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Kiev Mongering Recap

Kiev or Kyiv Recap

Land of Unsmiles

Like most of the countries in Eastern Europe including the Russian Federation and the Ukraine, they don’t smile a lot but who really gives a damn 😋. There are though a lot of similarities between the Ukraine and Thailand Land of Smiles.
Both are big countries with the Land Of UnSmiles being actually larger than Thailand.  Both countries see a lot of sex tourism, and some men travel to these countries genuinely in search of a wife, travelling independently or booked through one of many Romance package tours now available on the internet, but sometimes get led astray along the way and end up doing both.

Sex With A Non Pro

But unlike in Bangkok, Pattaya or Chang Mai, but in Kiev and Odessa and in the city of Lviv for example, the great difference is those who do get led astray wilfully or by just being docile may have a very good chance of ending up having sex and a relationship with a local non pro ukraine girl by just going to a bar or disco or just sitting in the park or having a coffee and this is what most of Ukraine’s militant are now up in arms about, this grey area of Romance Tours/Mail Order Brides and sex tourism, usually functioning with the same old fat, and most say, ugly foreign men corrupting the Ukraine women.

18yo ukraine girl
18 yo Ukraine girl

In Thailand you would never have a situation where a maybe overweight middle aged foreigner would end up dating and sleeping with a local girl working in a Bank or pharmacy but a 18 year old Thai bar girl, well that’s different.

Thai teen asian sex diary
Thai teen bargirl

But there’s usually two sides to the coin and while some of the Ukraine women genuinely in search of a better life just get screwed, some of the men who genuinely came in search of a wife or a better wife than their first, get screwed over big time usually conned out of a lot of money. Yes, the good, the bad the naivety of some of the men and the ugly are all there on good old YouTube for you to watch. and of note there is  The Women Of Odessa Paying To Meet Wealthy Foreigners which features Arthur a 65 year old veteran Monger who’s also a bit of a character.


So to my recap of the Ukraines Capital City, just my penny’s worth.

Difficult to know the pros from the non pros

When planning the trip I found parts of the Wilkisexguide (link at the end) quite helpful. While some of it is not kept up to date I still find it very good and informative. Where it does say, some say the whole of Kiev is like one Red Light District I do though disagree, it is very rare now to spot any prostitutes out on the streets and any business which is arranged outside is done very discretely, it was often difficult for me to know the pros from the non pros and the only area I was approached was on Khreschatyk Street between Arena City and Independence Square, a leisurely 10 minute walk between the two if you don’t stop to rest on one of the benches along the way.

Arena Kiev
Arena City Entertainment Complex home to the Royal Hotel De Paris and The Sky Bar, one of Kievs most showy and upmarket high class pick up joints. Stretching to the left into the distance is Khreschatyk Street.

With the exception of reasonably comfortable hotels in the centre, Kiev is still inexpensive. With a pint of beer in a pub or bar still costing under £1.00 in most places and a cup of really nice coffee setting you back around 0.75p, everything from taking a taxi across town to eating and drinking where a decent meal with drinks and dessert included would be expensive at £10.00 is so reasonable compared with any other European Capital City. Mongering too, you may have seen some of the low prices mentioned in my reports.

More Bang for your Buck and girl friend experience.

Overall in Kiev you definitely get more Bang for your Buck and all the girls who approached me just naturally gave me the girlfriend experience.

good coffee kiev
Good cup of coffee by Independence Square costing less than £1.00 just look at the attention to detail

The best area to stay

Kiev consists of two main districts separated by the Dnieper River, the hilly  Right Bank where all the action is and the much flatter and less to see as a tourist  Left Bank where surprisingly there are some Tourist Hotels which being away from the Centre tend to be more reasonably priced. My own universe and where I got lucky seemed to revolve around Khreschatyk Street pronounced ‘Chris Shatic’ by the way, on Kievs Right Bank, the main thoroughfare for Maidan, Independence Square which is the centre of the universe of Kiev and because there is always something going on most weekends, crowds gather frequently and also being in a sort of valley the whole of this area is flat, ideal for walking.

