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Mongering from Kiev to Baku and Bulgaria

Monger Matt Conquers Central Asia and Eastern Europe

All work and no play is enough to drive anyone mad. After being very ill with that very nasty flu virus thing over the Christmas period leaving me weak and feeling too unwell to even think about travel even though I had at one point considered a quick short break getaway to hopefully sunny Cyprus if the fare was right at the time, and grinning (not) and bearing another British and quite frankly total washout long Easter Bank holiday weekend recently where it did nothing but rain, constantly, the spring time Monger inside of me was saying enough is enough – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Yes I totally agree, so take a jet plane (or two) to somewhere new and exotic perhaps Jack, with a bit of proper sunshine thrown in of course, and add to that Jack, a bit of pussy, the result? Just what the doctor ordered.

Would have to ration the mongering

But with one thing and the other this year, money has been a bit tight, so this trip away lasting between 2 to 3 weeks would not be long haul. This time I would be on a tighter budget so while enjoying the satisfaction of flying out to a new place, a new country and experiencing a very different culture, or just a very different way of life, I would have to ration the mongering to not every second day but probably every third day when the need arose, and if I needed to, I wanted the option to be able to return home with minimal expense involved at short notice if need be.

Somewhere new and exotic

Somewhere new, a new destination was definitely on the cards. I do like a challenge but the place had to be hot, with new mongering opportunities and that’s when I started researching Baku,

mongering Baku azerbaijan
Baku Looking Good

to me the mysterious capital city of Azerbaijan, which is a bit exotic I suppose, has some nightlife, some decent beaches, hopefully, and is not too expensive. Yes Baku was looking good.

£271 multi city COMBO deal

Initially though the best direct flights seemed to cost not much less than a cheap long-haul flight from London to Bangkok but for sure perseverance and determination does pay and looking at the KAYAK and Skyscanner search engines I found a good multi city bargain flying with Ukraine International Airlines to Baku giving me a long weekend 4 nights in Kiev on the way out returning to Sofia Bulgaria for the excellent all in price of £271.00 .

Sunny Kiev, Black Sea Babes, Gypsy Blowjobs

A good combination I thought as my last visit to Kiev was in the middle of winter and freezing cold and I did say at the time I would like to return again in the warmer summer months even if it was just to see some of the most natural beautiful girls on the planet just walking down the streets wearing as little as possible, and finally ending my trip in Bulgaria would also do nicely

mongering kiev
Sunny Kiev
mongering black sea
Black Sea Babes

giving me the option of spending a few more days by the Black Sea (if I was still up to it) even if I was in danger of wanking myself to death every time I returned from the beach, but Bulgaria was mainly to check out the beautiful, they say, and now I say too,

Bulgarian gypsy blow Job
Bulgarian gypsy blow Job

Gipsy women selling themselves on the roadside lay-bys’; before finally returning to the UK not too exhausted ☺ I hoped.

Visa Online

So after getting my Azerbaijan Visa for Baku online a few weeks before which cost $43 US and three working days to process, my bags were packed and I was ready to go, and flying from Gatwick while at the same time trying to tell myself from my aisle seat that it is rude to stare, in this case at the stunningly beautiful blonde Ukraine Airlines cabin crew whenever they walked past wheeling the trolley, landed in Kiev 3 hours later on a warm sunny Friday evening in late May.

Long Weekend, Kiev

Still having some Ukraine currency left over from my previous winter trip which was enough to cover the taxi into town plus any tips including hotel porters, this time while I was away I would either exchange hard Euros or just make use of the countries ATMs.

Now knowing what to do, getting a taxi into town from Boryspil International airport was straightforward using the metered taxis arranged through the airport taxi desk, however I had a slight moment of concern when once we hit the wide 4 lane North American style highway and gathered speed the taxi meter digits next to the driver started going around just as fast as a stop watch making me think for one moment that the meter had been tampered with until I realised that 1 Ukrainian Hryvnia totalling 100 kopiyky is not even worth 5 US cents.

You are not in Central Europe

Once off the highway approaching the centre of Kiev with the old Soviet architecture and billboard signs, again you definitely feel that you are in a foreign city in a foreign country and definitely not in Central Europe and even now in the Ukraine as a traveller I feel you still get more bang for your buck.

