scared her a bit as I hadn’t at that stage put on a condom. Once on the bed I screwed her shaved pussy doggy style. Would have liked to have seen bit more bush down there darling.
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And just as I came her mobile phone started to ring followed by a knock at the door, apparently dark eerie stairs and all her friend had found my place no problem.

naked blonde milf baku
I’ve got to see you naked baby…

Answering the door and letting her friend in who was around the same age with shortish black hair Olga went straight to the bathroom to shower while her friend who gave me a quick wave stood in the doorway and continued chatting loudly in Russian to her. From the bed I got her friends attention and talking to her across the room asked her if she wanted anything, a drink or something but she was Okay, the party was now over anyway.

Her friend though I thought was quite attractive as well.

With Olga then done, while both of them stepped out on the balcony to have a cigarette I slipped on some pants to see them out as well as leaving the money on the table. Seeing the money and counting it she then asked for money for their taxi, another 20 Manat and then probably seeing the look on my face she settled for an extra 10 Manat. Standing there in only my underpants in front of a complete stranger as well I wasn’t going to argue but getting the money out again which I had hidden was a pain.

Coming up in the next instalment;
More from mysterious Baku including finding that massage place I’ve been searching for all my life.

baku massage

By Monger Matt.


5 thoughts on “Mongering in Baku Azerbaijan”

  1. Good detailed report of Baku Matt. quite the adventurer you are. It kind of reminds me of my time in Riga Latvia where the only options though were Russian Milfs in the hotel nightclub. What are the options for taking back young twenty something’s with hot bodies? 🙂

    I am kind of looking at booking up a trip within the next month or so, and am having that in two minds about it. One options is Bahrain then onto Sri Lanka,just for something different. Both would suggest once was really good, but not so now.

    1. Good question and I quite agree the younger the better and the hotter the body the better and early to mid twenties is a great age to sample and test drive. But I can’t say this enough, especially on this forum that not everyone liked (or likes) to have their picture taken which for me is not even a priority anyway and most of the time the thought never even crossed my mind to start taking pictures especially when I am in such a blissful state of mind. My writing and reports which I do try to put a bit of extra effort into to get right and often rewrite several times before I’m satisfied with its content is my best and only way of conveying, sharing the experience as well as giving factual information.

      Bodywise you asked what are the options? Well without a doubt the answer is yes. In that respect my Kiev report pertaining to my first night answered that question and you may be glad to hear that in Baku I will give another yes, and from Bulgaria too another yes with the young Gypsy ladies by the roadside with those reports to follow. Just my pennies worth about Bahrain, never been to the town as such but if it is anything like Dubai you will get the usual young and old Thais and the not so young and old from Europe, Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation going for the man with the fattest wallet, ie Arab Middle Eastern men that’s why they are over there working illegally. Sri Lanka interesting, but what is the appeal? What facts do you have.

      1. I was getting the impression you took the Russian Milf as that was your best option on your first night? Its not that your saying I fucked a beautiful young babe, but sorry gents no photos?
        Just curious if too good to be true, i mean if there was alot of talent on the street, why the Russian Milf? Of course, Blonde Russian milfs might be your thing 🙂 Just curious, not criticising

        I was looking into Sri Lanka, like the idea of it, exotic, miles of beaches etc, but mongering not look that good, and these impressions are usually right. Flights to Sri Lanka were via Bahrain so looked into that with a stopover there
        Yes lots of Thais, but all nationalities, like Ethiopian, Chinese, Russian, Morocco, Arab Syrian etc, I like the idea of that, and even brothel hotels where once in your room you get a knock on the door with 5 girls waiting outside. But again crackdowns –

        1. Actually one item that has been on my wish list is Goa for the exotic beaches and Panjim the state capital. Flying into Dabolim Goa airport (GOI) doesn’t seem to have too many stop off options and I wouldn’t really fancy getting there on a Thompson Charter flight from the UK. Maybe a bit more research is needed.

  2. Sorry, with the Bulgarian Gypsy women, as young and sexually appealing as they were I didn’t want to take them back because maybe it would have been too much hassle.

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