Regarding other districts and areas of Kiev, I feel that I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg.

kiev kiosk
One of the coffee kiosks on the Khreschatyk walkway
Kiev Maiden
Maidan or Independence Square dominated by the imposing still Soviet style Hotel Ukraine

If you ever do make it to Kiev I suggest you try and choose your hotel, or even better an apartment close to this vicinity but it may involve a short walk up and down a small hill of some description. The prominent grand looking old Soviet style hotels you see close to Independence Square, some reasonably priced, can be hit and miss I’ve heard.

kiev apartments
Nice looking Apartments overlooking the benches walkway off Khreschatyk Street. Maybe when I win the lottery.
kiev predators
Here’s where I got lucky. Often it was impossible to work out the pros locally referred as the Lazy Kievs from the non pros and almost like predators, the women after checking me out first, always approached me first, acting like they had just met a friend or bumped into a friend or aquaintance in the street. Best time I found was late afternoon to early evening, much later in the evenings could be hit and miss and later at night although thin on the ground I thought there were more of the obvious looking pro types about

This time I remembered to bring my spare unlocked mobile phone good for a local SIM card. Very handy for the internet and Google maps and exchanging phone numbers of course but what I didn’t think to do was find a local English speaking taxi company who took bookings over the phone. Kiev is also currently covered by Uber and this is where some of the good tips found on TripAdvisor comes in handy.

No longer a Night Owl but sometimes I cant help it, despite the fact that Kiev now has some of the best and sophisticated nightlife of any capital city in the world with some of the most beautiful women to go with it, apart from WhatsApp, personally I don’t do social media and don’t use things like Tinder but I’m now beginning to wonder if I did how easier still mongering would be in somewhere like Kiev.

Spending just a long weekend in Kiev is adequate enough I think and Sundays tend to be just as busy as Friday. I really liked the summertime there. One of my main regrets now is not really knowing about the Ukraine and Kiev over 10 years ago when I was otherwise spending a lot of time in Thailand.

Kiev map
my map of Kiev

Below are 2 links, one for the wikisexguide, always a good source of information including escort classifieds, and the other for the Romance tour to the Ukraine documentary.

romance tour kiev
Arthur a veteran of now 6 of these Romance Tours, here arranging another ‘Test Drive’ in Odessa.

How many of us Mongers will end up just like Arthur one day?

Arthur 65 at the time, said on one of these Tours when choosing the women it’s like purchasing a very nice used Cadillac or used Jaguar, it’s used, so I tell them I need to drive it before I make a decision, before taking it home and putting it in my garage.

 Coming up in the next instalment

 Onwards To Central Asia and Mysterious Baku

mysterious Baku
mysterious Baku

By Monger Matt.

2 thoughts on “Kiev Mongering Recap”

  1. Good summary on Kiev, definitely might stop off myself if I head out that way. As for Tinder and other social media sites its well worth giving them a go in each new country city visited. Tinder has worked very well for me in places like Cartagena and Pattaya, meeting girls I would not have of otherwise. These girls get plenty of business through such apps so dont need to walk the streets, sit in bars or join escort agencies, I wonder why more dont work this way, why there is not a mongers dating app.

    As for Arthur, I think its a good observation, soon we will be old like 60+, then what? Its hard to give up mongering for a normal life, wife etc.

    As for WikiSexGuide, yes I always give it a look over, but its full of misinformation too. Alot of it is just scaped from other sites especially International sex guide, there are a few blogs out there now doing the same thing.

    This is what makes mongerplanet different as its first hand reports.

    Looking forward to Baku, its still a big world out there, lots of countries to visit.

    Big thanks for your contributions

  2. Some people say Kiev is cheaper than Southeast Asia and one of the best and cheapest places to monger in the world today. But all the reports I read don’t seem to paint the same picture. It seems like a bit of work and luck is involved, especially for newbies who don’t speak the language. Am I right?

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