Even with the window down it got quite hot in the non air-conditioned taxi more noticeably when we slowed down and ground to a complete halt for a short period in the evening rush hour traffic. Weather wise, throughout my stay in Kiev, the outside temperature peaked at around a warm 26° centigrade.

Kiev Evening Rush Hour
Kiev Evening Rush Hour

Dropping me right outside the main entrance of the 3* Hotel Premier Rus around 40 minutes later the 19 mile journey with tip cost me 500 UAH roughly 16 Euros.

Premier Hotel Rus

Quite an ugly building to look at initially of grey concrete and steel in old modern 70s Soviet style, the  little dated Hotel Rus was not my first choice of accommodation due to the fact that it is situated half way up a hill, still it seemed my best option at the time and despite all is still very close to the Centre.

Kiev Hotel Premier Rus
Hotel Premier Rus

My not very big room with just the basics with a view of Kiev stretching outwards below, but looking nothing like the pictures of the more expensive? rooms shown on the internet was £42.00 a night with breakfast included. With an open canvas of a fridge in the room to stock up with whatever I saw fit, room service with almost 1990 prices and working wifi (sometimes) but again as in most hotels I have stayed in the signal was much better in the main public areas lower down near reception, yet overall for tourists and business people the hotel functioned well I thought.

Yes, despite all the hotel Rus just about cut it. The lobby bar which was quite busy both day and night seemed to attract the loud tour group type of people, with a more formal grander looking bar on the 1st floor, but my favourite place of all to sit and watch the world go by was the hotel terrace bar restaurant outside with nice comfortable bamboo chairs.

Feeling more relaxed

After changing some Euros in the hotels Bank bureau de change kiosk it seemed a much shorter walk than I had remembered down the hill to the Centre, and like on my previous trip I tried to keep the KIA Tower above the Arena City Entertainment complex always in view as a good guide to finding my bearings.

Last time in Kiev when I first set foot outside the hotel on my first day of arriving it was dark and bitterly cold with some sleet which later turned into snow and I didn’t even know where I was going, and at one point I seriously wondered if I was losing my mind, but no such worries this time as I walked through a much brighter Kiev still light in the warm evening while feeling much more relaxed and optimistic.

Kia Tower Kiev
All roads lead to the KIA Tower

(Coming up in the next instalment; A local bitch tries to burst my ego at the start of a very warm sticky evening mongering in Kiev.)

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By Monger Matt.

4 thoughts on “Mongering from Kiev to Baku and Bulgaria”

  1. Matt, really looking forward to reading these reports especially on Baku and the gypsy girls by the laybys in Bulgaria. When i first went to Golden Sands in Bulgaria a monger I was sat next to on the plane back to the UK told me about the gypsy girls lining the sides of the road all the way to sunny beach. I love gypsy girls too.

    I am very interested in how you found that multi trip deal? did you just put Kiev, Baku and Sofia into skyscanner and set dates and it worked out the rest or did it somehow suggest these places to you?

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Regarding booking Multi City flights online with the likes of Skyscanner and Kayak you may have to change the dates or make adjustments as to the order of the cities you are flying to otherwise the result may come up blank as no flights found or just as bad the itinerary may include a much longer and expensive flight routing putting up the price a lot just because an airline may not be scheduled to fly that route that day.

      Planning the flights I knew what I wanted and I stuck with the order of the cities I wanted to fly in and out of, entering the respective airports but initially I was very flexible with the dates. What I had forgotten at the time was that Kiev has two working airports, one nearer the city for the charter and low cost airlines and with flights to Baku so had I entered ‘ Kiev any Airport’ I would have probably got more choice and maybe an even better deal. To even go that extra mile, something again I didn’t think to do, is research the airport first with WikipediA to find out which airlines use the airport and then look up their current schedule as typing in just one wrong day can ruin an otherwise perfect made to measure itinerary.

      Just a last word here, I found exactly the same thing can happen when trying to book a nice hotel online, for example, say you typed in 10 nights and for only one of those 10 nights the hotel was full the result will say ‘No Rooms Left On This Site For The Dates You Entered’ , end of matter, not we have availability for 9 of those 10 nights but for X or Y date you will have to find an alternative hotel. This is still a major flaw with booking some travel online, especially the Multi City flights and really answers the question why people still use travel agents.

  2. This looks to be a very interesting adventure. 271 GBP for a 7 hr flight to Baku wih a multicity sounds like a great price.

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